"Today’s football" Leicester City vs Mosba: Disposal Blue Fox to find confidence tonight?

A awakening to look at the score, Manchester City 4-1 Bruges, I want to do it and have a stupid thing in Guadiola.

Fortunately, the main midfielder Demu is only backed up for 15 minutes. The main Di Yas is on the stage. The main winger is only 20 minutes, 92 minutes to entroy the landing ball. 4-1, 5 into the ball is Manchester City players to enter, three-line wheel, 1 player, physical energy consumption, but there is a good signal, the weekend is important.

In addition, I don’t think there is a problem, the Cansonello Ben League is full of 10 games, and the cup is full of four games, and he only takes a rest for 12 minutes. 14 games were started, with a total of 720 seconds, not afraid of 996 Cansonello.

The fourth round of the Champions League team, many teams are like the league, and Juqui, which is unusual, the cup, has already went out in advance, and continue to count the winning team.

Liverpool, Ajax, Bayern, Juventus

Five consecutive winning, six consecutive wins, remember to pay attention to these four teams of the future of the scriptures.

The fourth round of the European Union Cup, continues to follow the Kits Football Kits Sublifting team and some groups of advanced scripts and scales. In addition, repeating, the European Union Cup does not have a second direct promotion rule, the second team to kick the team, and winners can continue to play the European Union Cup knockout.

Lyon VS Busba – Who is a grandson!

The first round of the two teams was 3-4, and the home of Busba was once 2-0, but it was brought into 4 balls to reverse it, and the first defeat of their team.

Can be reversed by 4 balls at home, guessing Bosba is not fortunate, but there is a problem, I don’t want to go to the ghost, I see that they last weekends are also the whole main force, there is no conservative, the result is a weak team Finally, 2-2, guess “Who is the grandson” is their true color Manchester United Jersey painting.

Lyon admires attack, the last time, there is a rotation to change the right back; Bosba can’t stand, only attacked a road, this game is much better, the winning and the winning go.

Olympiakos VS Frankfurt – Germany, which is strong

In the low-level European-War, it seems that Frankfurt is the only attitude towards the Gerbeth team, because they have global mercenaries attributes, there are small warfare money + league no desire, not to optimize a kick European Union The cup of the Germany team can only choose Frankfurt.

The first Cheap Soccer Jersey round of Oliacos is washed by 1-3 blood, the only goal is a penalty, and there is a two-line main Baiwu Si Si, which is two-line, returning to the homeland, not to the home. Talking to the revenge, you can complete the task without losing.

Frankfurt is the only five major league teams in the D group, the strength is huge, and the attack and defense is not tested too much, and the drum is expected to get goal and retreat.

So another game of German VS La Liga,Leverkusen vs Royal BetisIt must definitely be passionate about the visiting team.

Royal Society vs Graz Storm – La La Team, you are the best

Group B is actually quite dangerous. If Monaco is playing in the European Union Cup, the Royal Society is not good to say that it can be divided into the team, and return to the home station should have to win 3 points.

The Graz Storm is a bit upstairs. Olympia Cos, the League and Cup double-line main force, the waist Starkovic stops, he is the gold medal of the last season, the main one is the waist, and his post should be A giant pit is presented.

The Royal Social Double-line operation seems to have the operation of “point until”, but the team seems to be a little “face not” mentality, this game follows the rhythm of the visiting team, lose 1 loss 2 Loss, Huang Shuo home wins 2 goals and above.

Leicester City VS Mosba-Lyon attached?

The first round of the two teams, like the 3-4 hair on the upstairs, Mosba’s home leads 2 goals, but the substitute small meat card in Leicester is staged, 4 goals reverses Mo Suba, same 3-4, the same master team is reversed, and the plants are too shameful.

The vulnerabilities of the two teams are more robbed than the attack. The Leicester City League also kicked unexpected health, only started speed in the second half, but it was very unexpected.

If so, half of the festival is accelerated, the visiting team does not open the door, it is better to continue to maintain the “Who Keeing Who”, the top of the ball, the main team goes more, the main team, the probability 2 goals and above The advantage is better.

Marseille VS Lazio – Who is attacking who is grandson?

Strong dialogue, the Marseille has a strong defensive ability, which may be related to sacrifice attacks; Lazio is a sharp line shadow directly to be sacrificed, and the attacked attack is slightly weak, and Surry seems to need more controlling balls. The right to implement established tactics, and there is a good sign in the way.

Just Marseille this launch of the landscape 3, similar to the AC Milan last night, 3 games can only expect them to reverse the advancement, I estimate there is a problem. So this game is not as good as the scorpion, Lazio does not defeat, the order, or the 1 ball advantage of Marseille will win the game.

The European Union Cup does not matter, so, do you have the first fighter.

Author: georgesroom