10 wins 11 weeks, the tenth! The defensive league is second, the superstar is used as a three-line star, let it go.

Today’s most concerned game is the contest of Jazz and the pioneers, and the two teams have strong strength and are the former partition strong teams. I thought it would be a more enemy, I didn’t expect the Blazers. A good ball, their first leader 2 points, and then lost, the four sections won their 22 points from 129-107, and the pioneers after the conversation have also encountered three losses.

The trailer fell to the western part after 10 wins 11, if the trailer and the Lakers lunched games, it would be understood that the core lineup of key trailers did not change, if they and the excavation Gold, the core injury can also understand, the key team’s first hair is so healthy, and the result is not as good as the Lakers and Nuggets, which is not as good as the Lakers and Nuggets.

And the pioneers play bad reasons this season I think it is caused by Lubeps. https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com I just entered the trailer, than Lipus threatened to let Lillad reduce personal attack, I will let everyone become an offensive endpoint At the same time, the team will advocate defense, and now, his top two is done. Today, Nurkich and Anni Simmons have won 24 points, Lillad is also reduced. Personal offensive, only 12 times in the audience, the number of hands is only in the fourth team, won 11 points 6 rebounds 5 assists, quite bad.

The defense of Bispus is not seen now, and even their defense is not as good as the Stonz period, and the seasons are still the 29th position of the League, the 29th place, only better than the gray bear. This is also why the trailers have a bad reason in the core lineup and there is no core injury, and it is more than Lipus, so that the Lillad library is going to play without the ball, reducing Ball, do you say this is not a Pit https://www.maillotbasket6.com Larad?

Friends who often look at Lilad is known that Lillad needs a ball in hand, his three points are eating rhythm. If it is in touch, then his three sessions will become a string, and the result is now not Continue to throw, consider the team system, such a league-level player, this season is hard and ethically played into a three-line star, averaging 21.5 points, 4 rebounds 7.8 assists, 38.7% of the shooting rate, The three-point hit rate is 30.2% is extremely efficient, and the field is only 2.8 three points in the League 18th.

The Lilad field in the last season of the season is 34.3 points 4.3 rebound 10.2 assists, the shooting level is 46%, the three-point hit rate is 45%, the average can hit 5.8 three points, this is the playoffs, compared to the regular season Defensive and targeted, in such cases, in such a case, you can hand over such an answer. As a result, the regular season is so bad. If the Blazers still keep https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com Stonz’s system, they may now The western part is four.

In the Rourade, I have complained that the team does not quo, the general manager Olhi, I don’t know if it is understood, he does not introduce a strong aid, but also replaced the main coach, Shuaiying, if so, you have taught it like Kid, and Atkinson has been taught, it has proved that his coach can also, and the results have been brought to Buspus. He is not to take assist with assist in the fast ship? ? The actual combat has not proved himself.

According to Plito, it is estimated that the Blazers don’t change the handsome, the Lilad is possible to leave, and the current lineup structure and playing are impossible to achieve good results, even after the season It’s not far from the game. After all, the team did not defend at all. I think the best way to trailers now is to stop the damage, according to Bushpus’s way, the team offense may be good, but defense is It is impossible.

In this case, it is a good choice to replace it. He is a good choice. When he took https://www.nbatrikots4.com the net network, it was the core system of the ball. This also created Russel, Lilad had such a system. . What do you have for now, what do you want to say? Welcome to the message https://www.basketballtrikotde.com

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