2 points in 8 minutes, "traitor" hurts the big devil, Guo Allen’s statement, men’s basketball blood wash Japanese team

Beijing time on November 18, 18, November 18, 18:00 am, and the sixth round of the six-round stage of the European Union, Spain was 6-0 victory. A powerful German chariot, in the Seville cartoon plus stadium, crashed.

This kind of service, the German team can enter the top four as long as it is flat, and I didn’t want to lose 3 goals in the first half. The second half was then filled with 3 goals, and finally left with a big bit of 0-6. The last German team lost 6 balls, but also traced back to the Austrian on May 24, 1931, and the same scores were defeated by 0-6, which was already 89 years ago.

Spain Previously 5 games only entered 3 goals, did not expect them to come into 6 goals when they face Leff, so that everyone is very surprising. From the paper strength from both parties, the two teams can say the enemy, then why the German team fainted in the foot of the bullfight?

From the data on the data, there are 24 feet outlets in Spain, 12 times, and the German team only has only 2 footgoes, which can be said that the German team’s attack is completely suppressed. From the control of the ball, 69% of Spain also crushed the German team’s 31% ball ball. Krev pursuit of attack in front of Tiki Taka’s ancestors, can only be said to be a class door, laughing. On the success rate of passing, Spain’s success rate of 9 percentage points in Germany at 94% of the pass. 94% of the passed success rate, horror, can only say that the ancestors are the ancestors, and the passing ball is still a few streets in Germany.

The striker is weak, the midfield is out of control, and the latter anti-dream tour is the epitome of the German team. On the front line, Verna, Sanet and Gardi can’t get the ball, and can’t go in. The whole game is inactive. Only the highlight is a 76-minute feet of Galbury.

The three players in the front field of the German team were still young, experienced, and the state undulation can be understood. But the young people of the opposite Spanish team don’t talk about Wu De! The 20-year-old detske Fotbalove dresy small small, Torres, staged a hat trick, and directly smashed the German team. Sure enough, Spain is called Torres. Especially remember that in the European Cup finals, Torres, Torres, helped Spain to defeat the German team to get the champion. Now I have taken a Torres, the Germans are hard!

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Besides the midfield, the three midfields composed of Cros, Jing Duo and Grazka were completely exploded. Cross and Jing Duo position overlap, almost stealth. Also opposite the opposite Spanish team, the midfield can take the ball and pass. A few feet of the ball and pleasing, and a great threat to the German team defense line. Leff is trying to play the tactical play of the center of the midfield, which is not like to lead the German team to victory.

In addition, the defense, the defense line of the German team is a nightmare. The second dead ball, the fetch Torres is completely unattended. The fourth lost the ball, from the backfield to the front field, Spain only passed the ball with 4 feet, and directly built the German team line. The fifth lost the ball, Ferran Torres is no one defense, complete the hat trick directly. It can be said that the German team owned the defender, it is necessary to kill Krev! Even if you put the Chinese team to kick, you don’t see you can lose 6 balls. The only thing is that the goalkeeping Nobire, several lost balls are not too big to do with him. If he doesn’t block a few balls, the German team will go directly from 0-8.

After the big score, the German team was eclipsed, and Spain, as if I saw the shadow of the peak. Now Spain no longer pursues the ultimate transaction, but the ball is faster, the speed is faster, and the advancement is faster. The 4th and 5th goals are all the feet near the midfield, quickly advanced to the frontcourt, directly wearing the defense line of the German team. Ferran Torres and Ormo on the front line are less than 23 years old, and the future is available. The bullfighter reproduces the brilliance of the past, perhaps not far.

The defeat of this defeat also pushed the German team’s head of Jaffu on the tip of the wind, the future German chariot, what should I do?

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