2020 National Youth Campus Football Teacher National Special Training Second Session

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Mbappé JerseyThe second phase of the national special training national-level special training in the national youth campus will be held from October 30, 2021.

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Education Department of the provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government (Education Commission), Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Education Bureau:

According to the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education to organize national special training in the National Adolescent Campus Football Teachers, the second phase of national special training national special training will be held from October 30, 2021. This training was hosted by the National Youth Campus Football Work Leading Group Office, from East China Normal University. Wong-to-board training assessment, now the online training related matters are as follows:

First, the admission list

(See attachment 1)

Second, report to training time, place

Training time: October 30th – November 5th, 2021 (reported before 16 o’clock on October 30, 18:00 on November 5)

Training Location: School of Physical Education and Health, 500 Dongchuan Road, Shanghai

Third, training content

(See attachment 2)

Four,training fees

Training time: October 30th, 202-1 November 5th, the accommodation fee is borne by the National School Focus, and the travel rate, nucleic acid testing, medical examination, insurance, etc. shall be borne by the school student.

V. Precautions

(1) When the trace student reported that the original secondary et al. And the above hospital issued for six months (at least: electrocardiogram, chest, blood pressure, liver function and blood, urine routine) And provide I have been insured for accidental injury insurance materials (including training during training).

(2) Participants must strictly abide by the “Epidemic Prevention and Control Guide” (see Annex 3), 14 days before the date of training activities (starting from October 16, 2021), health management every day, do a good quality measurement And fill in the “Health Safety Commitment”, conduct health situation reports and commitments in the report, and submit the ID card information, health code, communication big data stroke card, and report the nucleic acid detection negative report in the first 24 hours.

(3) Admission of the students, please scan the WeChat QR code into the corresponding area WeChat group (Annex 4), please modify the note after entering the group: Name + unit. No special reasons must be invited, but since the students who cannot participate in training must be approved by the provincial education authorities, they will file the East China Normal University in writing.

(4) Participants of the participants, self-propelled learning supplies (laptops, etc.), training equipment (training costumes, rubber nail football shoes, leggings, whistle, etc.).

(5) Ask the students to actively prepare to ensure that the health can complete all the contents of the online training class course, and the completion certificate can be issued by the assessment.

Six, contacts and contact information

Contact: Sun Jieli

Contact number: 021-54342612

Mailbox: ecnupec@sina.com

Seven, no matters, separately notified.


1.2020 National Youth Campus Football Teachers National Special Training Admission List (Page 2)

2.2020 National Youth Campus Football Teachers National Special Training Line Training Course

3.2020 National Youth Campus Football Teachers National Special Training Epidemic Prevention and Control Guide

4.2020 National Youth Campus Football Teachers National Special Training Area WeChat Group

School of Physical Education and Health, East China Normal University

October 14, 2021

Source | Ministry of Education

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