23 points in the field! Talent Men 4 + 6 驴 技? Armand 2 meters 39 Alliance

The NBA regular season continues, the magic team 88-123 defeated the Bulls, the magic team stronger Barbar played 23 minutes, only 4 points and 6 rebounds, the positive and negative value of 23, once again showed a downturn. In the 4th season of entering a career, Bangba’s development has not reached the expectation of the outside world.

As the first round of 2018, Banba is 23 years old. This is a center of 2.13 meters, the biggest selling point on his body is his extremely prominent physical condition. In addition to the exercise ability, he is most concerned about his exaggerated arm exaggerated – 2.39 meters, which not only let him break the NBA’s rookie’s physical record, but also surpass Jazz Zhong Gibier (2.34 meters from the arm ) Be the longest player.

In extremely important NBA, in many players, they have become a high-rise NBA, exaggerated Baba, which is exaggerated, and the body conditions are exaggerated. It is also widely optimistic about NBA three years ago. At that time, the position in front of him is Enton, Baghly, Echociqi, Jarren – Jackson and Tre Yang, the first round of the sixth step is not difficult to see how it is optimistic at the time.

After he entered NBA, he also gained a lot of praise, the reason is his excellent physical condition. But the first season, he only played 47 games, and the fields were only 6.2 points, 5 rebounds 1.4 caps, and the hit rate was 48.1%, and did not show the potential of the outside world. When the outside world feels more patience and opportunities to Banba, he has 5.4 points in the second season 4.9 rebound 1.4 cap, the hit rate is 46.2%, and the performance is again disappointed.

From the beginning of the season, Baba’s data has improved, but the fields are also 8 minutes 5.8 rebounds. In the season, the contract was 10.8 points 9.1 rebound 2 cover, and the hit rate was only 45%. https://www.maillotbasket6.com This is a high boat after his appearance is greatly improved, but such a hit rate and performance is still difficult, after all, his field appears to be close to 30 minutes. These years, Baba has also have some highlights, such as James who caught the Lakers, but more, his performance is very general.

As a center of a physical condition, it has entered the bits of the 4th season of the career, and there is no more progress. Attacking, his main score is still empty, empty, layup, dunk, duckling, in other words, Baba relies mainly to eat cake, and eat cake is not highlighted, even block down and empty The awareness is not highlighted. He is also trying to jump, but 87 times this season, only 28 goals, and 32.2% of the jumper. When the basketball team leaded to Durant and Harden twice, his performance was more general, a https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com 14-point 9 rebound, a 12-point 10 rebound.

The defensive end, the excellent arm exhibition did not let him show special outstanding basket capabilities. The opponent faced his hit rate of 42.9%, down 4.9% from the ordinary hit rate, which is not bad, but not the top level of the league. As a contrast, the Sir Tour of the Jazz, who was elected for the best defensive players, restricted the hit rate of the opponent at 38.5% this season, so that these opponents fell by 8.2% more than usual, this is the top-level performance of the league.

In this way, the fourth grade Baba became very embarrassed. He is the potential has not been excavated, or the 黔 驴 技? No one can determine. But as far as personal performance, Bangba did not reach an external expectation. It is also because his performance is flat. The magic team did https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com not renew in this summer and he in advance. To this end, he can only look at whether the magic team will ask him for him. The team quoted, or left the magic team.

From the original talent player, to the present performance, there is a regret that Bangashi is somewhat regret. After all, this excellent physical condition is really not everyone.

Author: georgesroom