32-year-old Dalian football final genius strikes finally opened! 22 goals in 22 goals, become the strongest king!

Speaking of the kingdom team in the Super League, now many fans will think of the Guangzhou team. They have been league in the last 10 years of league. 2, 2 times to win the Champions League, 2 times to enter the world, become a veritable king. . However, there are many fans who do not convince the results of the Guangzhou team. They feel that the Guangzhou Dynasty is based on the big-name foreign aid. It is most of the credit for foreign aid, and the Chinese football itself does not Big, so the Guangzhou team is full, the results of the national football are still worse, and their Dynasty is limited to the development of the national football. In their hearts, a dynasty in the Chinese League is a real dynasty, that is, Dalian Football Dynasty.

The representative of Dalian Football Dynasty was Dalian Strong Team. They also got 8 Chinese top programs, and the state of the Dalian team came out of several national teams. At that time, the Dalian team was a dynasty, which was the main player, so when the Dalian Dynasty is most prosperous, it is also the best time when China’s football talents have excel. However, when any Dynasty has declined, with the gradual decline of Dalian football, the whole Chinese football is also in the same difficult situation, the talent, the talent break, and it is difficult to see it.

In fact, in the end of the Dalian Football Dynasty, the Dalian team still had a lot of players, but they have been partially kicked out because of the causes, and some of them left the Dalian team, went to other teams, becoming other teams. backbone. In recent recently, there is a genius player at the end of Dalian football, and he can even be used as an foreign aid in Chinese. He is the frontier Li Kai.

Li Kai, who was born in 89, his parents were athletes. They had a very high sports talent. He height was 185, and the body was very strong, and there was an amazing speed. In the Dalian youth team, he and Zhao Mingjian with side guards It is the fastest player in the 10m run test. And Li Kai is a big monster that brought 6 goals in four games in the national U19 league with its own super high talent. Moreover, the Dalian’s foreign teacher Ledko took a small group of Li Kai and left him in a team, I think he is a very potential Cristiano Ronaldo Jersey local forward.

But maybe because the talents are different, so they are not tunned, those Yelei, although the game performance is very good, the state is also good, but also the national image is selected. But whether it is in the Dalian team or in the Shandong National Games, even in the National Olympics, Li Kaipeverage is expelled or punished from the problem. Although the Dalian team has always said that Li Kai is a very talented player, but it has never been able to make him more performance opportunities. Even the main coach Xu Cheap Soccer Jersey Hong only took Li Kai as a side guard. Later, Li Kai and Zhao Xuri left Dalian, Li Kai and Zhao Xuri, and then the coach of Shaanxi team also used Li Kaiwang to use the defender. . Gradually everyone has forgotten Li Kai once a genius striker.

Just recently Li Kai flashed. In a critical competition in China’s League, Li Kai’s Qingdao Yingchun Island team faced the leader Qingdao Sea cow, although the final team 2-3 is not enemy opponent, Li Kai is very good, he staged Mei opened two degrees, and it is a top kick, which fully Soccer Jersey Discount demonstrates his ability.

The first ball is the 40th minute of the game, Qingdao Yingchun Island is transmitted on the left, Li Kai suddenly started in front of the front line, and slammed off the defensive player, Gao Gao Yue’s head ball was broken, helping the team to equalize scores. This ball can see that Li Kai’s sense of smell in front of the door is still very sensitive, and his explosive and height remains an advantage.

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The second ball is the 88th minute of the game. Qingdao Yingchun Island team won a penalty. Li Kaoyang did not let it stand in front of the 12 yards, and his shooting deceived the door and easily rolled into the goal. It can be seen that Li Kai is already very confident, and it is very powerful.

It is worth noting that after these two balls, Li Kai’s scorpion has reached 12, and it is far ahead in the middle. 22 games, often staged a second degree, Li Kai is still good, you can say that he is now the shooter of China. I believe that many Dalian fans see Li Kai’s performance will be pleased, and they will think of the scene when he played in Dalian, a few years ago, and the genius teenage is already a 32-year-old. , But fortunately, he is still playing the front, but fortunately he is still playing.# 国 football shocks the World Cup #

Can Li Kai’s performance awake your memory? Does any players let you think of the team you used to love? Welcome friends to discuss together in the comments!

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