63-year-old change, Chen Yueyuan’s football path

In 1973, he stepped on the pier in 17 years old and became a pier worker.

Pier workers Liverpool Jersey have power

A few years later, this young man took off the work into the office, step by step, became a high-management industry.

Time I came to 2019, the 17-year-old guy has also come to the year of Huadu, and he has been in charge of China’s largest port enterprise. The business turnover is 10 billion yuan, and the staff tens of employees.

Amazing is that 63 years old from the state-owned enterprise executive post, he hopped another platform.

63 years old

It is through this platform, everyone knows him with “old disco”; this platform Mbappé Jersey is equivalent to the depth-level …

Speaking of this platform is a association. You must think that it is the “China Port Association”, which can make a waste of heat on the pier.

Unfortunately, he was about to go wrong, perhaps, it was wrong, he actually became the Chairman of the Chinese Football Association.

From the pier to the Football Association

If he spent a lot of Shanghai, the Hong Kong team took a medium super champion, he is managing some side, can be the chairman of the Chinese Football Association; the number of the “eight crown king”? Isn’t Cheap Soccer Jersey Xu Jiayin?

Unfortunately, Xu Jiayin is not Chen Yingyuan. On the money, people may marvel over the big man, but Chen Yongyuan’s hand is far greater than Xu Jiayin, it is said that he will throw 7 billion yuan in order to win the championship. According to Comrade Xie Hui, I actually spent 12 billion yuan.

The champion of the Hong Kong team is heavy

A lot of 5 billion yuan is “public relations” in the form of meals, accommodation, etc.

In any case, Comrade Chen Yingyuan has entered the Chinese Football Association with the spirit of “I am not in the hell”. Kits Football Kits Before this, he is really an outsider, which is responsible for spending money.

What is the difference between the Chairman of the Football Association and Zhu Jun playing?

On the harm, maybe a chairman of the Commonwealth Association is harmful!

Chairman of Chen Dancing

Some people say that a retired state-owned enterprise is nothing wrong with the Chairman of the Football Association. Just like XX, the chairman of the singer, the chairman of the XX Calligraphy Association, the Chairman XX Chess Association … The Chairman of the Football Association is not Soccer Jersey Discount to be higher than them.

In short, we seem to have learned.

We always shouted to make professional people to do professional things, then find the best people with the best relationship.

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