9:00! The Football Association made an important decision: Chen Yueyuan’s self-sufficient fruit, Chinese football was hit hard

At 9 o’clock on November 18th, Beijing, China’s football came to the latest news. According to the domestic media “Football News” report, with the national football team acquired two orders in the world, the Football Association did not fire Li Tie’s idea, and there was already basically determined in the national football. In the case of the line, Li Tie can also continue to coach the national football, which is clearly a bad signal.

“Football News” wrote: “This time, the national football team got 2 lay aorta. If there is no accident, Li Tie should continue to stay in the national football team. And Oman, the national football team has the opportunity to win the victory, even Iron’s shift has triggered a huge controversy, but it is not enough to constitute an inevitable reason he must go to get out of class;

With the Australian war, the national football overall performance is not too big, and Li Tie’s leading command is also within the scope of discussion, 1 point is more expected.top local news stories today After ending this Sharjah with unbearable record, the national football can be returned to China, and Li Tie can naturally stay. “

From the “Football News” report, it can be seen that the Chinese Football Association is still not changing the idea. Li Tie will continue to bring the national football team 12, although the media did not disclose more information, but the Football Association Li Tie Continue to coach, this is definitely a heavy creation for Chinese football.

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Because, he often pays attention to Chinese football. Through the observation of several rounds of preliminaries, Li Tie’s coaching ability does not have the position of the national football coach. Whether it is a personal emotion, it is a huge choice of technical science and personnel. Question, Chinese men’s football team in advance, the World Cup, actually Li Tie is mainly responsible.

Originally, in such cases, the Football Association should decide in time, let Li Tie’s get out of class, but now, “Football News” pointed out that yesterday news the national football team will not change the main coach, which is of course not conducive to the back impact. For Chen Yueyuan, the national football team has caused today’s situation. After all, let Li Tieistrace are determined by him, and the top 12 will be played before the 5-year contract is also the Football Association.

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