Again, Wu Lei, one second! Li Weifeng has a dilemma of Chinese football, and it is hard to send it!

Original title: Again, Wu Lei, one second! Li Weifeng has a dilemma of Chinese football, and it is hard to send it!

With the end of the sixth round of the 12th round, I believe many fans have a good point of view, that is, our Wu Lei Wuo Wang is the best player in China. At present, among the shooters in the world, Wu Lei took the 12-ball row in the number 2 of the shooter list, and Wu Lei used four goals in the 12-game shooter list. As a ranking group, Wu Lei became the only thing in Chinese football to take it.

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And Wu Lei can enter so many balls, a very important reason is that he is really very flat. In the second half of the Australia, Wu Lei even fell to the cramps. You must know that Wu Lei is the striker of La Liga. His physical strength and status are too much than the players in the Super, but they have ran into this way. It can be seen that Wu Lei is spelling the blessing. Fortunately, Wu Lei’s efforts and struggle are still in exchange for very good results. The national football team got two points in the two games of Shakka, and the two goals were Wu Leijin.

With the end of the 12th go newscompetition, Wu Lei returned to the game of La Liga. It can be said that Wu Lei is still the busiest person in Chinese football. And recently Wu Lei, I have just passed my 30-year-old birthday, and he is still in the year of Chinese football, and his back is still slightly longer. In fact, we can see that Wu Lei has achieved huge progress in the three seasons of the Yangyang, which is a more confident that he has made his self-confidence. And what he gained during the levy of the ocean has also improved his role in the national team, and hosted the national team. So we can see it, go out is the fast and powerful road of Chinese football.

But Wu Leo Yan Yang has today’s news please passed, and now the five major leagues are still one of him, and even the entire European league, only one person playing in a team. He has not brought the boom of the Ocean, which is also a point that makes many fans disappointed. But why have we got out of our Chinese players? What is the reason why they didn’t take a key step? Recently, Li Weifeng, who has recently been a Chinese football brilliant era, and Li Weifeng, said the cause of Chinese football leaves.

He mentioned the Yangyang in the live connection with the media people Zhao Zhen. When I talked about the Ying Yue Yiferton, Li Weifeng mentioned that many people questioned that he was sponsored by Koi, but current new in fact, in addition to sponsorship, Everton is a game for Li Weifeng, is to him. The strength is recognized, so the introduction decision is made. And now our levy is still as 20 years ago, but we now give money to the money, people are not willing, I have to kick, a very important reason is our players and game experience. insufficient. In the 18-year-old teenager, Li Weifeng, I was in the age of 21, and our league was 23 years old or a teenager. Xu Xin was 27 years old in the national team, the young player did not prove herself at home. It is difficult to get trust.

So now Chinese football leaves face two big problems, one is our youth training needs to cultivate more excellent talents, the second is that our league needs more performance opportunities for young players. The reality now is that our Qingjun has just started, and it has not yet arrived. And our League Golden Yuan Times has just begun to retreat, the big-name foreign aid will pay attention to the use of local players, and young players have also begun to have a chance. Therefore, Chinese football leaves will not have a big improvement in a short time, which means that 30 years old Wuli may be destined to be lonely. He also needs to be a long period of time. So, I have to distress Wu Lei for one second.

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