All-Star Games have drawn the number of MLBs in the first half of the season. For the Los Angeles Dodge Star Outfielder, Berlinjie, the alliance has already played the third 30th horn, hitting Three surroundings 0.336 / 0.432 / 0.692, the selected all-star is not a problem.Under the strong performance of Beilinjie, Dodge Routine Routine Tournament has already taken 60 wins to become a league winning rate, five players are selected for all stars, and the general coach is also a national union star team. The 2019 season’s Dodge again refers to the world contest. Today, the competition is a shame of the snow, Dodge new brother Berinjan violence stabbed the home run Carry team to defend the defending champion.The Status of the Union and Data and Belinjan’s appearance also have the last National Federation MVP, Milwaukee’s wineman’s Christian-Jeregi, and the first person, the first person, Los Angeles angel, Mike To, and this The two are different, the crazy performance of Berlin Jie Ben Send is playing in the background of “two-grade new show wall” last year.Although the third-grade player gets rid of the second grade dilemma, the example of the real potential is not enumerated, but Berlinje’s transformation is big, it can still be said to be unusual, this mystery is his entire offering period for posture Horizontal improvement.Can’t play the best rookieAs the top new show of the Dodge Farm, Beilinjie is born in the 2017 season. He has left 0.267 // 0.352 / 0.581 after coming to the Great League, and the 39th Barrier hits, the full ticket for the best new show .However, the seemingly glare season has a bitter end of Beilinjie, which in the same year, in the world competition, every time the key is the opponent, it has become a self-owned suicide stick. Seven Wars, all 29 shots are only 1 bomb, and the strikes are embarrassing 0.143 / 0.172 / 0.565.Especially in the face of two changing balls of space people, Lant McCaleus and Charlie – Morton, Berlinjie is almost between shares. The super rookie swallowed 17 times in the world contest, and 10 times were fell off by the curved k. The fans also hope to him, how is a new generation of heavy cannons become a pitcher poster background?Beilinjo was originally high, and the waving was also very big. This is destined to be a hopper that is very easy to be slave, and his vented regular season in the rookie is as high as 26.6%. In fact, in the World Competition of the year, Berlinjan consciously adjusts his hit action to avoid Senas, and left a few opposite directions.However, these efforts are only a drop in the bucket, and Berlinjan’s performance is extremely failed throughout the world. The good performance of the regular season makes the fans gave him a very high expectations, which also made him a variety of waving in the world contest, frequent ugly is particularly glaring.

Painful thinking, Berlin Jiexin changes.

Changes that do not compensate

Perhaps it was the successful blow to let him be inspired. Beilinjan began with the Turki Turk of Turner in the play. As a concept, the traditional blow coach, Ward emphasizes the reduction of the volatile rate, the tri-vibration rate, and he will start from the Baylinjan’s stick.

Berlin Jie originally used a ball and ground parallel, close to the top of the stick, and the new stick pose has a lot, and the ball is approximately a 60 degree angle of the ground. This change allows Berlin to shorten the distance of the stick, reducing the waves – because the starting position of the ball is getting closer, on the one hand, it is easier to let the ball stick in contact with the ball. On the one hand, Beilinjo can save about 0.1 to 0.2 seconds to observe the other party’s pitch, so that he has more judges when faced with the ball.

This change is mainly in the case of two good balls, because the other’s pitcher tends to take a kill during the two good balls, trying to be three vibration, and the player did not dare to neglect, even if it seems like a bad ball, you can’t let go. Even if you can’t put it in the field, at least you also want to rub it, form the outer ball. If the number of balls is leading, Berlinjo still uses full waves.

But theory is a matter, and the results of practice are one thing. The action adjustments under the two good balls, let Belinje have become more like to encounter the ball and lose their original fluent waves. As the season, Berlinje has a tend to go to black.

Is this change effect? Berlinje’s three-vibration rate was slightly 23.6% in 2017, the spending rate was also reduced from 32.5% to 29.7%, which seems to have reached the original intention. But let’s take a decline in the overall blow of Berlinjan, and the home run is dropped from the 39 days of the disposal to 25, and the length of the price is also dropped from 0.581 to 0.470.

In 2018, Berlinjie was in a pre-conservative posture, and he could not attack. Although the chance of playing the ball has increased, the sacrifice of the hitting strength made this strategy. Many times, Berlinjo will play a ball that looks like a home run when he leaves his stick, and the results are killed by the other owner near the warlord area. One of the Taoist’s most detailed stems is that Berlinjan’s “pretend to hit the home”.

Because the offensive output decreased, coupled with another new Maxi-Mangxi, Beilinjan lost the position of the main base in the last season, often “sent” to the field. In the final world contest, Boston’s red socks sent two strong Zuoshi, Chris Saier and David – Prab, Berlinjan did not even have the opportunity to go to the big league for two years. The Second World Competition, Bayinjie is even more worse than the first time, and 16 counts have only one safe, and the super rookie is a headed person.

Do it back to Nirvana rebirth

After the bleeding second grade season, Berlin Jie tried to re-correct his hit action and walked out of the trough. At the same time, the Dodge’s coach has ushered in personnel to change, Ward turns on Cincinnati, his successor is Arizona Rabet Snake’s blow strategist Robert, Vansky.

The World Competition just ended, Vansk York took the horse, only 32 years old, he was the youngest blowhouse of the league. Daochi did some test, Vanske York originally served as a strategist in Dodge in 2016-7, when he successfully guided Chris Taylor. His another proud of “work” is the super strong JD-Martinens in red socks. Vanske York is also very gorgeous. He is another disciple of Dodge to fight the consultant Warren Bolk. This person’s two high-grade Qiang Ni-Washington and Tim Reike also becomes a San Diego priest in this season. Seattle sailor’s blow coach.

Vanske York did not play professional baseball. When he read a college team, he played the highest level baseball event he had experienced. Compared with the predecessor of Ward, people such as Vansk York will not be bound by traditional concepts, more capable of holding a new trend such as a flying ball revolution. He is like the coach described in “point-in-money”: “A good or career is a bad player’s coach can often become a good coach, because they will not force the player in the past Play. “

The first thing Vansk York is to analyze the reasons for the 2018 season in the 2018 season. They use data, as well as high-tech, such as ultra-high-speed cameras, 3D imaging, to find out the best blow action that is best for Berlinjie.

In the past two years, the problem of Bellinjo has been plagued, and Vansk York encourages Berlinjan to hit the bottom of the play, rather than hitting the front of the play like the past to reduce the spending rate. The most important thing is that Berlinjan’s starting posture returns to the location of the 2017 season, that is, Berlinji wants to waving like that year.

This tricks, Berlin Zhe’s WOBA (weighted “from the last season of 0.302 and 1st rampant from the last season of 0.418 and 3 rampters.

After adjusting the action this season, Berlinjan has greatly improved the ball in the two good balls. The blowing movement that shorten the amplitude of the wind last season made Berlinjie played a lot of leadership near and the field of wild falls.

The blowing movement of the wage in the last season made Belinjie played a lot of one base and the ball of the wild drop. This season, the ball is bigger, the ball of playing the field has increased, naturally there will be more answerables. .

Baby Babi, Baby Baseball? Not there is no possibility

As we all know, today’s flying ball revolution has a high-rise, high-growth rate, with a large loss of the loss of the increased Zhenzheng. At the same time, Beilinje has increased significantly from the split to 23.9%, and the probability of swinging the baton has fallen from 29.2% to 23.5%, so all-round progress is really expensive.

If Berlinjo can continue to maintain this hot state, the final value of the Baseball-Reference website is calculated, and he has the opportunity to become a player who has the highest value of the Dodge history single season. Even challenge Bibby Rus The record of the age is not an idiotic dream.

Of course, the season has just been half, it is undoubtedly very difficult to maintain a good condition all season, and the opponent will respond according to the changes in Beilinjie.

In the month, Berlinje’s WRC +, and even helped the Dodge to enter the world contest for the third consecutive year, and a snow is as shameful.

Author: georgesroom