American League runner-up last season and now three straight America "meow" Exceeding the doldrums

This week, the Jacksonville Jaguars will face the Philadelphia Eagles at Wembley Stadium in London, as a dialogue between last season’s runner-up and reigning American League champion, this London bowl is also considered the history of the strongest race showdown in London. Although the two teams last season, have made great achievements, and then enter 2018, they have encountered a variety of difficulties, are all 3-4 record so far, it is the fans did not expect.

Jaguars and Eagles are caught in a dilemma to them, but London is like a beacon in the night race, to win this powerful dialogue will greatly boost the morale. American League runner-up last season with the Patriots battle the Jaguars could have come back there, but now lost three straight, and today we are concerned that the downturn Exceeding Jaguars.

Bor Waters embarrassed Daren

Bor Waters

Bor Waters

Look at the next plane, the Jaguars all the problems are concentrated in Blake – Bor Waters body. The third overall pick in 2014 has a lot of flaws, including poor pocket movement and that has not changed over the pass action. Unfortunately, last season, the Patriots lost to the Jaguars to get American League runner-up to make some swell, causing management misjudged the situation, even believe Bor Waters is the team’s future quarterback, the offseason and he also signed the next big contract.

Offseason, the team did not let Bor Benitez felt the pressure of competition, choosing instead to pray Bor Benitez to maintain normal play half the game, the other task to defend the group. The idea is good, but getting worse as the offense, the defense team also lost the elite level. 5 turnovers fifth week of the Emirates, then appeared three turnovers in the last two weeks. You never know his teammates play station Bor Waters today what is an angel or a devil: He really is that soared touchdowns and the Patriots Bor Waters? Hesitant when passing Bor Waters? Or bird frightened kitten? Alternatively, the three are ……

Last week against Texas, Bor Waters Section 2 with half scored 12 6 61 yards pass, appears after the second ball is off the Cody – Kessler replaced. Bor Waters is a nerve knife, sometimes he looks great, but more often does not seem to handle the ball, lack of stability, which makes it difficult for him to be trusted.

Defense no longer in the past

Jaguars can see problems on offense, Bor Waters poor performance is really too conspicuous. But for the Jaguars defense group, the recent rounds also revealed weakness. They are divided into the last three games better than 28-90, the first half the score was 0-57, so that the average across the quarterback to get quarterback rating of 76.4 (sixth in the league), and teams have to double-digit lose the points difference, if the face of the Emirates sent out 30 points can be understood, then the face of cowboy turned out 40 points absolutely ridiculous. In addition they averaged 157.7 yards released a few yards of pavement in these three games, the league ranked fifth from the bottom.

Many Jaguars defensive problems can be flung into the pot attack group who suffered in three straight years, the group has sent out 8 offensive possessions conversion (Bor Waters arranged seven times), 3 of which are in this own half, there is a direct return touchdowns, two more off the ball in the red zone. Wave offensive team in the past 36 years has a direct strike out 16 times, which greatly increase the playing time of the defense group, while declining physical players, but also to accept spiritual destruction, simply double blow physically and mentally .

But London for the Jaguars is simply paradise, where sick cats seconds to change Wuhu, Bor Benitez also turned to Brady. Since 2015, no matter how bad the Jaguars record, but always win in London last year, is 44-7 massacre of the Baltimore Ravens, so here against the Philadelphia Eagles, Jaguars absolutely nothing to fear.

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Author: georgesroom