Another Carol disciple is 49 people defensive coordinator to build NFL defensive iron gate

November 16 (Wen / ESPN NICK WAGONER Compilation / White) San Francisco 49 people lost to Seattle Hawks at the 10th week, but the cause of the conversation is not too big, defensive coordinator Robert Saleh is not at all.

He is one of the best defensive masters of the league, and the information he convey is always one.

“You will remind everyone every day, no matter what happened: This is a living attitude, you can let you pay attention to the work of the hand, live in the moment, live in the moment, can’t change because of other things or the environment Impact your work. “

Saleih said: “I will take all the games, all the competitions,” “

This is the belief that Saleh’s entire coach career is also the foundation of San Francisco, helping 49 people to open 8 wins this season.

Nowadays, 49 people defensive in the field are lost, and the number of missing scores are two key data rankings. The second low, and the first defensive data is not the third.

Saleh has also become one of the candidates of the best Coordinator in the season, and the next season is very likely in other teams. How is Saleh to create a copper wall iron wall at 49 people, let’s take a look at the defense of this genius coach.

It turns from the mobile expressions to the coach is Saleh so teasing

Saleh is very popular in 49 people club. For the players, he is a coach who is very talented and likes to tell the story. He will find ways to share important life experience, and try to link your own philosophy and football.

When I was dealing with the media, Salhih would answer questions with a gentle tone after thinking about thinking, which makes him look very kind, such coaches often make sense.

But when the game is coming, Saleh has changed a side.

In the game of Los Angeles ram, Salih is on the side of the game, and the body art of the coaching will be played by the body art. He will encourage the player for a while, and will celebrate the defenders of a success, and the energy is always It is not finished.

Soon, Salih has become a social platform and the focus of the big media. In the 49-person club, the player also used his command to boile with a blogger, which bought a joke.

Saleh became the pistachius of the team, he is indeed a tease. If you only look at his appearance, Saleh is also strong and a light head, completely with “teasing”.

But actually Saleh admit that he has no shelves, occasionally in the game day “fainting” to cheat the player, everything is to adjust the tension atmosphere and let the player carefully treat the game. At that time he was not a coach, but a teammate.

Kyle Shanahan, sometimes called “Gandhi”, which means that the Indian political leader in the year is great. “I think he sometimes is very funny, but he knows how to train defense.”

Shanahan said: “If you do not show, do not have the body to mobilize the players, football is difficult and no tattoos on his face, not so exaggerated, just wearing a bracelet on his wrist is a very good coach, knows that. how do the players know how to maximize the talent. “

Saleh scratch apprenticeship

Another world outside the stadium, Saleh generally stay in office analysis and data tables, dealing with the cold numbers, not to play games watching movies. Saleh graduated from Northern Michigan University, with a degree in finance. University for four years, Saleh hit tight end on the football field, after graduation, he found his first job at Comerica Bank in Detroit area.

But the job did not dry long, in 2002, Saleh accepted the job of assistant coach at Michigan State University, opened the door from football coaching career. In the process, he will own link in the financial professional to learn the boring data and their own experience and rugby, which makes him a popular figure in coaching circles. 2005– During 2010, Saleh Houston Texans held several positions, and first met his current coach Kyle – Shanahan.

Saleh has been in for the Seattle Seahawks Pete – Carol work, which is an important accumulation of his coaching career from quantitative to qualitative change. “I remember someone introduced him to us.”

Carol said: “He was a very respected Houston Texans of the quality control coach, then we interviewed him, have to say I really like him that we are lucky to get one such talent.

There is no doubt that Robert will become an excellent coach, he would reveal the talent to become a master of defense from the start. “

Carol was working in league history to create one of the strongest defense group – H-burst corps, while Saleh served as the Seahawks defensive quality control coach in the 2011-2013 season, enjoying the rare opportunity to learn.

At that time defensive coach team members Carol men are to work independently in the future, such as Gus – Bradley, little Ken – Norton and Chris – Richard, and now Saleh.

49ers cornerback Richard – Sherman (Richard Sherman) was the Seahawks boom burst Legion of key players, he still remembers Saleh first came to learn the intricacies of Cover 3 that when the Seahawks defensive tactics, Saleh the careful attention to detail and I was impressed.

“He is a madman, I’m afraid he put himself to death.” Sherman said: “If you tell him today individual, give him a day off, so that he can get what to do, wait till you come back, the next day he will be able to give you come up with a very unique tactics.

More powerful, it seems very complicated tactics, he will be in a very simple way to speak out, and to ensure that everyone understand. Then what? As a player you can not help but help him bring this labor play out in the game. “

Create a unique mark 49 printed on the defensive

When Shanahan Saleh appointed as defensive coordinator in 2017, this decision has caused people to be surprised, because Saleh had never been a coordinator. Eye Ruju Shanahan saw Saleh’s professionalism and extraordinary rugby ball business.

Before today, 49 people have sprung up everywhere, the team the past two seasons has been tepid, life is very difficult. But even when the outside world to observe experts question whether Shanahan needs to make a change, Shanahan Saleh confidence has never wavered.

Saleh also know this thing, but he was interviewed by the media learned of.

Saleh said: “I really did not notice, because I do not use social software unless you tell me otherwise, I really do not know my work that so dangerous, according to say the pressure is really quite big.

But it is also very good, if I think about their future and job security, I can not concentrate on more important things in hand. “

Saleh did not worry about his job, but think every day how to further develop the potential of the defense group. From a professional point of view of tactics, to Cover 3 Saleh’s defense dominated, occasionally using Cover 1.

But in comparison to no good cards before their own hands, and now 49 people are relying on the defensive front four pass rush will be able to manufacture a steady stream of pressure, so he will have more energy to study second-line defense, according to the opponent’s formation and then player stations to adjust their defensive formation and tactics.

For example, 49 people are now very fond of blockade tactics with Cover 3 wing, this tactic is actually based on the opponent, the use of side-to-man cornerback person, the other side carried out on the basis of marking on defense.

In the station at the time of kick-off, the ball Saleh generally start line arrangement nine people, this is the offseason newly added defensive front line coach Chris – the idea Kekuleite raised.

This allows the outside pass rush Di hand – Ford (Dee Ford) and Nick – Bosa (Nick Bosa) on the outside defensive tackle launch quickly rushed pass, on the one hand can create confusion for other players to win the raid neutral, and the other but it is also possible through more rapidly approaching the outer cover of the player quarterback.

There are also some minor adjustments, such as the security guard Gukui Chomsky – Tate (Jaquiski Tartt) and Jimmy – Ward (Jimmie Ward) transposition use, which also makes 49 people 9 people arrays start line of the ball more It is difficult to digest, very aggressive.

“He did a very professional in this area, has a very strong sense of position, when the team wants to play more aggressive, he can come up with appropriate measures. Whether we want to play more aggressive, or want to stabilize the main, he can take us to want to play defense. “

Saleh success this year has attracted attention of other teams the league, his name has appeared on the list of candidates for some of the team’s head coach, the former Carol’s disciples perhaps in the near future have to work independently.

Author: georgesroom