Another honor is waiting for Messi! Mr. World Foot, 11 people candidate, Messi hand holds two major prizes

On November 23, Beijing time, FIFA officially announced a list of candidates, Messi, Lawan, and C-Luo, 2021. At the same time, Mr. World Football fans also have begun, because fans account for 25%, so it will greatly affect the ultimate ranking. As the best player in this year, he also held two major awards. Once the prize, then his world will reach 7, continue to refresh the history of football!

FIFA2021 World Football Mr. 11 candidates are: Messi, La Wan, C Luo, Ji Nieho, Ben Zema, Sarah, Canter, Mbpe, Nemar, Debu, Halland .

As we all know, Mr. World Football is founded by FIFA. Although this award has merged with the “French football”, the International Football Union has announced Mr. France in 2016. The award was canceled, and each award began independently.

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It is worth mentioning that in the active player, only 4 of the World Football, namely Messi, C Luo, Moderidge and Laiwan. Among them, Messi has awarded 6 times, not only the most active service, but also the most history. C Rules is 5 awards, second only to Messi. Moderi has won the prize in 2018, and La Wan got this honor last year, and he also has the opportunity to renew.

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Although the Golden Globe will announce the result, but the recent French media, even the officials of the Champions League, have been madly suggesting that Messi’s 7th awards. So, Mr. World Football Selected, is Messi have a chance? There is no doubt that Messi is still hot!

It is to know that Mr. World Football is the honor issued by FIFA. This award is most important that the national team’s news today’s news honor is the club. This is why C Luo’s performance is so good, but the final award is Made, because he led Croatia to enhance the World Cup final, and he is the absolute core of the Real Madrid Champions League 3, so force C-Luo Zuo ,Deserved. Last year, because there is no national team competition, the La Wan, who is in the club, is also well deserved.

This year is the Year of the Competition. It has a European Cup that has a Cup, so the Argentina has retransmit Messi to the US Cup of the American top local news stories today Cup, which is undoubtedly a maximum popular. Although Lawan has fudt, the Poland in the European Cup did not enter the 16th of the Poland, which is really giving him points. So, this is a great advantage of Messi award.

In addition, Messi has another major advantage, that is, fans vote. As we all know, Messi’s fans in the world is quite horrible. In the fans voting, in addition to the Americas, Asia and Ocean Messi also have advantages, Africa is Sarah’s world, as for Europe, Levan, C Ronal, and current india news today Ji Nien is bound to vote. Therefore, in 25% of the fans, Messi’s advantage is very large.

Considering the basic synchronization of the next World Football and the Golden Award winner, since Messi has been taken the seventh time to win the Golden Award, then the seventh world is not far away!

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