Basketball outbreak of infighting! Vice-President issued a document anger hate NBA CBA copy too many problems, Yao Ming under the rule of CBA

With the Chinese men’s basketball team lost this year at the Tokyo Olympic Games Qualifying Tournament, the Chinese men’s basketball team has been a long time without winning in the international arena. And recently, the Chinese men’s basketball team will be playing two World Cup qualifiers with the Japanese team. Just as with Guo Allan Du Feng, Zhou Qideng Japanese players set off an oath, but broke the world’s best domestic news Basketball Association internal contradictions, vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association Wang Libin issued public criticism of the domestic CBA league, obviously, this is a series of policy dissatisfaction with Yao Ming.

Wang Libin is a legend in the Chinese men’s basketball history, has served as the standard-bearer of the Chinese sports delegation at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, is currently vice chairman of the Chinese Basketball Association, Yao Ming is the partner. However, when the Chinese men’s basketball team set off in Japan, he has published remarks, accusing the NBA CBA copy hard copy approach.

He posted a word on social media, and @ the CBA. He said: to expand and improve the market, the Chinese men’s basketball professional league can not be completely copied from the NBA model, we can not allow capital the final say, can not allow a minority in control of the capital’s highest league tournament platform, but can not take the form of high-quality business resources monopoly. Currently, CBA has access system and our second century of the pursuit of high-quality development and common prosperity of the two main goals contrary, should have been amended to expand the team.

It seems carefully, Wang Libin said these words without reason. Since Yao Ming took office, the Chinese men’s basketball team not only failed to make any progress, but even qualify for the Olympics have lost. China’s CBA league level came to a halt, with reference to the previous week Qi in Melbourne, Australia nbl League two games, we can totally see the current level of the CBA league in the world, not to mention the CBA is the first second only to the NBA two major league, CBA did not look to the international point of view inflow. In addition to the NBA, the major European leagues are much stronger than the CBA, and even
Australia nbl league levels were also significantly higher than the CBA, they dare to physical confrontation significantly more accurate shooting, and specializes in three-point breakthrough, Chinese men’s basketball team had already lost small quick spirit of play features, even the free throws misses free throw.

Under Chairman Yao policy, CBA lot of problems

After Wang Libin released this passage on social media, but also caused a lot of fans of talk, a lot of fans in the country does not recognize a lot of practice Yao Ming. Although Yao Ming did for China men’s basketball team worked hard but the actual effect, the reform of China Yao Ming Basketball far without success, over the years, the level of Chinese men’s basketball team not only failed to progress, but getting worse. The CBA league system is very backward, the referee level uneven, often broke the referee misjudged misjudgment that conflict arena, there is they change the foreign aid system, these are very affecting CBA League uptime factor. More Basketball Association needs to stand up, to make the right guidance, reform is urgently needed, the Chinese men’s basketball team can not lose at the hands of Yao chairman. Basketball can be truly hope that internal democracy, not what I say goes.

As fans, we can only look forward to an early return to the Chinese men’s basketball dominance in Asia, has become a characteristic of international basketball team.

Author: georgesroom