Beckham reproducing touchdown pass! Fraudulent tactics or to the operation of the team Sao conventional weapons

It seems the New York Giants in addition to Odell – David Beckham labeled outside wide receiver, to the additional position of a mark – a long pass hand! This week’s game against the Bears, Beckham dishing out a record 49 yards passing and accurately find wide receiver Shepard touchdown; and this is his second time this season dedicate this show, and when Eli – Manning can not be used when a long pass to open the situation (this season Eli – Manning no more than a 40-yard long pass success), Beckham once again stood out.

At that time half of the game was just two minutes, with 10-14 being behind the Giants, the team began a new offensive gear 49 yards. At this time, running back Zack Wan – Buckley ran to the left side as a restraint, and Beckham ran to the middle line from the left to make the anti-fold, Eli – Manning threw the ball back decisively Beckham, this time in a small Tony is located in no man’s land on the right side of the court; he made two actions to be performed this seemingly anti-run, they thought he was the hub of the ball and forward defense, Beckham suddenly stop, raising his hand in the Bears defense group, long pass, the entire action at one go. And the ball in the air for almost 49 yards a full flight, landed outside the outer end region unmarked took Russell – Shepard hand, Shepard strutted into the end zone, touchdown!

This ball could not help but reminiscent of Beckham in the game against the Panthers, which recorded Barkley passed 57 yards touchdowns. Beckham pass data present season is 2 pass 2, the pusher 106 yards two touchdowns, passing score 158.3 points out. I do not know coach Pat – Shu Moer face whether this situation will consider Beckham as the hand pass using conventional weapons, but it is certain that, when re-executed after Beckham anti-run tactics, some other second-tier to some skin tight, because outside the superstar can take over not only the “one-handed catch” sensational, but also with the “one-handed long pass” after the breakdown field. This touchdowns is to let the Giants morale rose, with Beckham completed one yard touchdown catch, they will be widened to 10 points.

Seeing the Giants fight card call it a day, but, the Bears opened the final counterattack mode, when passing shot to chase after nearly seven points, from 1 minutes 13 seconds left in the game, the Bears play gambling success! With quarterback Chase – Daniel and Tariq – Cohen of the end zone 23 yards wiring and cornerback Weber interference foul ball, Bears 3 seconds left in the game when the ball forward before reaching the end zone 1 position code line. At this point, the incredible scene appeared, the Bears must touchdowns in the final offensive in this file and gave the Giants a fraud attack. Cohen was running back position in the array of external tank, two-way anti-run to the ball ready to pass to the end zone where it was supposed to be revised, “Philadelphia special for”, but Giants defensive group is very focused attention, not Daniel It has been the focus of care into the front of the end zone. But precisely because the Giants put on the defensive, to take over the outside rookie Anthony – space Miller, Cohen saw the opportunity to pass the shot, Miller tied the complete firmly caught a touchdown!

Although the Giants win in overtime three points, but both teams have the same game once fraud offensive touchdown is also very rare. However, this is only the fraud offense in the league now popular microcosm This week alone, there are five non-quarterback player shot pass, three passes successfully (including Beckham and Cohen’s passing touchdowns included) . The Ravens game against the Falcons once both sides have the same fraud attack, these two performers is offensive Ravens punt hand Sam – outside Koch and the Falcons took over Mohammed – Sanou. The difference is that Koch completed a pass, while Merino Sa is the first time in his career did not complete a pass (he had 6 pass 6). The same failure as well as passing Lions wide receiver Bruce – Ellington, but the team tackles Decker’d received a 1 yard touchdown pass. This makes him and Bears defensive tackle Akim – Hicks became the player this week, two non-technical levels achieved touchdowns.

Since last year, the Hawks finished the Super Bowl, “Philadelphia special for”, this year many teams on the road farther and farther fraud attack. Philadelphia Eagles had the trick in the opener, and this tactic has also been the Browns’ steal the division, “so that Mayfield’s debut completed a crucial two conversions. Rams Haeckel-called “coalition of the most accurate passing punt hand”, repeatedly staged fake punt pass true “show routine”; and Steelers kicker and offensive BOSWIL more between the tackles Villanueva playing a fake play, stunned one vote eat melon masses. What is more, the Saints and Ravens raised from the “show operation” conventional weapons, Taisuo Mu – Hill as a backup quarterback, ran pass then do nothing, also play a good hand back attack; and Lamar – before Jackson did not start playing not run a two tranches is uncomfortable. Each coach in the design of offensive tactics continue to break through their brain holes, the spirit of “Only you can not think, no we do not come out,” the spirit, the pursuit of playing live flowers in increasingly unable to extricate themselves.

List each team turned the ball, you will find a bunch of quarterbacks make you surprise other than the name, in addition to Beckham, headed Patriots wide receiver Edelman same 2 pass 2, Antonio Brown – Germany Andre – Hopkins have all been passed ball. And including Haeckel, including this season has seven punt hand tried to pass, and even Titans safety guard Bai Yade had also dedicated a four-speed passing touchdowns of 66 yards. So this week, fraud frequent attack, is not surprising.

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