Beijing time on April 25th, 8:05, the 2019 season MLB regular season continued, the national association’s two major travel Los Angeles Dodge and Chicago Bear will continue to launch the second competition for the series. Will the video live this game, welcome the fans to watch.Battle reviewThe overall situation of the two teams We have introduced in the prospect of yesterday. The 3rd Central Defense Champion Bear and the 6th West District Defense Champion Dodge is the most stable two teams in the country in the near future. It is also the country of this year. Two hottes. At the 2016 and 2017 season, the two teams have met in the national contest for two consecutive years. Dodge The season has been very stable, with the second record of the national association, and the bears have been in the opening stage of the two weeks, and the recent road has entered the right track, re-exhibiting signs of strong teams.In the first contest of the series, the first consensus of the series, relying on the first firing pitcher Jose – Jinshenna 7 bureau lost 2 points, the small bear 7-2 defeated the Tao’s first step.Game pointAfter the first day of the previous day, the two sides were separated from the winning and negative, and the Dodge of the ball was surpassed by the Shengluus, and no longer had the best record of the country. And only the 2nd wins of the 2nd games, also needs to continue to catch up in the ranking area. Therefore, Dodge will try to pull back a city at this point, and the bear hopes to be able to work.First firingDodge first: Walker – Bille (2 wins 0 negative, 5.40 self-blade rate)Bear Purchase: Cole Hammer (3 wins 0 negative, 2.77 self-blade rate)Billet is a rising star in Dodge, after the older Hu Liio Ulias is seriously injured, he is standing up last season, and the 137.1 bureau has cast a 2.62 self-blade performance, It is sufficient to rank third in the best new show selection in Guolian, and it also shows excellent in the playoffs. For him, the potential on the court is unlimited, the only thing that needs to worry is his workload and the injury hidden danger. In the four prelimation of this season, he was in poor performance in the match of Arizona’s tonic and Shengluo, in the game against Aroladoloky and Cincinnati. This team should continue to limit his workload, regardless of how to play, he will change him earlier.Unlike the 24-year-old Bille, Hammer, a 35-year-old, is an old will, in the 2008 season earlier, he is almost in the playoffs, helping the Philadelphia Feicheng people to win the champion. In the 2018 season, he was traded from Texas, and immediately became the most stable ring in the first round of the team. In addition to 1 explosion, there were only 1 explosion in the first hair. His opening state this season is also very good. The 21st games in the last 3 games have only been lost 3 points, and there will be three consecutive games.Focus starDodge this season is the hottest star, the National Union MVP Popular with the field / Legsuki – Berlinjan has a cool in the first place in the series, only 4 play 1 security, in the key 8th game When you play the ground, the ball is out, so that the team is very discouraged. This also proved that he played a clear worse when it was facing the left. It happened that after the first game of Jintana, the bears in this field were first hammese and Zuo Dou, and it was a challenge to Berlinjan.On the bears, the best guerrillas in this season / Bayer Hadel – Bayz and Catcher Wilson – Kongtreras are excellent in the first performance, Bayz 3 times, These include a homework, while Kong Treras is the first game to make the team to establish a leading advantage early. The two will strive to make persistent efforts.

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