– Beijing time September 14th US duty wand big League Martinnez, the 41st in this season, Chasing the Khris Davis of the Auckland, continued to move against the Three Current Kings, and the socks in Rodrid Under the leadership of Gus, even though the cowshed a fire gave Rodrigs’s victory, but finally relying on toughness, the reddings team still received the 101st victory of this season in 4: 3.The big league recently popularized the use of Changyuan, Today’s 3.1 chartered today, and the performance is not satisfactory.[Data Highlight]Blue Bird Team: Little Guririel 5 Tit 2 Anwind 1 Home Based 2 Score, Sogke 3 Tit 1 Action 1 PressRed Sox: Martinz 4 play 2 hits 1 home hit, Dres 2 playing 1 https://www.mlbboutique2.com home run, Rodriggs 6 bureau poured 7 times three vibration loss 1 points high quality first[Competition Review]This game is the last game of the Toronto Bluebird challenged the US League Eastern District Division, the final, the first two blue birds were defeated, and even the red socks were winning the 100th victory this season yesterday. And identified your qualifications you entered the playoffs. The previous snorted season, I chose did not sell the play star Donaldson, sold in the high-point Blue Bird, this season, it can be said to be very disappointing, 65 win 80 negative records can only The second place in the countdown in the US League Eastern District. Red gart is 100 wins and 46 negative leads leading alliances.The Blue Bird team sent Caviglio first to the Eduardo Rodriguez of the upper Red Socks. The ratio of the self-blade of 5.25 is not ideal. This season is stable from the Royal Kansas City Royal Toronto, but the results will be able to decline after entering July. It is very ideal that Rhodigz’s https://www.fanstore2.com

achievements are very ideal. The self-blade of 3.64 before the game shows the stability of this season, but the two games in September are not very good. September results 1 win 1 loss Up to 6.00.

JD-Martin Neck is open, and his goal is to combat three crowns.

JD-Martin Neck is open, and his goal is to combat three crowns.

The reddock team leaned by JD-Martinez (JDMARTINEZ) in the second place, the leader of the league of 1: 0, and very fast in the next semi-bureau blue bird team There is a response. After the two out of the game, it was returned to the second base of Loudes Gurriel Jr., which was returned to the second base. However, the red sock offensive quickly arrived, and the second base of Little Bradley was played by the teammates to the top of the team, and the old flying sacrifice of Ian Kinsler. Let the red stockings will come back again. After Mitch Moreland, Martz, Bogaerts, a continuous three consecutive, the three-class direction of the Blake Swihart, the end of the earth, the red stockings fails Will be expanded.

Under the suppression of Rhodigz, the Blue Bird team fails to have an offensive from the upper half of the three games. The 17th rampant, once again expanded the lead of the Red Sox, and Rhodiggz returned after completing the six-game high-quality first, I know that today’s red socks are booming oil and fire, eight BoBby Poyner first was hit by Xiao Guuriel, Yangchun home, the leading lead, shrinking only one worse, then Kelly suddenly lost control after two bureaus, first guarantee Spo Gram, then hit anger by Kedry Morales, and then tent on the ball to keep the Randall Grichuk to form a full base. I thought it would be able to get out of success, but the 100-mile speed of the lost control after the two good balls directly squatted on the kevin pillar. I crowded back to the runner to pull the game once again, fortunately Walkerman. Then, the three oscillated McKinney resolved the crisis.

Jin Brell's speed gradually warmed, his rescue number came 40 times

Jin Brell’s speed gradually warmed, his rescue number came 40 times

How can Yisheng Master let a small cowshed a fire to win the game victory? The next half of the Scycitz left field is far-reaching two-run, and the Pirates of the Pirates, Swash, the mistakes of the two bases, Yangervis Solarte, let Poggz come back to get preferred The red socks https://www.b2bshopp.com are very fast and will lead back. Then the end of the top half of the nine games, Craig Kimbrel smoothly closed the red stockings to get the season 101 of the season in 4: 3.

[Two sides starting]

Toronto Bluebird

First stick guerrillas Little Rodes – Guirier

The second stick Barnant Grangis – Sollat

Third stick, Justin, Samick

Fourth rod designated to attack KFRs – Morares

Fifth rod right wilder Landel Grrick

Sixth Bar Sinowfield Kevin – Pilar

Seventh rod left outer wilder hand Oscar – Ernand

Eighth sticks, Alede Mis, Diaz

Ninth Catcher Lis – Macques

Boston Red Socks

First stick left outer wilder Andrew – Benetine

The second stick is the second base

Third rod, Based, Mickey – Moran

The fourth stick right outside the wild hand J.D. Martinez

Fifth stick guerrilla Zon Bogot

Sixth Bar Specify strike Brake Sweer

The seventh https://www.mlbtrikot4.com stick 3rd based Edward – Nounes

Eighth Bar Catcher Cristian – Watzkz

Ninth stick Chinese and foreign wilder small Jieky – Bradley

[Tomorrow Outlook]

After the game is finished, Boston’s red socks and Toronto Bluebird will also simultaneously pair two teams from New York. Boston’s red socks will continue to play at home, meet the most popular New York, they will send a teenage Vicos, and Yangji will be a handsome manager from Tianzhong. Estrada has a significant decline in two seasons, and there is a significant difference in the two seasons just coming to Toronto – the gains in the US League Eastern District, and he was played significantly, resulting in the results ideal. After a season with an unmetorable season, it returned to the priced first hand, 11 wins and 5 lost scores 3.61 were the leading power of Yangji’s leading list. The reception of the two teams https://www.trikotskaufenn.com is not very ideal, but in the eager victory to protect the quota, it is expected to be stronger than the winning desire, and the field is in the ball season, the performance is getting better and better. .

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