Bell theft alarm recording exposure: When I leave the house they are still naked

Last month we talked about new star to join the New York Jets running back Le Weiang – Bell home stolen, the two girls and their shifty Bell took advantage of going to the gym in the morning, will be located in South Florida, home of valuables looted, stole $ 500,000 worth of jewelry. Recently, the famous American tabloid TMZ obtained at the time of the alarm bell telephone call records, and provides some very interesting news, we book connected to the back, with a look.

Saying May 5, Bell just returned from the gym back home found a messy closet clothes were thrown to the ground, flower pots also were broken, two gold necklaces, a diamond necklace, a Rolex watch and love Panthers pendant was gone, disappeared together there are two two girls in his house to play. The theft caused the value of more than 50 million dollars in economic losses, including his favorite piece of the movie “Black Panther” co-branded necklace. So Bell hastily dialed “911” alarm number.

“Hello? Police do? Ah ~ I’ve got two girls, then I get up in the morning to exercise as usual, about the time a few hours, and I let them lay a good girl, so I came back. But when I return home, they took my money, took my watch, jewelry and other valuable things. I do not know where they are going to run, before giving you call the police, I tried to fight them telephone contact them, but they do not answer my calls. “

For these clues, the police said was not enough, it is best able to provide some of the suspect’s appearance, dress and so on, so more help police solve the case. “So, we can not be said about their appearance and dress?” The police represent.

This question can be asked to rip off the Bell: after “.. When I left, they are also naked in bed wearing nothing so when they leave, I do not know what they wear,” Bell asked to describe these girls, he said, two people are mixed race girl, a girl’s complexion darker than some of the other colors. “What other wearing it?” Asked the policeman. “Like, she lay in bed, no clothes.” Please note that Bell could not answer any of the girls wear, and even the color of underwear, which proves that they have been so naked …….

It is unclear whether Bell found his lost thing, it is unclear whether the suspect has been arrested. According to Florida police told TMZ, nearly two months later, the case investigation is still in progress.

Is not it crazy? Here Tips, Do not pick roadside wildflowers. If you do not know or do not trust the people who carried them home, do not let her / them left alone, this is bloody lesson Bell.

Author: georgesroom