Beyond the name of the game + 34 years old, thousands, the MVP winner is still unstoppable.

In the world of NFL, the four words “the strongest surface” is a maximum award for an running guard; but I want to get this name is not easy. First of all, this person needs a ride in the same time. Dustone, stand out. But now, it’s hard to find an running guard is a clear high-class person, Todd Galley? Elliot? Even Sac Wan – Bakley, they have no absolute ability to lead each other. But if you push the timeline to 8 years, you will find that this problem is so stupid, because in that era, “the topical” is unconventional, only one person – Adrian Peterson. Although this year is 33 years old, although only 601 yards have been added together in the past two seasons, although the vocal of his retirement is more intensified, although he is signed by the Red Leather Team before the third game of the preseason; however, This has not hindered the old tree of Peter Sen! Although the Red Leather team has just lost to the Titan team at 16-25, Peterson completed a number of personal career achievements in this game. With a 5-yard rush of the fourth quarter, Peterson’s scorpion code exceeded 77 yards, which made him a single seasons of John Rirkins after the Red Leader, John Rinjan, after 1984. Thousand yard oldest running guards.

Author: georgesroom