Braddy is the old secret secret or public in the old man of the gym.

“New York may be a bit tricky place, but we will solve these problems.” Burns smiled and said with Fox, he believed that more people will move to Braddy. The method of rehabilitation is turning. Breddy still maintains a high level of competitive state in the age of 41, and leads the team to achieve such impressive results; Control and management is also amazing. In 2008, Breddy has been seriously injured, causing a season reimbursement, he has been 31 years old, some people think he will not return to the injury. As a result, Braddy returned in 2009 and filled all the games (except for the 2016 ban on four games); his competitive state and the game data won more than ten years, 5 times in the super bowl, 3 times, In the last three years, it is more in a consecutive bowl, and two degrees of prostitutes.

Author: georgesroom