Career milestone! Paul assists +5000 +10000 harvest 20,000 points rebounds, as the history of the first people

Beijing time on November 28, at
the Phoenix Suns against the Brooklyn Nets in the game – Chris Paul scored a career 5000 rebounds. Since then, Paul has also ushered in an important milestone in his career, becoming the first player in NBA history to reach an extremely +1 Wan assists and 2 rebounds +5 one thousand.

Paul was born in 1985, aged

36 years old, but still ranked in the ranks of the top point guards in the league. So far his career, Paul was selected to 11 All-Star, four times to get the assists, four All-NBA First Team. Can play in the long-term career high standards, Paul is the first person to become the key to history.

Paul began his career in New Orleans, then he teamed up in the Los Angeles Clippers Griffin, Jordan created a small Lob City. After leaving the Clippers, Paul Harden and Rockets in Houston storm whipped up a small

In the rocket’s second season, Paul state of decline, his big contract by the team as a burden. Eventually, Paul dumped into the Oklahoma City Thunder. Most people also believe that Paul oil tank has been much, since then his career will inevitably decline.

But Paul in the Thunder glow a career second spring, led the Thunder Youth Corps played impressively. 2020-21 season, Paul turned to the sun, the sun is one stroke lead the NBA Finals. People talk about his career Evergreen players will first think of James. In fact, compared to brothers James, Paul is in no way inferior!

Author: georgesroom