CCTV CCTV5 + live China’s football dignity battle national Olympics Welcome to Iran to see if you can enter a ball

Everything is in planning, the third game of Chinese football Sure Race, the battle of honor, the battle of dignity! The U23 Asian Cup 3rd Fighting Iran, for the Olympics, it is already a meaningful game, because we have been eliminated in advance, the contrary Iran is a need to win the excessive hope of victory. For Hao Wei and his guys, this biggest look will not be defeated, and then we can enter a ball. CCTV CCTV5 + channel will be lived on site at 18:15 tonight, and pay attention to Chinese football can f video hindi hold dignity.

In this U23 Asian Cup, it is not to be optimistic about the outside world. I haven’t lived up to the outside world. After the first 30 seconds were defeated by South Korea, the second game is full of backward, and finally 0- 2 Gill. latest news live delhi Two games, China Olympics is not in, continuing embarrassment, but it is also the embodiment of strength. After all, most of these U23 players can rely on policies to be in the middle of China. It is not to play from the youth team from your own strength.

After Zhang Yun Ning injured, Guo was in the state of weakness. Yang Liyu Chen Binbin Hu Jinghang’s attack line, no matter how to change the position, it is impossible to threaten the opponent’s guard line. Liu Yu is only a little better than the players of the same age, compared to Luneng’s brothers: Zhou Haibin, Cui Peng and Wang Yongpo, news google com malayalam Duan Liu Yu can’t compare with the brothers at the time. On the rear, the left defender is always a life door of the Olympics, 4 and a half games in 2 games, Hao Wei used three players to play this position, but did not let the position of todays news headlines are this position stabilized.

On the current point list, Iran is 1 point. If the Persian Legion wants to go out, they will defeat the Chinese team and try to get more net winches as much as possible, at least win 3 goals. At the same time Uzbek, Iran, then Iran has the opportunity to overwhelm the Uzbek. So this game, Iranian Olympics will be a big attack, China Olympics can stand against Iran’s offense is an unknown, you must know that the Chinese team has a black history that is lost to the Iranian team.

Olympic captain Chen Binbin was before receiving an interview, looking forward to this game against Iran, said: “That is to fight for victory. Because I think this is a question about dignity, we are going to win this game.” No matter It is the battle of dignity, or the war of honor, for the Chinese team, you can’t first achieve the yesterday latest news small goal of entering a ball first. If 3 games 0 goals, then, it is true that there is no shame.

In this game, CCTV will arrange in the CCTV5 + channel live broadcast, and once explained. If you still insist on the fans who wanked up a live broadcast at this time, it is really the iron of Chinese football.
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