Champions League: C Luo staged the last second lore, chasing score

If you have a bottleneck ready to give up, you may wish to stick to it, maybe a miracle will happen next second. This is the biggest sentiment in the 4th round of T brothers in the 4th hindinewstoday round of the Champions League Group in this morning. This field of Manchester United and Atlanta is shocking. What happened, let’s go to T brother today’s explanation moment!

Just a week, Manchester United and Atlanta two teams touched again, combined with the performance of the two games, Atlanta’s game is very exciting this year. I will take the first ball in the 11th minute. The front half newsbreak app of the ball has continued to fight against the war, until the 37th minute, the wounded Vala is in front of the ball, can’t insist on being replaced, Greenwood debut. In the first half of the half, Manchester United midway push-up, Greenwood Dragonfly, B ishibited to keep the right after the right road, and then take the defensive player, C Luo plugged into a step Broken, Manchester United 1-1 equalizes the score.

After chasing the score, times of india international news I entered the middle field rest stage. Two teams were re-adjusted. Atlanta midfield sent a biography, Sapata left anti-offside successfully took the ball to go to the door, Maquier shot fruitless, Sapata Single Dachia calmly pushed. The referee watches the video playback for a long time, and finally confirmed that there is no offside, the goal is valid, and Atlanta 2-1 is again leading.

In the breaking news of the hour next year, the two teams have not had new progress. T brother will end with such results, and the miracle has taken the first time. The ball is passed, and the C-Luo is banned on the area. The right foot is shot and the ball is brought. Imax enhanced giant screen smart screen When you see this, the whole person is boiling, is this really a miracle that can happen in reality?

C-Luo Today, this game is connected to the two balls, which hindi news in aaj tak happened in the whole game, and the C Roben season has four consecutive times, this is the king of true Champions League, and this is also the C-Luo personal career 797th ball. I don’t know how miracles happen next to it? Come with your smart with T brother!

Author: georgesroom