Champions League 3 losing, losing the ball tonight, there is a 16th, AC Milan eliminated, Ibi shocked 50 ball records

At 1:45 in the morning tonight, AC Milan will meet Porto in St. Siro and continue their champions League Dreams. Pi Ali’s team encountered 3 games before the 4th game, the Champions League panel bottom, including the last 0-1 not enemy Porto, and AC Milan 1-2 is not enemy Madrid competition, Liverpool 3-2 overcast AC Milan. If AC Milan is also loses the ball tonight, this 7 crown will lose the qualification of the top 16 of the dd sports female anchors Ocean.

In the first 11 games in the season, AC Milan was so unbeaten and the same is the same as the Naples Naples. But after leaving 7 years, AC Milan’s first Champions League, the record has changed the earth. This is the most honorable team in the European Cup, which has lost 3 games before the 4th game. In general, they are in the state of 5 games, this is the longest in the history of the Champions League. Lake a record. Considering that they have missed the Champions League, they have recently recorded the home victory or 2013, from that, AC Milan has hit four games at home before the continuous defeat, and two layers.

In the previous Champions League game, Porto won AC Milan 1-0, which gave a certain extent. Porto and Horsepower points are 4 points, and the horse will face Liverpool tonight. In the past five Champions League game,latest news in hindi at india the Dragon team only lost 1 game, and they have lost 3 games. It is also important to note that Porto has four games in the nearest five away games, including two recent competitions in the club, this two European Cup champion team lasts for three consecutive away games or In 2012.

In the last Serie A game, Ibrah created a milestone in AC Milan, and the number one shooter in the history of Sweden attacked the 400th entrails in Serie A League, helping the Red Black Military Group 2-1 overcome Rome, thus consolidating They have the road to Series Championships in the early season. So far, Ibu has not left super net saree flipkarthis own mark on the Champions League, who only kicked 32 minutes. 40-year-old he missed the two Champions League competitions of AC Milan due to the annihon injury. Despite the brilliant career, he still has two goals from the European ?? ?? live crown 50 goals. Among the active players, Ibra 5th in the European player’s player’s player, second only to C Luo (137), Messi (123), Lawan (78), Benzema (73) and Muller ( 49).

Author: georgesroom