Chen Yingyuan: Chinese football must let the people see hope and progress

People’s Daily November 18th (Ou Xingrong, Zhang Zhiqiang) Chairman Chen Yueyuan received exclusive interviews in the Chinese Football Association, in detail, in detail, the professional league was successfully completed, the judgment dispute was sentenced, four Chinese super team presented the championship, national football team, The formation of the football professional alliance, and the topic of future young training planning.He believes that Chinese football must let the people see hope, see progress, the level of referee must improve, the national football must win the 40th game, and the future training will have more rules.

Comprehensive rematch and successfully promoted a consensus of all football people

“Chinese football must let the people see hope, see progress.” Review this unusual season, Chen Yueyuan said that in this year’s special context, the Super League can successfully resort and smoothly, as a sports industry completed The iconic event, the power of sports, the power of football, igniting the enthusiasm of the people, and fully demonstrating the image of my country’s anti-disease responsibility. In addition to the superior superior, China A, China B, China Crown, female super, justice, female B, five-person football, beach football and other projects have also been completed or smooth, “This is all of all football people inherited. A consensus. ”

“The Chinese Football Association has made a decision, two strives for the Chinese Football Association this year, that is, it is necessary to ensure that there is no epidemic infection, strive to work well, and strive to conduct a fair competition.” Chen Yueyuan said that epidemic prevention is the weight of the league work The weight of the middle, an epidemic event, may mean that the entire league die, and the loss is unrecivalent. So the beginning of the resort, the Chinese Football Association ensures no epidemic events in the most stringent initiative. For example, after each player, each player is required, you must sign a responsibility book and commitment to ensure compliance with relevant epidemic prevention regulations. “One day before the completion of the finals, I have happened, I am very worried, I am very worried about the joint efforts of the government and the people, the prevention and control of the epidemic is very good, the league is not affected, and the Super League is therefore implemented more stringent epidemic prevention measures.”

Chen Yueyuan said that Super Chao has taken a concentrated competition in this year. When the Chinese Football Association is in the early study of the reseller, the preferred is still the host, because it is familiar with the operation, and in a short time, it is still bigger than the World Cup, and the parties are very pressure, there is no heart. At the end, it was later considering the overall epidemic prevention requirements to determine the scheme. Around the competition scheme, the Chinese Football Association specializes in the establishment of 9 working groups, covering the prevention and control, competition organization, media contact, security and other work, and refining the relevant work. Looking back to see the game scheme is successful, including the Siapan, and the officials of the Multi-Terrace will be specially to the Chinese Football Association.

To try to increase the level of referee law enforcement as soon as possible

“I really want to talk more about the problem of referee, this is also a hot spot in the public opinion focus this year.” Chen Yueyuan said that it is necessary to show a wonderful event in front of the people. Before the league start, the Chinese Football Association specializes in colleges and training, main training three aspects, one is to learn the newly promulgated competition rules for international footage, deepen everyone’s understanding of rules, unified sentence; second, emphasize moral style and Increasing the idea of ??refereving the idea, everyone has a ugly side of Chinese football. So far, the Chinese Football Association is clear, and it is not allowed to repeat it today. “Every referee can have a business misjudgment, but it will not allow national mistakes.” Each party member referee has to organize life every week and give full play to the pioneer leadership of party members.

“China’s football professionalization is now, the professional referee system has not been able to build, this is a regrettable and defect.” Chen Yongyuan said that many referees have their own careers, and the league law enforcement is only part-time job, causing them to take all Time energy is invested in the study of the referee business, and it is insufficient in the rules of the rules. Moreover, these years, the key than the race of racing, the foreign referee has been punished, and the native referee lacks the hind of the real knife, and has not had a trial of the war, leading to the lack of law enforcement. Chen Yunyuan continued, the Chinese Football Association recognizes the existence of these issues, so the two responsible people specializes in the referee department, and establish a strict referee management system. After each game determine the whistle referee group, they will organize them together to concentrate on study, and the first two teams that are about to enforce the enforcement will understand the two team members and the style of the game. I don’t want to prepare. The referee commelice is specially held after each round of competitions, and the law enforcement of the referee will be held.

“Although this year, the super referee has been sentenced to many criticisms, but I think most of the penalties are accurate.” Chen Yongyuan said that the relevant reviews conducted by the referee committee, the accuracy of the penalty reached 98%, although 2% of the penalty has problems No, but to do 100% accurate every referee, it is obviously impossible. If the judgment is wrong, if the referee is wrong, it will be treated internally. However, it is not an external disclosure, but the master of Chen Yueyuan is publicly recognized, there is no need to cover the cover, the minister of the referee Liu Tiejun has disclosed it to the media In the case of miscrosis, some referee law enforcement data is also announced in the second phase of the Super League. Chen Yueyuan feels not enough, should respond to social concerns more in time. “Everyone now holds a strong sense of responsibility of the new appearance of Chinese football,”

“Development is the last word, Chinese football does have no development,” said Chen Yongyuan said that he is also used to being criticized. He also opened the referee that was misunderstood and harass, and he had to afford it, everyone must work. Do well. He believes that compared with last year, the referee has made a lot of progress, which is reflected in the enhancement of professionalism, and the rules are more accurate, and the law enforcement ability has also increased. However, public opinion has so much misunderstanding and unsuspecting of the referee, mainly the history of the old account. He continued to expose the ability to improve the law enforcement ability and establish a referee, and the Chinese Football Association must have a big measures. To make great efforts, put the referee law enforcement level as soon as possible, “Otherwise, for the entire league, for Chinese football, for football should give football The happiness brought by the people will cause great harm. ”

There are many difficulties in the colony, don’t go “the consequences are very serious”

For the four-year-old torch, Chen Yenyuan said that the Chinese Football Association has conducted a lot of communication aajtak live election result with AFA, especially attaches importance to the epidemic prevention work, requiring AFC to provide a complete epidemic prevention plan, because the Chinese Football Association worried that the player worked out Enlightenment, in case of new crown viruses, it is very big damage to the player. The launch of the league will also be affected. The Chinese Football Association also stated that the hopes is closed, including the team’s closed management of a point to the competition.

“The four fares of the Super Characters began to go, this is also my expectation.” Chen Yueyuan said that after the Championship made the agenda, the Chinese Football Association organized these 4 furniture to open several general manager meetings, they reflected It is said that players don’t want to participate in the AF. The Chinese Football Association hindi khabar news responds to the requirements of Siapay, mobilizing them to participate in the AF, mainly based on two considerations, one is not to participate, according to the existing rules, the Chinese Football Association and the four cents may cause the Asian Proud office, Including the quota of the AFCC in China, stop this four-family talent qualification, and economical punishment, etc. There are many difficulties to participate in the competition, don’t go “the consequences are very serious”, and between the two weighs. And he believes that China’s epidemic prevention work is so good, and has an example for the recovery of global economic and cultural sports. If the four teams are absent, “” The image may be a harm to the country, so it is necessary to go. ”

The Chinese Football Association also made specific requirements for 4 teams: First, it is serious to participate, can’t latest announcement be perfunctory, because they not only represent their own clubs, represent China, represent Chinese football; second, it is strictly prepared, strict discipline, show good Syntai. The Chinese Football Association also contacted the government departments of the clubs and the relevant departments of the State Council to strive to support their support and allowed to participate in the country. The Chinese Football Association also set up a front working group that continued to communicate with Siapan, providing multi-faceted service guarantee for 4 teams, solving their worries. “I hope they can go safely, safely.”

Let the players have a national team awareness to win the 40

“Chinese football is in the whole, the results of the men’s team are not ideal, but not only in the adult national team, the results of all ages are not ideal, which is the most worried after my Football rediffmailnews Association.” Chen Yueyuan said, now The U16 team, in Asia, the fourth gear is also the last gear. This team is a national team after 10 years. If the level is not improved, 10 years later is the current level, talk about how progress and hope? He said that he went to the Football Association, he always promoted the preparation of national teams at all levels as an important work. He also introduced the situation of the national football team, and believed that Li Tie led the national football coach group, preparing for work, has been very strong, and has already conducted several training, including the mid-term intermittent period during the National Day, organized a flight training, It is mainly to let all the national teams remember that they are a national team, must have a national team awareness, always remember the national team mission.

Chen Yunyuan continued to say that the Chinese Football Association focused on two united states news aspects of the 40-strong game, one is to develop a detailed plan, and continue to optimize according to the situation, if the 40th colonies will be held in the form of the meeting system, China Football Association overcomes Everything is difficult, and strive to put the event in the domestic office; the second is to optimize the construction of the team. Every time the national team leads to some new people. People maintain appropriate flow, can enhance competitiveness and vitality, including individual originators, also dynamically optimized middle. “The Chinese Football Association’s national team players have always adhered to two standards: choose the best, most appropriate.”

Chairman of the Chinese Football Association Chen Yueyuan accepted the People’s Daily Interview with People’s Network Zhang Zhiqiang

“The Chinese Football Association will have a comprehensive guarantee work.” Chen Yueyuan continued to say that the Chinese Football Association specially established a intelligence team, studying every opponent in detail, not only the 40th game, but also the future may be 12 competition, Regularly share information, report to the main coach, and let the main coach fully understand the opponent. In addition, the Chinese Football Association also hopes that the men’s football team has formed a whole, this is a direction in the future work of the Daguata Department, ready to set up a national team’s head coach work base, and put a centralized office of national team at all levels. The technical team of national teams at all levels must be unified, and good training methods can be used to learn from each other, but the team members should maintain a communication skills in the growth process. “We all have confidence, just do work well, you will win the 40th game, and strive to be better performance in the 12th game.”

Talking about the planning of young training, Chen Yenyuan said that the Chinese Football Association will take a large number of young training coaches from the retired athletes from the quantity and quality, the Chinese Football Association will take a large number of young training coaches from the retired athletes. Training, signing them, and improve their salary treatment. For the problems of the youth league at all levels, the quality is too low, he believes that it is necessary to change the way of the game, organize the event, a teenager, can not be less than 30 games per year, quality is getting higher and higher. The National Team also organizes the Youth Elite College, from all of the youth players to pull out a batch of good seedlings, and engage in several national-level young training bases, and give some financial support for the corresponding standard social education institutions and Football Association. . Adolescent registration will be a major reform, which must protect the interests of the Qing training institutions, and also protect the healthy growth of the players. In addition, the integration of sports teaches in-depth, and the focus is placed on the grassroots level. “We are determined to spend big strength, along the correct road, solidly dry for 5 years, 10 years, will be successful!”
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