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On the morning of September 11, 2021 China Network Media Football Classic kicked off at the Haihai Football Theme Park. Beijing Municipal Party Committee, Beijing Metro, Beijing Association Office, Beijing Football Association and other related units, Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. guest, and the participating Internet corporate representatives attended the opening ceremony, join hands to open the new season new journey .

This event was hosted by the Beijing Municipal Committee, the Capital Internet Association, the Beijing Football Sports Association, Bosideng International Holdings Limited, Inner Mongolia Yili Industrial Group Co., Ltd. get news Co-organized. Like the past, the competition is divided into two groups of A, B, respectively. Among them, there are 16 groups, 17 groups of 33 teams, including Xinhua Net, Central Radio and Television, Central Video, China News Net, China Net, Beijing New Media Group, Sina Weibo, Sohu, Netease, Baidu,, Phoenix Network, Alibaba, Today’s headlines, iQiyi, Xiaomi, US Mission, Jingdong Group, 58 City, Drip Travel, Qianxin, a little information, easy car company, century interconnection, fast hand, car Home, 91 Technology, 36, shells to find a house, the first video,, 猿 counseling, where to go online, municipal party committee network office. 33 teams will be brought about by 58 days, 11 game days, 76 games, after two stages of the group, the knockout, and finally decided to have a team of Qi Qi.

Director of the aaj tak breaking news in hindi Beijing Municipal Party Committee, President of the Capital Internet Association, Han Wei

Han Wei, director of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, President Han Wei, said in the opening ceremony, China Network Media Football Classic has entered the 19th year. From 2003, the event carries the glory of the capital Internet. Dream, all the way, innovation, integration, development, and become the “stage” of the industry culture, promoting the “bridge” of the industry, showing the “business card” of the industry style. We will adhere to the activities of the event, and continue to provide testing technology, showing style, interconnection platforms, showing style, interconnected platforms.

Wei Yanqing, Vice President of Yili Group, also expressed its good look forward to this event. He said that we are not professional big malayalam meaning athletes, but we have the same physical education, in pursuing “faster, higher, stronger, more united “There is no previous place.

Wei Yanqing, Vice President of Yili Group speaking at the opening ceremony

“This year is the 13th year of Bosideng as a co-organizer. During this period, we witnessed the scale of the network media football collimated competition from small to large, players’ ball technology day and night, the more exciting, so I sincerely hope this year’s event The level of the competition, the style of the competition, the spirit of all the participating teams, helping our China’s sports business. Wang Chen, vice president of Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

Wang Chenhua, vice president of Bosideng International Holdings Co., Ltd. accepts media interviews

Xinhuanet Co., Ltd. Chief Operating Officer, President Assistant Sun Wei, Phoenix Network Vice President, and the total editorial Zou Ming representative unveiled the battle team. In the subsequent unveiled battle, the Phoenix Network football team defeated Xinhuanet football team at 4: 1.

Unveiled: Phoenix Football Team is over 4: 1 to overcome Xinhuanet Football Team

Wu Zhaofou, deputy secretary general of the Capital Internet Association, received media interviews

In terms of epidemic prevention and control, Wu Zhaofang, deputy secretary general of the Capital Internet Association, introduced that this event epidemic prevention measures were more stringent. For organizational management, safety guarantees, hosted, hosted, organized, venue, security, and participation units signed the project commitment and epidemic prevention responsibility, and further strengthened the “five-party responsibility”, strive to be smooth, orderly advancement .

“Internet Football World in my eyes” Theme Image Competition is the theme image contest of China Network Media Football Classic Hedges Held from During this process, has been actively involved in the China Network Media Football Classic, and the theme image contest has also achieved good reputation in the industry and has certain cultural values ??and brand effects.

As the one-year-old, in-depth and popular brand cultural activities, China Network Media Football Classics, in 2003, the sports event is the link, the football movement is the bridge, connecting the Internet companies, The industry elites condense, accumulating more than 100 Internet companies and google news india malayalam related units, 14,000 players participating, known as “Internet people’s World Cup”.

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