Data Emperor: Grizzlies Crazy Brush Six Record Sun 18 Connecting in History is only 10 teams
Beijing time on December 3, NBA regular season continued. Today, there are 5 games. Grizzlies 73 points great victory, create the biggest winning record of NBA history; Thunder is a record of NBA main guests; Sun Hao Take 18 consecutive victories, refresh the team’s longest record, the following is today’s data summary –

Grizzlies Velillast 73 Distinguished NBA Historical Record

Grizzlies 152-79 great victory, winning 73 points, also created the NBA history’s largest record, at the same time, this is also the first time with the NBA history to win at least 70 points in single. Previously, the net winning record was maintained by the Knight, and they won 68 points in the game on December 18, 1991. On February 28, 1998, the pedestrians have 65 points of victorious pioneers.

Thunder, NBA, main service record

During May this year, the Thunder 57 points of defeated pedestrians, created the largest output record of the NBA team home. Nowadays, they have lost Grizzlies at 73 away, which makes Thunder to cover the NBA home and away.

Grizzlies banned 82 points to achieve

The Grizzlies were bombarded in the restricted area in the game, and they got 82 points in the inner line. In contrast, the Thunder’s entire team only got 73 points. Since 2000, this is also the case where the NBA team’s restricted area has exceeded the total number of opponents.

Grizzlread half a score is twice

Grizzlies are leading 72-36 in the first half, which created the biggest leadership of the Grizzlies Half of the Half of the Grizzlies, and also chased the biggest behind the Thunder’s history half. In May this year, the Thunder also went 36 points behind half.

Grizzlies have been leading 78 points

Grizzlies have never been behind, and they have been 78 points, which is also the greatest leading advantage of NBA history. In this regard, there are also netizens to find a team compassion of the Vancouver Grizzlies, and reducing the patterns of tricks in the proportion of tricks, showing this Grizzly domineering.

Grizzly creation history

The Grizzlies also created a record record of team history, in 2007 in 2007, Grizzlies have grown 144 points.

Grizzly replacement 93 points history record

In this game, the Grizzlies have got 93 points, which also https://www.nbatrikots4.comrefreshed the team history record. Previously, Grizzlies replaced the record of 85 points. Grizzlies players Aldama have a positive and negative value of +52, and the team history record is also created.

The sun 18 winning breaks the team history record

The sun 114-103 defeated the piston, and he gains 18 consecutive victories, which also broke the team history of the team’s team created in the 2006-07 season. In the history of NBA, only 10 teams have got at least 19 consecutive victories. If the sun will defeat the warrior in the next game, they will also be collected in the NBA history winning list. The most historical winners is the lake, and they have got 33 winning winning in the 1971-72 season.

Drogzan a achievement is only in the team.

Bull 119-115 defeated Nicks, Durozan 19 shot 12, get 34 points 6 rebounds 3 assists, in the first 23 games in the season, Delo praised 7 times to get 30+, in the Bull Squad, only Jordan (9 times), RV text in the 2020-21 season and the 1982-83 season Leiji-Tajus 20+ sessions in the first 23 games in the previous season.

Knicks a winning law failure

In the battle for Bull, Fu Kiye three points 10 shots 4, got 16 points 4 steals. Before this game, when Flie was at least 4 minutes, the record before Knicks was 7 wins and 0, now, this winning the law will expire.

Bucks three people are missing

Bucks 93-97 are not enemy robes, ending 8 consecutive victories. The letter brother breaks this season. When the letter brother, Middleton and Hold Di are playing at the same time, the stag’s record is 10 wins and 0 losses. When someone else is absent, the Buck’s record is 4 wins and 9 losses. .

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