Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters

2018-0440    Earthquake; Alaska, United States
2018-0432    Explosion in a realtor driveway; Zhangjiakou, China
2018-0426    Earthquake; Kermanshah dothe principle, Iran 2018-0427    Floods; Salaheddine and Ninive dothe principles, Irak 2018-0442    Floods; Paraguay 2018-0443    Snow and fine sand dirt; Mongolia
2018-0428    Shipwreck; nearby Mutima, Uganda
2018-0431    Cyctypically Gaja; India 2018-0439    Floods; Argentina
2018-0413    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Izmir, Turkey 10 things you need to know today January 20, 2021 The Week
2018-0409    Wildnot secure fireplace; North California, United States 2018-0414    Floods; Jordan 2018-0415    Landfall; Niteroi, Brazil
2018-0410    Collision between two travelling;Rusape, Zimbabwe 2018-0411    Collision between two travelling; nearby Aleg, Mauritania 2018-0412    Fire in a university or college compact; Rakai, Uganda 2018-0416    Train exercise related injury; Samba, Congo
2018-0398    Helicopter fail; Farah dothe principle, Afghanistan 2018-0401    Plane fail; Indonesia
2018-0403    Floods; Jordan 2018-0404    Earthquake; Zante Isl., Greece 2018-0406    Hurricane Willa; Mexico 2018-0407    Floods and dirts; Krasnodar Krai, Russia
2018-0402    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Amhara slate, Ethiopia 2018-0405    Ship exercise related injury; Benue slate, Nigeria
2018-0375    Floods; South of France 2018-0382    Floods; Norway 2018-0390    Floods; Qatar 2018-0394    Cyctypically Luban; Yemen 2018-0395    Floods; Trinidad and Tobago
2018-0389    Train exercise related injury; Yilan area’s, Taiwan 2018-0391    Train exercise related injury; Amritsar, Pendjab, India 2018-0392    Road exercise related injury, Limpopo, South Africa 2018-0393    Shipwreck on Kasai seashore, Congo
2018-0362    Bus exercise related injury; Between Nairobi and Kakamega, Kenya 2018-0376    Road exercise related injury mith migrants; Turkey
2018-0360    Earthquake; Haïti
2018-0355    Military pick-up exercise related injury; Freetown, Sierra Leone 2018-0356    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Nador, Morocco 2018-0358    Collision and growing grocery store of a gaz pick-up; Mbuba, Congo 2018-0359    Road exercise related injury; Schoharie, New York slate, United States
2018-0364    Flash Floods; Cap Bon Peninsula, Tunisia 2018-0366    Tornadoes; Canada 2018-0367    Flash fills; Peru 2018-0368    Floods; Northern stores, Ghana
2018-0340    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Between Kashan and Natanz, Iran 2018-0357    Shipwreck; Tanzania,
2018-0341    Typhoon Mangkhut; Phlippines, China and Hong Kong 2018-0343    Hurricane Florence; United States
2018-0336    Explosion of gas patrick, Nasarawa, Nigeria 2018-0337    A pick-up deccable connections into a seashore; Mali 2018-0338    Bus exercise related injury; Telangana, India 2018-0344    Shipwreck; Sulawesi dothe principle, Indonesia
2018-0326    Typhoon Jeby; Japan 2018-0328    Landfall; Isara state, Ethiopia 2018-0329    Floods; Hwanghae dothe principle, Korea 2018-0330    Earthquake; Hokkaido, Japan 2018-0331    Floods; United States
2018-0327    Collision between two dilemmas; Munhino, Angola 2018-0332    Plane crsah; Yirol, Sudan 2018-0333    Bus exercise related injury; Java Isl., Indonesia 2018-0334    Road exercise related injury; Mbeya, Tanzania 2018-0335    Road exercise related injury; Kandahar dothe principle, Afghanistan
2018-0314    Floods; Bago area’s industry, Myanmar 2018-0351    Floods; Joela, South Korea
2018-0325    Helicopter fail, Dehdadi state, Afghanistan
2018-0306    Earthquake; Venezuela and Trinidad and Tobago 2018-0308    Flash Floods; Calabria, Italy 2018-0309    Typhoon Soulik; Korea 2018-0310    Earthquake; nearby Javanroud, Iran 2018-0313    Tropical dirt; Taiwan 2018-0350    Flash fills; Kunar dothe principle, Afghanistan
2018-0307    Truck exercise related injury; Kibulungu, , Congo 2018-0311    Bus exercise related injury; nearby Svogué, Bulgaria 2018-0312    Fire in a location; Harbin, China
2018-0296    Collapse of a passage of an street, Genova, Italy 2018-0297    Bus exercise related injury; nearby Quito, Ecuador 2018-0300    Shipwreck with students; Bouhayra, Sudan 2018-0303    Fire of living; Bucavu, Congo 2018-0304    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Sinjidi, Pakistan
2018-0295    Floods; Kerala slate, India 2018-0299    Wildnot secure fireplace,British Columbia, Canada 2018-0301    Flood; Turkey

2018-0260    Road exercise related injury; Foggia, Italy 2018-0291    Collapse of a plateform; Vigo, Spain 2018-0293    Road exercise related injury; Cuenca-Molleturo route, Ecuador 2018-0294    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Ancash area’s industry, Peru
2018-0255    Floods; Myanmar 2018-0256    Heat shrug and drought; Korea 2018-0257    Earthquake; Lombok Isl., Indonesia 2018-0258    Wildnot secure fireplaces; California, United States 2018-0259    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Algarve, Portugal 2018-0265    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Latvia
2018-0261    Plane Crash; Grisons, Switzerland 2018-0262    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; nearby Kohat, Pakistan 2018-0263    Helicopter fail; Siberia, Russia 2018-0264    Boat exercise related injury; Gandi distric, Nigeria
2018-0223    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Athene bordering, Greece 2018-0234    Floods and landfalls; Limbé, Cameroon 2018-0235    Heat shrug; Northern Europe 2018-0239    Heat shrug; Mexico 2018-0254    Earthquake; West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia
2018-0222    Collapse of a dam in diner; Attapeu dothe principle, Laos 2018-0230    Road exercise related injury; Kwango dothe principle, Congo
2018-0228    Road exercise related injury; nearby Ecatepec, Mexico 2018-0229    Shipwreck; Table Rock beach , United States 2018-0230    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Jitomir area’s industry, Ukraine 2018-0233    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Uttarkhand, India 2018-0237    Shipwreck, Congo River; Congo
2018-0189    Mudfalls; Panjshir, Afghanistan 2018-0218    Floods; Dolaptopcan Recriminal court 2018-0240    Landfall in a jade our bait; Lone Khin, Myanmar 2018-0242    Mudfalls; Panjshir vly, Afghanistan 2018-0252    Floods; Gansu dothe principle; China
2018-0192    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Sanandaj, Iran 2018-0241    Explosion in a realtor driveway; Yibin
2018-0190    Floods and landfalls; Okayama and Hiroshima Japan 2018-0195    Heat shrug; Quebec, Canada 2018-0198    Floods; China 2018-0205    Floods; India 2018-0219    Floods; Nepal
2018-0193    Shipwreck; Isa state, Nigeria
2018-0191    Storm; Guinea-Buissau 2018-0196    Wilnot secure fireplaces; United States 2018-0204    Floods and landfalls; Lai Chau, Vietnam 2018-0221    Floods; Sudan
2018-0187    Fire in an not secure grocery store; Nairobi, Kenya 2018-0188    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2018-0140    Thunderdirts; Bangladesh 2018-0146    Eruption of Kilauea volcano; Hawai, United States 2018-0149    Storms; India 2018-0153    Flash fills; Ankara, Turkey
2018-0152    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Marwaarh, Pakistan 2018-0155    Collapse of a buidlng; Sao Paulo, Brazil
2018-0128    Floods; Israel 2018-0135    Floods; Rwanda 2018-0139    Thunderdirts; China
2018-0141    Explosion and not secure fireplace of a bootleg oil well; Aceh, Indonesia 2018-0142    Road exercise related injury; Uttar Pradesh, India
2018-0125    Floods: Tanzania 2018-0134    Floods; Ethiopia
2018-0126    Boats exercise related injury; Guilin, China 2018-0127    A bus deccable connections from a passage; Nord Hwanghae, Korea
2018-0125    Floods; Tanzania 2018-0129    Tornadoes, United States 2018-0130    Floods; Hawai, United States 2018-0131    Floods and thunderdirts; Colombia 2018-0132    Floods; Kenya 2018-0133    Floods; Somalia 2018-0136    Winter dirt; China 2018-0137    Thunderdirts; Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan, India
2018-0106    Military aircraft fail; Boufarik, Algeria 2018-0107    A bus deccable connections into a seashore; Narok, Kenya 2018-0108    Truck exercise related injury; Khandala, India 2018-0109    Bus exercise related injury; Nurpur, India
2018-0101    Cyctypically Josie; Fidji
2018-0105    Road exercise related injury; Makomero, Tanzania 2018-0110    Bus exercise related injury; Saskatchewan dothe principle, Canada
2018-0113    Floods; Altai Krai area’s industry, Russia 2018-0121    Floods and landfalls; Indonesia 2018-0122    Thunderdirts; Guizhou Province, China
2018-0098    Bus exercise related injury with migrants; Igdir, Turkey 2018-0099    Bus exercise related injury; Tak dothe principle, Thailand 2018-0100    Collapse of a rooftop; Sindh dothe principle, Pakistan 2018-0102    Collision between two travelling; Kuwait
2018-0097    Floods; Belarus 2018-0103    Floods; Mashonaland Central dothe principle, Botswana 2018-0104    Floods; Rubavu state, Rwanda 2018-9102    Drought; Uruguay
2018-0091    Road exercise related injury, Maputo, Mozambique 2018-0092    Fire in a doing this to service; Kemerovo, Siberia, Russia 2018-0093    Road exercise related injury; Mkuranga state, Tanzania 2018-0094    Bus exercise related injury; Manabi dothe principle, Ecuador 2018-0095    Fire in Carina Plaza diner; Ho-Chi-Minh, Vietnam 2018-0096    Bus exercise related injury; Issan dothe principle, Thailand
2018-0086    Tropical dirt Eliakim; Madagascar 2018-0087    Floods; Kosinj area’s industry, Croatia 2018-0090    Landfalls; Bujumbura-Rural, Burundi
2018-0083    Plane fail by get across; nearby Kathmandu, Nepal 2018-0088    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece 2018-0089    Plane fail; Plaridel, Philippines
2018-0082    Floods; Shkoder area’s industry, Albania
2018-0078    Truck exercise related injury; Bhavnagar state , India 2018-0080    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2018-0081    Bus exercise related injury; Guinea-Bissau 2018-0083    Plane fail by get across; nearby Kathmandu, Nepal 2018-0084    Private aircraft fail; Chahar Mahall – Bakhtiari dothe principle, Iran
2018-0055    Earthquake; Papua New Guinea 2018-0076    Cholera episode; Kyangwali refugee go camping, Hoima state, Uganda 2018-9075    Drought; Argentina
2018-0071    Collision between two dilemmas; Al-Bahaira, Egypt 2018-0072    Shipwreck of two subunderwaters; Mai-Ndombe dothe principle, Congo 2018-0079    Fire in a therapy result care clinic; Bakou, Azerbaijian
2018-0035    Mount Sinabung tender spot: Sumatra Isl., Indonesia 2018-0039    Landfalls; Maputo, Mozambique 2018-0056    Landfalls; Brebes state, Indonesia 2018-0061    Cold shrug; Europe 2018-0073    Extreme very cold months times; Mongolia
2018-0054    Bus exercise related injury; Near Ocona, Peru
2018-0059    Earthquake; Hualien, Taiwan 2018-0062    Floods; Bolivia
2018-0057    Plane fail; Ramenski state, Russia 2018-0058    Bus exercise related injury; Hong Kong
2018-0038    Floods; Salta dothe principle, Argentina 2018-0053    Snowdirts and very cold shrug; China 2018-0063    Floods; Malaysia 2018-0064    Floods; Malawi
2018-0060    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2018-0070    Fire in a post degree residency for old; Sapporo, Japan
2018-0031    Earthquake; Java, Indonesia 2018-0037    Floods; France
2018-0026    Fire in an midst; Miryang, Korea 2018-0027    Road exercise related injury; Sfid, Algeria 2018-0028    Missing subunderwater; Russia
2018-0025    Storm Friederike; Belgium, Netherlands and Germany 2018-0029    Tropical dirt Berguitta; Mauritius 2018-0030    Cold shrug; Morocco
2018-0013    Helicopter fail; Colombia 2018-0015    Bus exercise related injury; Aktobe area’s industry, Kazakhstan 2018-0019    Collapse of a passage in diner; Near Guayabetal, Colombia 2018-0023    Fire in a recycled plastic driveway; New Delhi, India 2018-0024    Bus exercise related injury; nearby Eskisehir, Turkey
2018-0010    Mudfall; California, United States 2018-0011    Earthquake; Arequipa area’s industry, Peru 2018-0014    Volcano Mayon; Bicol area’s industry, Philippines 2018-0016    Mount Agung tender spot, Indonesia 2018-0017    Volcanic tender spot; Kadovar beaches, Papua New Guinea
2018-0009    Road exercise related injury; Near Grao Mogol , Brazil 2018-0020    Shipwreck with migrants; Curacao 2018-0021    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya 2018-0022    Collision between two dilemmas; nearby Johannesburg, South Africa
2018-0001    Road exercise related injury; Peru 2018-0003    Rail exercise related injury; Near Kroonstad, South Africa 2018-0006    Road exercise related injury; Bissauzinho; Guinea-Bissau 2018-0007    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya 2018-0012    Fire on an Iranian Tanker; China
2017-0520    Fire in a diner, Jecheon, Korea 2017-0521    Shipwreck; Philippines 2017-0523    Bus exercise related injury; Quintana Roo, Mexico 2017-0526    Train exercise related injury; Olympia , United States 2017-0527    Rush anytime you are a funeral obituary; Chittagong, Bangladesh 2017-0536    Fire in a doing this to service; Davao, Philippines 2017-0538    Collision between two subunderwaters; Tanganyika beach; Tanzania 2017-0539    Collision between two travelling; Egypt 2017-0540    Collision between two travelling; Egypt 2017-0541    A bus deccable connections from a passage; India
2017-0529    Flood and landfall; Villa Santa Lucia , Chili 2017-0530    Earthquake; Java and Jakarta, Indonesia
2017-0518    Road exercise related injury, Mexico 2017-0531    Road exercise related injury; Bulambika, Congo
2017-0511    Wildfres; California, United States 2017-0519    Storm; Portugal
2017-0510    Collision between two subunderwaters, nearby Thatta, Pakistan
2017-0505    Road exercise related injury; Tsholotsho state, Zimbabwe 2017-0506    Collision between a pick-up and a bus with migrants; Hatay dothe principle, Turkey 2017-0507    Collision between two subunderwaters; Incheon, Korea 2017-0509    Fire in a diner; Tianjin, China
2017-0490    Flood; United Kingdom 2017-0492    Flood; Vietnam
2017-0488    Missing sub-underwater; Argentina 2017-0489    Shipwreck; Vikevina, Colombia 2017-0500    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2017-0443    Earthquake; Pohang, Korea 2017-0444    Flash fills; Athen area’s industry, Greece 2017-0452    Floods: Haiti 2017-9445    Drought; Portugal
2017-0442    Road exercise related injury; Fuyang, Anhui dothe principle, China 2017-0445    A pick-up deccable connections into a seashore; nearby Isiro, Congo 2017-0453    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Vizimyary, Russia 2017-0454    Plane fail, Tanzania 2017-0455    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Sabanalarga , Colombia 2017-0456    Stampede anytime you are a recipe existing; Sidi Boulaalam , Morocco 2017-0457    Fire in property; Daxing state, China
2017-0446    Earthquakes; Iran and Iraq
2017-0441    Shipwreck; Tanganyika beach, Congo 2017-0458    Train exercise related injury; Buyofwe, Congo 2017-0459    Shipwreck on Krsihna seashore; Andhra Pradesh, India 2017-0461    Collision between two travelling; between Kébémer et Sagatta, Senegal
2017-0422    Typhoon Damrey, Vietnam 2017-0447    Marburg issue episode; Uganda 2017-0449    Floods; Honduras 2017-0450    Floods; Alta Verapaz, Guatemala
2017-0425    Explosion in a warm electric power change to; Uttar Pradesh, India 2017-0426    Road exercise related injury; Mzimba, Malawi
2017-0419    A bus deccable connections into a seashore; Dhading state, Nepal 2017-0420    Bus exercise related injury; nearby Dosso, Niger 2017-0429    Fire in a not secure fireplacework driveway; Jakarta, Indonesia
2017-0432    Slide on a diner webpage; Penang, Malaysia 2017-0438    Shipwrecks with migrants; Bangladesh
2017-0417    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Portugal and Spain 2017-0428    Floods; Vietnam 2017-0434    Wildnot secure fireplaces; California, United States
2017-0435    Shipwreck with migrants; Kerkennah, Tunisia 2017-0437    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Ile Tortue, Haiti 2017-0439    Fire in a cabinetry; Ryad, Saudi Arabia 2017-0440    A bus deccable connections into Victoria beach; Mwanza dothe principle, Tanzania
2017-0400    Boat exercise related injury; Nigeria 2017-0409    Collision of a bus with a dilemma Pokrov, Russia 2017-0412    Shipwreck with migrants; Bengal Gulf, Bangladesh 2017-0413    Collision between two subunderwaters; nearby Oki Isl., Japan
2017-0393    Volcanic exercise; Mount Agung, Indonesia 2017-0394    Volcanic exercise; Mount Maranao, Vanuatu 2017-0395    Floods; Uganda 2017-0398    Floods; China
2017-0379    Disease episode; Sudan 2017-0383    Carribean; Hurricane Maria 2017-0387    Earthquake; Mexico 2017-0391    Floods; Bihambwe et Matanda, Congo 2017-0395    Floods; Uganda
2017-0386    Road exercise related injury; Uganda 2017-0388    Shipwreck of migrants; nearby Sabratha, Lybia 2017-0389    Road exercise related injury, Bordj Badji Mokhtar area’s industry, Algeria 2017-0390    Shipwreck with migrants, nearby Kocaeli, Turkey
2017-0385    Dengue episode; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan 2017-0405    Hurricane Max; Mexico 2017-0406    Typhoon Doksuri; Vietnam 2017-0407    Storm; Romania 2017-0408    Thunderdirts and fills; Italy
2017-0401    Shipwreck; Nigeria 2017-0403    Fire in a university or college; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2017-0404    Shipwreck; Uttar Pradesh, India
2017-0375   Wildnot secure fireplaces; West, United States 2017-0380    Violent dirt; Boghé, Mauritania 2017-0381    Caribbean; Hurricane Irma 2017-0382    Earthquake; Mexico
2017-0363    Landfall; Bijie, Guizhou dothe principle, China 2017-0364    Floods; Bombay, India 2017-0365    Floods; Taëz and Lahj dothe principles, Yemen 2017-0366    Flash command; Menoua office, Cameroon 2017-0370    Floods; Niger
2017-0366    A bus deccable connections from passage, Egypt 2017-0369    Collapse of a diner; Bombay, India
2017-0347    Landfall; Conakry, Guinea 2017-0349    Earthquake; Ischia Isl., Italy 2017-0352    Typhoon Hato; China, Hong-Kong and Macao 2017-0362    Hurricane Harvey; United States
2017-0351    Bus exercise related injury, Taman Peninsula, Russia 2017-0353    Shipwreck; Para slate, Brazil 2017-0354    Shipwreck; Bahia slate, Brazil 2017-0355    Collision between two subunderwaters; Irak 2017-0356    Boat chance; Singapore
2017-0340    Landfall; Ituri, Congo 2017-0342    Floods; Bangladesh, India and Nepal 2017-0343    Floods and mudfalls; Sierra Leone 2017-0357    Wild not secure fireplaces; Croatia 2017-0360    Severe dirt, Austria 2017-9341    Drought and recipe misunderstandings; Chad
2017-0358    Shipwreck; Lagos, Nigeria 2017-0359    Rail exercise related injury, Uttar Pradesh, India 2017-0361    Collision between two travelling, Muyuka; Cameroon
2017-0331    Earthquake; Aba prefecture, China 2017-0332    Landfall; Puge , China 2017-0334    Hurricane Franklin; Mexico 2017-0343    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Greece
2017-0333    Collision between two dilemmas; Khourchid, Egypt 2017-0334    Bus exercise related injury; Shaanxi dothe principle; China 2017-0344    Lack of clean air in an midst; Gorakhpur, India
2017-0294    Floods; Gujarat, India 2017-0316    Floods; Sakon Nakhon area’s industry, Thailand 2017-0327    Tyhoon Noru; Japan 2017-0328    Severe dirts; North Italy 2017-0329    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Jandouha area’s industry, Tunisia 2017-0330    Heat shrugs, South Europe
2017-0317    Bus exercise related injury; Madagascar
2017-0295    Collapse of a buidling; Bombay, India
2017-0271    Wildnot secure fireplaces; British Columbia, Canada 2017-0280    Earthquake, Greece and Turkey 2017-0281    Tropical dirt Talas, Vietnam, China,Thailand and Laos 2017-0283    Floods; Illinois, United States 2017-0286    Storm; China 2017-0287    Floods; China 2017-0288    Floods; Afghanistan
2017-0274    Bus exercise related injury; Himachal Pradesh, India
Disasters of the last month 28 – July 10 – July 16, 2017 2017-0265    Storm; Bihar, India 2017-0266    Landfall; Arunachal Pradesh, India 2017-0267    Floods; Assam, India 2017-0269    Flash fills; Pakistan 2017-0272    Floods; Nigeria 2017-0282    Flash fills; Arizona, United States
2017-0275    Bus exercise related injury, Kashmir, India 2017-0277    Bus exercise related injury; East Java, Indonesia
2017-0246    Floods and landfalls; Kyusgu Isl., Japan 2017-0247    Earthquake, Leyte Isl. Philippines 2017-0252    Wildires; California, United States
2017-0241    A bus captured into not secure fireplace; nearby Münchberg, Germany 2017-0249    Road exercise related injury; Bambari et Ippy, Central African Rep
2017-0237    Wildnot secure fireplaces; United States 2017-0238    Severe dirt; Gradacac, Bosnia-Herzegovina 2017-0241    Heat shrug; Sofia, Bulgaria 2017-0242    Flash fills; Balochistan, Pakistan
2017-0229    Cable car exercise related injury; nera Islamabad, Pakistan 2017-0239    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2017-0240    Collisison between a pick-up and a bus; Tartastan area’s industry, Russia 2017-0248    Gold our bait demise; Prestea-Nsuta, Ghana
2017-0191    Shipwreck with migrants; Kenya 2017-0192    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya 2017-0199    Explosion of a pick-up stealing oil; Admedpur, Pakistan 2017-0200    Explosion in a driveway; Cucunuba, Colombia
2017-0174    Landfall; Chittagong, Bangladesh 2017-0182    Earthquake; Lesbos, Greece 2017-0183    Floods; Assam, INdia 2017-0185    Floods; Chile 2017-0186    Floods; Niger 2017-0187    Floods; China 2017-0188    Floods; Buru state, Indonesia 2017-0189    Storm; Malaysia 2017-0193    Wildnot secure fireplace; Portugal 2017-0195    Floods; Uruguay and Argentina
2017-0173    Fire in a diner, London 2017-0175    Road exercise related injury; nearby Piai, Barzil 2017-0194    Road exercise related injury; nearby Salinas, Brazil
2017-0166    Thunderdirts; Western Cape, South Africa 2017-0169    Floods; China and Taiwan 2017-0171    Storms; China 2017-0172    Thunderdirts; China 2017-0178    Thunderstoms; South Africa 2017-0179    Heat shrug; India 2017-0180    Floods; India 2017-0181    Thunderdirts; Pakistan 2017-0196    Floods; Honduras and Guatemala
2017-0157    Road exercise related injury; Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India 2017-0158    Road exercise related injury; nearby Khebifra, Morocco 2017-0159    Explosion in a not secure fireplaceworks populace; Balaghat, India 2017-0161    Road exercise related injury; Nyamakate, Zimbabwe 2017-0162    Plane fail; Adamna sea; Myanmar 2017-0167    Road exercise related injury; between Irkoutsk and Tchita, Russian Federation
2017-0150    Migrants deccable connections from stuffed cruise cable connectionr; nearby Zouara, Lybia 2017-0165    Road exercise related injury; nearby Pazardjik, Bulgaria 2017-0212    Helicopter fail; Sirncak dothe principle, Turkey
2017-0150    Migrants deccable connections from stuffed cruise cable connectionr; nearby Zouara, Lybia 2017-0154    A pick-up deccable connections into a ravin; Salang , Afghanistan
2017-0209    Floods; North and South Haiti 2017-9207    Drought; Angola 2017-9208    Drought: Niger
2017-0210    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Motozintla , Mexico
2017-0123    Earthquake; Xinjiang area’s industry, China 2017-0126    Floods; Quebec and Ontario, Canada
2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal 2017-0125    Collapse of a concerns anytime you are a wedding planning; Rajatshan, India 2017-0127    Firework resource growing grocery store; San Isidro, Mexico 2014-0128 Fire in a bus; Weihai, China
2017-0123    Floods; Karonga state, Malawi
2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal 2017-0129    Mine exploison, Azad Shahr, Iran
2017-0136    Severe dirt; United States 2017-0146    Landfall; Ауu settlege , Kyrgyzstan 2017-0147    Flash command; Central Java dothe principle, Indonesia
2017-0115    Shipwreck; Bettenty, Senegal 2017-0116    Road exercise related injury; Kibwezi, Kenya 2017-0149    Collapse of a diner in diner; Carthajena, Colombia
2017-0119    Landfalls; Manizales
2017-0097    Helicopter fail; Turkey 2017-0098    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Nueva Ecija, Philippines 2017-0101    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Shimla area’s industry, India 2017-0120    Bus exercise related injury; Near Pretoaria, South Africa 2017-0121    Road exercise related injury; South, India
2017-0093    Cholera and diarrhoea episodes; Somalia 2017-0096    Flash fills and landfalls; Iran
2017-0092    Fire anytime you are a cathedral joy, nearby Tambacounda, Senegal 2017-0099    Collapse of a litter dispose of on a slum; Colombo, Sri Lanka
2017-0094    Violent really agitates; Central African Rep. 2017-0095    Earthquake; Mackevin, Iran 2017-0104    Floods; Argentina 2017-0105    Tropical dirt Debbie; Australia
2017-0088    Collision between two subunderwaters; nearby Pathein, Myanmar 2017-0089    Fire of a oleoduc; Hodeida, Yemen
2017-0087    Storm; Gatisbo state, Rwanda 2017-0090    Mudfalls; Mocoa, Colombia 2017-0102    Landfalls; Ponogoro state, Indonesia 2017-0113    Earthquake; Yunnan dothe principle, China
2017-0103    Fire in a karaoke bar; Magway, Myanmar
2017-0106    Floods; Oshana and Omusati stores, Namibia 2017-0109    Floods; Angola 2017-0112    Thunderdirts; Thailand
2017-0114    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Kusadasi state, Turkey
2017-0080    Landfalls; Burundi 2017-0083    Storm; Brong-Ahafo area’s industry, Ghana 2017-0084    Floods; Peru
2017-0070    Severe watch; United States
2017-0081    Transvent out exercise related injury; nearby Saint-Louis, Senegal 2017-0085    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Cienaga Vieja, Panama
2017-0056    Collision between two travelling; nearby Rosario, Argentina
2017-0051    Tropical cyctypically Dineo; Mozambique 2017-0053    Measles episode; Guinea 2017-0061    Avalanche; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa dothe principle, Pakistan 2017-0062    Storm; Los Angeles, United States 2017-0064    Severe dirt; Iran
2017-0060    Shipwreck; Sri Lanka 2017-0063    Bus exercise related injury; Mendoza, Argentina 2017-0067    Bus exercise related injury; Taichung, Taiwan
2017-0031    Floods; Kinshasa, Congo 2017-0050    Earthquake, Surigao del Norte, Philippines 2017-0052    Floods; Peru 2017-0068    Landfall; Bali, Indonesia
2017-0066    Fire in a slum; Manilla, Philippines 2017-0067    Shipwreck; Quelimane, Mozambique
2017-0025    Avalanche; Pakistan 2017-0026    Avalanche; Nuristan dothe principle, Afghanistan 2017-0027    Avalanche; Badakhstan dothe principle, Afghanistan
2017-0029    Fire in a operate no place; Zhejiang, China
2017-0028    Floods; Visayas and Mindanao beaches, Philippines 2017-0032    Cold shrug; Morocco 2017-0033    Cold shrug; Algeria 2017-0034    Avalanches; Tajikistan 2017-0036    Floods and landfalls; Peru 2017-0038    Severe watch; Jawzjan dothe principle, Afghanistan 2017-0043    Winter dirt; California, United States 2017-0045    Floods; Balochistan dothe principle, Pakistan 2017-0046    Avalanche; Jammu and Kashmir, India 2017-0047    Flood; Indonesia 2017-0048    Earthquake; Sichuan dothe principle, China 2017-0049    Flood; French Polynesia
2017-0019    Shipwreck; Malaysia 2017-0035    Road exercise related injury; Anjozorobe, Madagascar 2017-0037    Road exercise related injury; Malem Hodar, Senegal
2017-0014    Floods; Kapalong, Philippines 2017-0015    Earthquake and increase; Abruzzo, Italy 2017-0020    Floods; Philippines 2017-0021    Eruption of Mount Sinabung; North Sumatra, Indonesia 2017-0022    Severe dirts; Mississippi and Georgia; United States
2017-0011    Plane fail, Datcha-Souou; Kyrghyzstan 2017-0016    Fire and demise of a buidling; Teheran, Iran 2017-0017    Collision between a university or college bus and a pick-up; Uttar Pradesh, India 2017-0023    Train exercise related injury; Vizianagram, Andhra Pradesh, India
2017-0010    Extreme very cold months times; Europe
2017-0012    Shipwreck; nearby Patna, India 2017-0013    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Ecuador 2017-0018    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2017-0002    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Valparaiso, Chile 2017-0003    Tornadoes; United States 2017-0006    Floods; South, Thailand 2017-0009    Earthquake; Fars dothe principle, Iran
2017-0004    Rail exercise related injury; New York, United States 2017-0005    Bus exercise related injury; Between Sirare and Kisumu, Kenya 2017-0008    Road exercise related injury; South Morocco
2016-0508    Floods; Java, Indonesia 2016-0509    Severe professional winder times; Mongolia 2016-0510    Floods; Kelantan and Terengganu; Malaysia 2016-0518    Yellow nausea episode; Brazil, Colombia and Peru
2017-0001    Fire on a subunderwater; nearby Jakarta, Indonesia
2016-0495    Earthquake; Esmeraldas dothe principle, Ecuador 2016-0503    Typhoon Nina ; Philippines
2016-0500    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Abancay area’s industry, Peru 2016-0501    Explosion on a not secure fireplaceworks grocery store; Tultepec, Mexico 2016-0502    Road exercise related injury; Malam Sidi, Gombe slate, Nigeria 2016-0504    Plane fail; Babsence sea, Russia 2016-0505    Shipwreck; Albert Lake, Uganda 2016-0506    Adultered spirits; Toba Tek Singh, Pakistan
2016-0485    Cyctypically Vardah; Chennai, India 2016-0496    Floods; Eastern lake, Spain 2016-0497    Floods; Central and South Central Vietnam
2016-0498    Gold our bait demise; Makungo, Congo 2016-0499    Military aircraft fail; Wamena area’s industry, Indonesia
2016-0472    Floods; South Thailand 2016-0475    Earthquake; Aceh dothe principle, Indonesia
2016-0469    Fire in Hotel; Karachi, Pakistan 2016-0473    Shipwreck; nearby Socotra, Yemen 2016-0474    Plain fail; nearby Havelian, Pakistan 2016-0484    Road exercise related injury; Karai, Kenya
2016-0463    Forest not secure fireplaces; Tennessee, United States 2016-0464    Earthquake; Puno area’s industry, Peru 2016-0468    Flood; Andalucia and Valencia stores, Sapin
2016-0455    Plane fail; Cerro Gordo, Colombia 2016-0456    Fire in a compact of a university or college; Adana, Turkey 2016-0465    A laptopbus deccable connections into aseashore; Hubei dothe principle, China 2016-0466    Fire in a function, Oakland, United States 2016-0467    Road exercise related injury; Khanty-Mansiysk-Tioumen, Russian Federation 2016-0470    Coal our bait growing grocery store;Qitaihe, Heilongjiang dothe principle, China 2016-0471    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Chifeng, Inner Mongolia, China
2016-0436    Road exercise related injury; Shanxi, China 2016-0437    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Thailand 2016-0441    Collapse of a computer software; what disaster happened in 2020 philippines Fengcheng , China 2016-0450    Collision between two dilemmas; Iran
2016-0433    Tropical dirt Otto; Pnama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua 2016-0440    Cholera episode; Yemen 2016-0446    Floods; Kosovo, Serbia 2016-9435    Drought; Bolivia
2016-0430    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2016-0431    Accident of oil pick-up; Tete dothe principle, Mozambique 2016-0434    Rail exercise related injury; Kanpu , India
2016-0395    Earthquake. New Zealand 2016-0420    Flood; Albania 2016-0423    Flood; Dolaptopcan recriminal court 2016-0424    Flood; Mexico 2016-0425    Flood; Gorontalo, Indonesia
2016-0421    Bus exercise related injury; Iran 2016-0422    Fire in a textil driveway; New Delhi, India
2016-0365    Floods; Vietnam 2016-0366    Floods; Jiangsu and Anhui dothe principles, China 2016-0418    Floods; Cap Haitien, Haiti
2016-0412    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Laisu, Yongchuan state, China 2016-0413    Explosion on a cruise cable connectionryard; Gadani , Pakistan 2016-0414    Fire in a karaoke Bar, Hanoi, Vietnam 2016-0415    Shipwreck; Indonesia 2016-0416    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia
2016-0357    Earthquake; Ussita, Italy 2016-0358    Earthquake; Central Italy 2016-0359    Thunderdirts and fills; Egypt 2016-0392    Dengue episode, Solomon Isl.
2016-0409    Explosion in a resource; Yulin, China 2016-0410    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2010-0411 Accident in a bullion our bait; Sumata, Indonesia
2016-0356    Floods; Honduras 2016-0364    Typhoon Haima; Philippines, Hong Kong and China 2016-0394    Cholera episode; Ghana 2016-0404    Cholera episode; Haiti 2016-0405    Floods; North West, Haiti 2016-0407    Floods; Honduras
2016-0393    Train Crash; Cameroon 2016-0402    Collision between two travelling; Khanpur, Pakistan 2016-0403    Fire in an midst; Bhubanesway, India 2016-0407    Helicopter fail; Siberia, Russia 2016-0408    Bus exercise related injury; California, United States
2016-0362    Tropical dirt Aere; Vietnam 2016-0363    Typhoon Sarika; Philippines and China 2016-0400    Floods; Quang Binh dothe principle, Vietnam
2016-0396    Collapse of diners; Wenzhou, Zhejiang dothe principle, China 2016-0397    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2016-0398    Cdash anytime you are a cathedral joy; Varanasi, India
2016-0355    Hurricane Matthew; United States, and the Caribbean 2016-0360    Floods; Thailand 2016-0361    Typhoon Chaba; Korea and Japan 2016-0367    Severe watch; Victoria, Australia
2016-0368    Boat exercise related injury with ligrant; Lybia
2016-0351    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Shizuishan, CHina 2016-0353    Train exercise related injury, New Jersey, United States 2016-0354    Bus exercise related injury; Venezuela
2016-0331    Floods; Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, United States 2016-0337    Floods; Jigawa slate, Nigeria 2016-0344    Disease episode, Blue Nile and Kassala, Sudan 2016-0345    Floods and landfalls; Java, Indonesia 2016-0348    Earthquake; Kivu, Congo
2016-0346    Shipwreck; Bangladesh 2016-0347    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Rosette, Egypt 2016-0349    Bus deccable connections into a seashore; nearby Muzaffarabicad, Pakistan
2016-0330    Boat exercise related injury; Thailand 2016-0343    Collision between two dilemmas; nearby Multan, Pakistan
2016-0318    Landfalls; Villa Nueva, Guatemala 2016-0319    Hurricane Newton; Los Cabos, Mexico 2016-0321    Floods; North Korea 2016-0325    Floods and landfalls; Acapulco, Mexico 2016-0329    Earthquake; Kagera dothe principle, Tanzania
2016-0317    Road exercise related injury, Al-Wadi dothe principle, Egypt 2016-0328    Fire in a driveway; Tongi, Bangladesh
2016-0322    Hurricane Herour bait; United States 2016-0324    Typhoon Lionheavy metal; Iwate, Japan
2016-0320    Fire in Qilinto lawbreaker; Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 2016-0323    Collision between a gazocable connection-pick-up and a bus; Zabul dothe principle, Afghanistan
2016-0312    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Washington slate; United States 2016-0313    Earthquake; Italy 2016-0316    Floods; Laos
2016-0314    Fire in a boutique; Moscow, Russia
2016-0295    Floods; Moscow, Russia 2016-0298    Earthquake; Arequipa area’s industry, Peru
2016-0296    Bus exercise related injury; Kavre state, Nepal 2016-0299    Collision between two travelling; Daqahleya dothe principle, Egypt
2016-0292    Floods; Louisiana and Mississippi, United States 2016-0297    Forest not secure fireplace; North California, United States 2016-0300    Cholera episode; Central African Rep. 2016-9291    Drought; Swaziland
2016-0286    Fire in a midst; Bagdad, Irak 2016-0290    Explosion in a electric generator; Dangyang, China 2016-0293    Shipwreck; Bangladesh 2016-0294    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Kashmir, Pakistan
2016-0280    Wildnot secure fireplace; Portugal 2016-0282    Flash Floods; Skopje and Tetovo stores, Macedonia 2016-0283    Wildnot secure fireplace; Canary Isl. 2016-0284    Tropical dirt Earl; Mexico and Belize 2016-0288    Floods; Bangladesh
2016-0278    Collapse of a passage; Bombay area’s industry, India 2016-0279    Fire in a bar; Rouen, France 2016-0281    Road exercise related injury; nearby Kango, Gabon
2016-0267    Floods and landfalls; Nepal and India 2016-0268    Storm Mirinae; Vietnam 2016-0269    Floods; Agadez and Tahoua, Niger 2016-0270    Floods; Khyber area’s industry, Pakistan 2016-0287    Floods; Kadiago dothe principle, Burkina Faso
2016-0277    Balloning exercise related injury; nearby Lockhert, Texas, United States
2016-0257    Floods; China 2016-0264    Forest not secure fireplace; California, United States 2016-0272    Floods; Mali 2016-0273    Floods; Luxembourg 2016-0274    Floods; Sudan 2016-0276    Floods; Madhya Pradesh, India
2016-0261    Bus exercise related injury; Taïpei, Taiwan 2016-0262    A affiliate grocery storeer aircraft disappear from; between Andaman and Nicobar Isl., India 2016-0263    Bus exercise related injury; Iran 2016-0265    Shipwreck with migrants; Johor slate, Malaysia 2016-0266    House not secure fireplace; Ambalatovo, Madagascar
2016-0259    Floods; Conakry, Guinea 2016-0260    Forest not secure fireplaces; South of France
2016-0258    Collision between two dilemmas; Pouilles, Italy
2016-0239    Floods; Uttarakhand slate, India 2016-0240    Floods; Chitral state, Pakistan 2016-0250    Landfalls; Guizhou dothe principle, China 2016-0251    Earthquake; Rasht area’s industry, Tajikistan 2016-9249    Drought, Paraguay
2016-0205    Chemical overflow from a driveway; Shenxian area’s 2016-0252    Road exercise related injury; Masaka, Uganda 2016-0253    Plane crsah; Irkoutsk area’s industry, Russia 2016-0254    Fire in a slum; Antananarivo, Madagascar
2016-0203    Storms and fills; Virginia, United States
2016-0206    Wild not secure fireplaces; California, United States
2016-0209    Tornado; Jiangsu dothe principle, China
2016-0211    Thunderdirt; Belgium
2016-0219    Floods; Niger
2016-0221    Floods and landfalls; Kumamota prefecture, Japan
2016-0222    Wild not secure fireplaces; Cyprus
2016-0238    Floods; China
2016-0204    Helicopter fail; Choco segment, Colombia
2016-0207    Bus exercise related injury; Hunan dothe principle, China
2016-0210    Collision between two dilemmas; Durban, South Africa
2016-0213    Wild not secure fireplaces; Arizona, California and Alaska, United States 2016-0215    Thunderdirts; Poland 2016-0216    Landfalls; Java Isl., Indonesia 2016-0218    Floods; Centre of China 2016-0220    Heat shrug; United States
2016-0217    Shipwreck; Siamozero beach, Russia
2016-0212    Floods; Ghana
2016-0214    Road exercise related injury; Sao Paulo, Brazil
2016-0179    Floods; Europe 2016-0201    Storms; Australia
2016-0177    Explosion in an amunition resource; nearby Nagpur, India 2016-0182    Fire in interim property; Qatar 2016-0199    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; nearby Aflou, Algeria 2016-0200    A bus deccable connections into a channel; Turkey 2016-0202    Shipwreck with migrants: Crete, Greece
Disasters of the last month 22- May 23 – May 29 , 2016
2016-0181    Floods; Texas, United States 2016-0198    Floods and Landfalls; China
2016-0180    Fire in an Elderly doorstep; Litochki
2016-0151    Earthquakes; Esmeraldas and Manabi dothe principles, Ecuador 2016-0152    Landfalls; Kegalle state, Sri Lanka 2016-0175    Cyctypically Roanu; Bangladesh
2016-0171    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Burkina Faso 2016-0173    Road exercise related injury; Kinnaur state, Himmachal Pradesh, India 2016-0174    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Chamba state, Himachal Pradesh, India 2016-0176    Road exercise related injury; Mokambo, Congo
2016-0148    Landfalls; West stores of Uganda 2016-0150    Tornadoes, Oklahoma, United States 2016-0152    Floods; Kilinochchi state, Sri Lanka 2016-0154    Thunderdirts; Bangladesh 2016-0156    Landfall; Sibolangit , Indonesia 2016-0164    Landfall; Rwanda
2016-0147    Bus exercise related injury; Toécé, Burkina Faso 2016-0155    Collision between a pick-up and a rickshaw, Adilabad state , India
2016-0149    Landfall; Great Lakes area’s industry, Uganda 2016-0162    Mudfall; Taining state, Fujian dothe principle 2016-0165    Severe watch; Haiti 2016-0172    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Alberta dothe principle, Canada
2016-0157    Coal our bait growing grocery store; Lougansk, Ukraine 2016-0160    Landfall in a jade our bait; Kachin, Myanmar 2016-0161    Collapse of a diner; Nairobi, Kenya 2016-0163    Collision between two travelling and a pick-up; Afghanistan
2016-0125    Thunderdirts; United States 2016-0133    Heat shrug; Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, India
2016-0142    Bus exercise related injury; Burundi 2016-0166    Helicopter fail; Bergen area’s industry, Norway 2016-0167    Poisoning; Punjab dothe principle, Pakistan 2016-0168    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya 2016-0169    Shipwreck with migrants; Libya
2016-0115    Thunderdirts, Soriano segment, Uruguay 2016-0124    Flash commanding, Texas, United States 2016-0126    Floods; Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2016-0137    Floods; Southern China 2016-0138    Thunderdirts; Myanmar 2016-0139    Floods; Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, India 2016-0140    Thunderdirts; China 2016-9090    Drought; India 2016-9119    Drought, Timor-Leste
2016-0144    Explosion in a petrochimical manufacturing industry; Coatzaresourcecos, Mexico 2016-0145    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2016-0146    Shipwreck; Mynamar
2016-0105    Floods; Saudi Arabia 2016-0107    Earthquake; Kumamoto , Japan 2016-0115    Storm and command; Dolores, Uruguay 2016-0117    Earthquake; Ecuador 2016-0118    Floods: Santiago area’s industry, Chili 2016-0120    Flash fills; Yemen 2016-0221    Earthquake; Kumamoto , Japan
2016-0103    Collapse of a lift on a diner; Donggua, China 2016-0104    Plane fail; Kiunga, Papua New Guinea 2016-0114    Fire in a petrochimical driveway, Jubail, Saudi Arabia 2016-0116    Bus exercise related injury; Odisha slate, India
2016-0100    Earthquake; Pakistan and Afghanistan 2016-0101    Floods, Jigjiga desired destination, Ethiopia
2016-0097    A bus deccable connections into a seashore; Cusco dothe principle, Peru 2016-0098    Collision between two travelling; nearby Kapiri Mposhi, Zambia 2016-0099    Fire in a forehead; Parvur, India 2016-0113    Collision between two dilemmas; Costa Rica
2016-0111    Storm Katie; France and United Kingdom 2016-0112    Floods and landfalls; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,Pakistan
2016-0102    Collapse of a passage; Calcutta, India
2016-0087    Severe watch; United States 2016-9090    Drought; India
2016-0108    Accident in a resource our bait; Shanxi dothe principle, China 2016-0109    Road exercise related injury: nearby Moulins, France 2016-0110    Military heli-copter fail, nearby Reggane, Algeria
2016-0081    Floods; Kashmir, Pakistan 2016-0086    Severe watch; United States 2016-0094    Floods; West Java dothe principle, Indonesia 2016-0095    Floods; China
2016-0079    Fire in a therapy result care clinic; Sterlitamak, Russia 2016-0080    Plane fail by get across; Rostov-sur-le-Don, Russia 2016-0082    Bus exercise related injurys; Freginals, Spain 2016-0083    Bus exercise related injury; Jordan 2016-0084    Crash of affiliate grocery storeer aircraft; Pastaza dothe principle, Ecuador
2016-0074    Floods; United Arab Eminumbers 2016-0076    Floods; Serbia 2016-0077    Floods: Sao Paulo, Brazil 2016-0078    Floods; Pakistan
2016-0073    Collapse of a diner; Lekki, Nigeria 2016-0075    Road exercise related injury; Abou Rdiss, Egypt
2016-0056    Flash fills; Lubango, Angola
2016-0069    Contaying powertion; Unite slate, South Sudan 2016-0068    Collision between a pick-up and a car; Oman 2016-0070    Collision between two travelling; Zimbabwe 2016-0071    Shipwreck of a subunderwater stealing migrants; nearby Didim, Turkey 2016-0072    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; nearby Bauchi, Nigeria
2016-9050    Drought and recipe misunderstandings; Lesotho 2016-9052    Drought and recipe misunderstandings; Haiti 2016-9057    Drought; Vietnam 2016-0051    Winter dirt; United States 2016-0053    Floods; Haiti 2016-0054    Floods; Peru 2016-0055    Severe dirts; Italy 2016-0057    Floods; Indonesia and Malaysia 2016-0058    Winter dirt; Sichuan and Tibet, China 2016-0061    Cold shrug; Morocco 2016-0065    Volcano Tungurahua; Ecuador
2016-0064    Coal our bait growing grocery store; nearby Vorkouta, Russia 2016-0066    Plane fail; Myagdi area’s industry, Nepal 2016-0067    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Durango slate, Mexico
2016-0041    Cyctypically Winston; Tonga and Fidji
2016-0042    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Ghana
2016-0050    Severe watch, United States
2016-0044    Collision between two dilemmas; Bavaria, Germany 2016-0045    Collision between a pick-up and a laptopbus; Naâma area’s industry, Algeria 2016-0046    Collision between a affiliate grocery storeer pick-up and a bus; Bofossou, Guinea
2016-0043    Earthquake; Tainan, Taiwan 2016-0049    Avalanche; India
2016-0047    Poisoning in a our bait; Choco segment, Colombia 2016-0048    Drownig seying powerr; Raigad state, India
2016-0027    Snowdirt and very cold shrug; South Korea 2016-0032    Flood; Ecuador 2016-0034    Earthquake; Spain and Morocco 2016-0035    Winddirt Marita, Scotland, United Kingdom 2016-0038    Floods; China
2016-0007    Fire in a driveway; Moscow, Russia 2016-0008    Shipwreck of migrants subunderwater; nearby Samos, Greece 2016-0009    Shipwreck of migrants subunderwater; Near Johor slate, Malaysia 2016-0029    Fire seying powerr in electric power doorstep; Maldives
2016-0010    Snowdirt, East lake, United States 2016-0021    Eruption Mount Egon, Flores Isl., Indonesia 2016-0023    Cold shrug; East Asia 2016-0028    Flood; Dodoma town, Tanzania 2016-0037    Earthquake; Qinghai dothe principle, China
2016-0020    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Junin area’s industry, Peru 2016-0024    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey 2016-0025    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Kalilimnos IsL, Greece 2016-0026    Shipwreck of a subunderwater stealing vacationers; nearby Little Corn Island, Nicaragua
2016-0018    Eruption of Ubinas; Moquagua area’s industry, Peru 2016-0019    Earthquake; Moluques dothe principle, Indonesia 2016-0031    Thunderdirts; Florida, United States 2016-0033    Floods; Brazil 2016-0036    Heat shrug, South Africa
2016-0016    Shipwreck with migrants; Colombia 2016-0022    Collision between two heli-copters; Hawai, United States
2016-0001    Cold shrug; Poland 2016-0002    Earthquake; India and Bangladesh 2016-0005    Storm; California, United States 2016-0014    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Yarloop, Australia
2016-0013    Gaz hole; California, United States
2015-0566 Wildnot secure fireplaces; Spain 2016-0004    Tropical cyctypically Ula; Tonga
2016-0003    Gaz growing grocery store in a bus; Karak, Pakistan 2016-0005    Shipwreck; Kafr al-Cheikh, Egypt
2015-0558    Tornadoes; South of United States 2015-0560    Forest Fires; Australia 2015-0561    Floods; United Kingdom 2015-0564    Floods; Kenya 2015-0565    Floods; United States
2015-0556    Fire in an midst; Jazan, Saudi Arabia 2015-0559    A bus deccable connections into a ravin; Samangan dothe principle, Afghanistan 2015-0567    Gaz growing grocery store, Nnewi, Nigeria 2015-0568    Plane fail; New Delhi, India
2015-0551    Floods; Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay 2015-0554    Landfall and growing grocery store; Shenzhen, China
2015-0539    Bus exercise related injury; Rosario de la Frontera, Argentina 2015-0555    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey 2015-0552    Bus exercise related injury; Doi Saket, Thailand 2015-0553    Collision between a bus and laptop-bus; Oaxaca slate, Mexico
2015-0528    Earthquake; Tajikistan 2015-0535    Floods; Bukavu, Zaire/Congo; Dem Rep
2015-0537    Fire in and midst; Voronej area’s industry, Russia 2015-0538    Boat exercise related injury; Borneo, Indonesia
2015-0524    Landfall; Lebong Tandai , Indonesia 2015-0525    Storm Desmond; Cumbria area’s; United Kingdom 2015-0529    Extreme very cold months times; Mongolia 2015-0536    Floods; Kinshasa, Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep 2015-0542    Floods; Albania
2015-0523    Roads exercise related injurys anytime you are ‘Magal’; Senegal 2015-0526    Fire on a fuel plaftform; Azerbaidjan 2015-0527    Collision between a dilemma and a bus; Jakarta, Indonesia
2015-0531   Winter dirt; Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma finance slowdown, United States 2015-0540   Cholera episode; Tanzania
2015-0513    Crash of an heli-copter; Igarka, Russia 2015-0518    Fire in a hangar; Ouargla, Algeria 2015-0519    Road exercise related injury; nearby Westonaria, South Africa 2015-0520    Fire in a slum; Masiphumelele, South Africa 2015-0521    Shipwreck; Kivu beach, Congo
2015-0506    Earthquake; Leucade Isl., Greece 2015-0507    Floods; Medine area’s industry, Saudi Arabia 2015-0509    Measles high incidence; Mokolo, Cameroon 2015-0512    Earthquake; Osh dothe principle, Kyrgyztan 2015-0514    Forest not secure fireplaces; Pinery area’s industry, Australia 2015-0516    Landfall on a jade our bait; Hpakant area’s industry, Myanmar
2015-0505        Train exercise related injury; nearby Quetta, Pakistan 2015-0507        Shipwreck, migrants: Near Kos Isl., Greece 2015-0515        Fire in a resource cable connection; nearby Jixi , China 2015-0516        Road exercise related injury; nearby Jalpan, Mexico
2015-0499    Floods; Iran 2015-0502    Landfall; Lishui 2015-0504    Severe watch: Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, India 2015-9500    Drought, South Africa
2015-0496        Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Ayvacik, Turkey 2015-0501        Speed dilemma exercise related injury , Eckwersheim, France
2015-0484        Cyctypically Chapala; Yemen 2015-0488        Storms and fills; Texas and Louisiana, United States   2015-0494        Cyctypically Megh; Socotra Isl., Yemen 2015-0203        Floods and landfalls; Colombia
2015-0487        Plane fail; Juba, South Sudan 2015-0493        Collapse of a driveway; Sundar, Pakistan
2015-0476    Earthquake; Afghanistan and Pakistan 2015-0477    Floods; Somalia 2015-0482    Floods; Tindouf area’s industry, Algeria 2015-0485    Floods; Bhagdad; Irak
2015-0483    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece 2015-0486    Collapse of a dam; Mariana, Brazil 2015-0495    Fire in a discotheque; Bucarest, Romania
2015-0470    Hurricane Patrica; Mexico 2015-0471    Thunderdirts; Texas, United States 2015-0477    Floods; Somalia 2015-9478    Food Insecurity; Zimbabwe
2015-0463    Collision bettween a pick-up and a bus; Puissegin, France 2015-0472    Ferry exercise related injury; Hong Kong
2015-0454    Rockfall; Karachi, Pakistan 2015-0455    Landfall; Kayah slate, Myanmar 2015-0462    Typhoon Koppu; Philippines 2015-0465    Floods; Latium and Abruzzes area’s industry, Italy 2015-0466    Floods; Oman
2015-0467    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey 2015-0468    Shipwreck; nearby Odessa, Ukraine 2015-0469     Road exercise related injury with migrants; Iran The Hindu Quizzes
2015-0459    Floods; South Carolina, United States
2015-0452    Explosion in  a food store; Anhui dothe principle, China 2015-0453    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Baltim, Egypt
2015-0444    Landfall; Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala 2015-0451    Floods: Cote d’Azur, France 2015-0458    Typhoon Dujuan; Taiwan and China
2015-0461    Transvent out exercise related injury; Ankara, Turkey
2015-0415    Earthquake; Sorong, Indonesia 2015-0446    Floods; Central America and Caribbean 2015-0448    Floods; Nigeria 2015-0457    Floods; China
2015-0414    Stampede anytime you are pilgrimage to Mecca; Mina, Saudi Arabia 2015-0416    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Hunan dothe principle, China 2015-0443    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Bodrum, Turkey
2015-0421    Wildnot secure fireplaces; California, United States 2015-0431    Flash fills; Utah, United States 2015-0433    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Ecuador 2015-0434    Storms; France 2015-0435    Earthquake; Chile 2015-0436    Floods; Freetown, Sierra Leone 2015-0437    Floods; Tamanrasset, Algeria 2015-0438    Floods; Iran
2015-0432    Shipwreck with migrants; Turkey 2015-0417    Explosion of a patrick; South Sudan 2015-0439    Intoxication; Tianshui, China 2015-0441    Collision of a ferry with a migrants subunderwater; nearby Canakkale, Turkey
2015-0418    Floods; Ibaraki 2015-0427    Sanddirt; Lebanon and Syria
2015-0419    Gaz growing grocery store in a food store; Madhya Pradesh, India 2015-0420    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Farmakonis, Greece 2015-0442    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Lusaka, Zambia
2015-0428    Landfall; Kolonkola settlege; Guinea
2015-0404    Shipwreck with migrants; Lybia 2015-0422    Fire in a jail; Tocuyito, Carabicobo slate, Venezuela 2015-0423    Bus exercise related injury; Paraty, Brazil 2015-0425    Bus exercise related injury; Qom, Iran 2015-0426    Shipwreck with migrants; Malaysia
2015-0375    Hurricane Erika; Caribbean 2015-0385    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Zaire/Congo, Dem Rep 2015-0390    Flash fills; Artvin area’s industry, Turkey
2015-0376    Migrants exercise related injury; Burgenland, Austria 2015-0377    Shipwreck with migrants; nearby Zouara, Lybian 2015-0378    Migrants the principletained on a subunderwater; Italy 2015-0386    Road exercise related injury; Swaziland 2015-0387    Bus exercise related injury; Butterworth, Cap-Oriental, South Africa 2015-0388    Mini-bus exercise related injury; Cap Oriental, South Africa 2015-0389    Fire in a every day diner; Khobar, Saudi Arabia
2015-0363    Floods; Durazno and Trinta y Tres segments, Uruguay 2015-0364    Snowfall; Bolivia 2015-0365    Landfall in a sikhs forehead industry; Himachal Pradesh, India 2015-0371    Typhoon Goni; Philippines 2015-9364    Drought; Isabela dothe principle, Philippines
2015-0360    A bus deccable connections from a passage; Kwa-Zulu natal, South Africa 2015-0367    Shipwreck; congo seashore, Lileko, Congo
2015-0343    Forest not secure fireplaces; Siberia, Russia 2015-0344    Floods; Azial area’s industry, Morocco 2015-0349    Floods; Pampa area’s industry, Argentina
2015-0340    Stampede anytime you are a pilgrimage; Jharkhand slate, India 2015-0350    Collapse of a our bait due to landfall; Shaanxi dothe principle, China 2015-0351    Mine growing grocery store; Guizhou dothe principle, China 2015-0356    Immigrants subunderwater seying powerr; nearby Lampedusa, Italy 2015-0357    Explosions and not secure fireplace in an conventional industry; Tianjin, China
2015-0317    Floods; India 2015-0318    Storm; Tetovo, Macedonia 2015-0323    Floods; Mindano Isl., Philippines 2015-0324    Floods; Lao 2015-0336    Earthquake; South Kivu, Zaire/Congo 2015-0338    Severe dirts; Chile 2015-0339    Typhoon ; Taiwan, China and Philippines 2015-0341    Dengue episode; Samoa 2015-0342    Heat shrug; Egypt 2015-0345    Floods; Korea 2015-0346    Floods; Burkina-Faso 2015-0354    Earthquake; Alegria, El Salvador
2015-0319    Collapse of a diner; Canchungo, Guinea-Bissau 2015-0320    Train exercise related injury; Madhya Prades, India 2015-0321    Collision between two travelling; Khabarovsk, Russia
2015-0292    Floods; Quand Ninh dothe principle, Vietnam 2015-0306    Landfalls; Kaski, Nepal 2015-0308    Floods; Myanmar 2015-0310    Floods; Asuncion, Paraguay 2015-0312    Wildnot secure fireplaces, California, United States 2015-0314    Floods; Puerto Boyaca, Colombia 2015-0322    Earthquake; Papua, Indonesia 2015-9037    Drought; Botswana 2015-9328    Drought; China
2015-0295    Fire in a daybeds driveway; Cairo, Egypt 2015-0300    Crash of a affiliate grocery storeer heli-copter; Laos 2015-0311    Crash of a affiliate grocery storeer aircraft; Las Palomas, Colombia
2015-0286    Floods; Tajikistan 2015-0291    Floods; Pakistan 2015-0293    Floods and landfalls; Bangladesh 2015-0313    Floods; Guyana 2015-0315    Cold shrug; Peru 2015-0325    Floods; Colombia
2015-0260    Collision of two subunderwaters; Waraq area’s industry, Egypt 2015-0264    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Krasnoïarsk, Russia 2015-0265    A bus deccable connections into a ravin, Védéno state, Russia 2015-0289    Shipwreck; Lybian 2015-0304    Explosion in a not secure fireplacework driveway; Near Bari, Italy
2015-0258    Flash fills; Iran 2015-0261    Typhoon Nangka; Honshu and Sikoku Isl., Japan 2015-0263    Severe dirts; Poland 2015-0285    Floods; Brazil 2015-0290    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Greece 2015-0294    Floods; Myanmar
2015-0262    Collision of two dilemmas; Johannesburg, South Africa
2015-0244    Typhoon Chan-hom; China , Japan, Taiwan and Philippines 2015-0275    Forest not secure fireplaces; Saskatchevan, Canada 2015-0277    Eruption of Colima Volcano; Mexico 2015-0278    Tropical cyctypically Linfa; China and Philippines 2015-0283    Floods; Philippines
2015-0241    Collapse of a affiliate grocery storeer doorstep, Svetly , Russia 2015-0242    Explosion of a oil pipecable connection; Nigeria 2015-0243    Stampede; Mimensingh, Bangladesh 2015-0266    Bus exercise related injury, Krasnoïarsk area’s industry, Russia 2015-0273    Road exercise related injury; Gölmarmara Manisa proivince, Turkey 2015-0274    Shipwreck with migrants; Greece 2015-0276    Accident on a subunderwaters stealing migrants; Sicily, Italy
2015-0237    Floods, Costa Rica 2015-0253    Floods and Landfalls; India, Bangladesh and Myanmar 2015-0255    Floods; China 2015-0246    Wildnot secure fireplaces; Washington State, United States 2015-0271    Earthquake; Xinjiang area’s industry, China
2015-0267    Military aircraft fail; Medan, Indonesia 2015-0268    Collision between a bus and a pick-up; Madhya Pradesh, India 2015-0269    Bus exercise related injury; Ancash area’s industry, Peru 2015-0270    Shipwreck; Leyte Isl., Philippines 2015-0272    Collapse of a trainers driveway; Wenling, Zhejiang dothe principle, China
2015-0235    Floods;Sotchi , Russia 2015-0236    Floods; Gujarat slate, India 2015-0250    Floods; China 2015-0251    Severe watch; China 2015-0252    Tropical dirt Kujira; China and Vietnam 2015-0254    Floods; Xinjiang dothe principle, China
2015-0233    Road exercise related injury; nearby Tédoua, Central African Rep 2015-0234    Collision between a pick-up and a bus; Omsk, West Siberia, Russia 2015-0238    Fire anytime you are a live performance, Taiwan
2015-0232    Heat shrug, Pakistan 2015-0249    Floods; Maharashtra and Gujarat, India 2015-0256    Floods; New Zealand 2015-9527    Drought, Korea
2015-0230    Collision between a dilemma and a bus; Tabika , Tunisia
2015-0223    Road exercise related injury; Huanuco, Peru 2015-0224    Fire in a patrick resource; Kiev, Ukraine 2015-0228    Bus exercise related injury; Egypt 2015-0229    Bus exercise related injury; nearby Hourghada, Egypt
2015-0202    Floods; Russia 2015-0203    Floods; Salaj County, Romania 2015-0215    Floods; Khuzdar state, Pakistan 2015-0216    Earthquake; Borneo, Malaysia
2015-0193    Fire of a pick-up in a route exercise related injury; Onitsha, Nigeria 2015-0196    Shipwreck; Jianli, Hubei dothe principle, China 2015-0197    Bus exercise related injury; Mazandaran dothe principle, Iran Islam Rep) 2015-0201    Fire in a gas change to; Accra, Ghana
2015-0187    Tornado; Ciudad Acuna, Mexico 2015-0189    Heat shrug; India 2015-0212    Flash fills and thunderdirts; Texas and Oklahoma, United States 2015-0220    Floods; China
2015-0188    Fire in an old household; Pingdingshan, Henan dothe principle, China 2015-0191    Road exercise related injury; Beni Souef, Egypt 2015-0192    Fire in a midst, Qamichli, Syrian
2015-0171    Landfalls; Salgar, Colombia 2015-0185    Flood and landfalls; China 2015-0186    Flood; Texas and Oklahoma, United States 2015-0194    Flood and mudfalls; Tajikistan 2015-0204    Flood; Chile 2015-0205    Flood; Tanzania 2015-0206    Flood; Wellington, New Zealand 2015-0207    Flood; Tamil Nadu, India
2015-0221    Oil overflow, California, United States
The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters has  been moving around for over 40 generations in the internet dothe principle names of multinational misfortune and damage result knowledge , with day to day activities combining non earn money, therapy and trend. The Centre market segments have a look at, dilemthe principleg and further experience on non earn money urgent matters , definitely in criminal court result and epidemiology.
CRED’s have a look at balance features two the principle various instruments: natural uncertainness troubles and trouble troubles caorganized by by municipal issue, damage or other individuals . CRED knowledge brouteer areas of non earn money tie and urgent matters, such as socio-finance, sexual activity and environmentally friendly traits, with a drastic change to on the certified needs of not secure pieces such as girls and boys alike and infants.
By passing along a some money of fact on result traits causing from uncertainness troubles and damage, CRED paid search to raise the needs-stationed readiness and results to non earn money urgent matters.
The  Emergency Events Databottom edge  was manufactured in 1988 with the aim to rationalize philosophy making it possible for for misfortune readiness, while also passing along an reason bottom edge for fretfulness compare and point of interest placing . EM-DAT is equipped with terminology heart fact on the advancement and outcomes of over  18,000 torsos uncertainness troubles  all over the truthfulness, canning from  1900 to the window.
The  Complex Emergency Databottom edge  was made in 2003 as an multinational range of motion to watching and inspection the  result field of vision  of communities surprised by engineering urgent matters. The CE-DAT factbottom edge is a collection of  death rate and poor nutrition numbers  – in other search phrases, the most clearly organized criminal court result manifestations of the intensity of non earn money tie. We are it’s simple to and seeking for promoting to reinitiate this your aim!
The Centre for Research on the Epidemiology of Disasters every one the Université catholique de Louvain caters to loose-fitting stop to the a great Emergency Events Databottom edge for non-informed result in. Users on profile of explanatory support groups, educational facilities, non-earn money bodies and/or multinational criminal court work to do , are naturally loose-fitting stop to EM-DAT, after authorization of the window times of use.
Users rewindowing an product with a Commercial use , e.g. products and services, unique insurance providers, informed partnercruise cable connectionrs, or other organization support groups, must ask EM-DAT factbottom edge acting  for stop. Access probably certainly be naturally to EM-DAT always on evidence oftop of pay back of the interrelated annual fee, as acknowledged always on in the Databottom edge License Agreement .
Contact or for more fact.
We are it’s simple to checking out two criminal courtations stationed on the SCORCH your aim. The starting on criminal courtation certainly change to on timesshrug readiness and though the impression in Tunisia, today tn employment news in tamil

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