Divide the Quality team 4! The rise of the Warriors is more than Purvinus, and this fall is equally important.

16 wins and 2 negative rejuvenations, even if the sun gains 14 consecutive victories, but still did not catch up with the warrior, you can say that the Warriors play such a great performance this season is that many fans haven’t thought of, they can The rise is not that the reservoir is still the peak, and the growth of young players is also very critical. Today, because we have no game, we will talk about the Warriors of this season.

Average 28.2 points 5.8 rebound 6.8 Assistance 1.6 steals, shooting in the hit rate 46%, three-point hit rate 41.8%, the average can be hit 5.4, this is the answer to the Turki to this season, his average The first league is the first, the field is three-oriented in the middle of the https://www.nbatrikots4.com league, since the alliance promulgated the new rules, since the top three points of the top three points were influenced, like Harden, Lilad, and Cook seems to become https://www.maillotbasket6.com The final stubborn in the forefront of the pellets, now he played the performance, the Warriors will last 4 years of 21 billion, and it is not lost. According to the current state, the Curry is at least 4 years of peak.

This season, the warriors have obvious improvements in the two ends of the attack, the second and defensive efficiency alliances, and can have today’s performance. In addition to the Kugar, young players are impressed in the two ends of the attack, the same cannot be It is lacking, this season Vilins and Pur’s growth make people like it, although Vilins still did not play the performance of the explosion level, his star temperament is more and more, this season is 19.1 points 4.4 rebound 1.6 assists, shooting The rate of 49.6%, 36.2% of the three-hit hit rate is very good.

The Vittle Square is divided https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.cominto the QR team, and he is also a heavy responsibility of the defensive end of the main anti-counterfeit attack. Puerto 18.3 points 3.1 rebound 3.3 assists 1.1 steals, shooting in the hit rate 45.5%, three points 33.1%, Poel although there is no three points of Klei, his breakthroughs and killing and fast attack skills are Klei, this 19-year first round of Show is really playing, his A probability of a contract can be tens of millions.

Purdon’s third, defense is also enough to fight, and the whole team scored the fourth but not chasing dreams, but Damn, Li, this season, this season can take 8.9 points 2.9 rebound 1.2 assists, shooting 35.2%, three-pointer, single-view, you may think he is very general, but friends often watching the Warriors game knows that Daimei is more important, he is similar to the role of Livingston,https://www.maillotsbasketfr.com is the team substitute Pilot soldier.

The net efficiency is up to 10.8 this season. When he was present, the team won 10.8 points very well, and this data can be ranked 23 in the Alliance. From here, it is also enough to see that Damian Li is more than the Warriors. Important, the relationship between Damian Li has always thought that he is relying on the library to stay in the warrior, in fact, the Warriors also like Li in the game.

Damian Li said that the truth and Livingston’s experience is still very similar. He has encountered a right knee ligament in the university period. Therefore, it became a decision show, and after the development of the league, the left knee and ligaments were torn, and God did not hit. This fighter, he uses his efforts to be based on NBA, maybe he can’t achieve the height of the star in the https://www.basketballtrikotde.com
future, but a player who can contribute to the team in the field is definitely letting all the team like it.

Author: georgesroom