Eagles imitate the success of Brady Patriots again to talk about fraud tactics

Thursday night game, the Philadelphia Eagles 18-12 victory over the Atlanta Falcons opened the curtain of the new season, but expensive for the opening game, but the game play is not wonderful, except at the last moment of suspense also retained the first three quarters the games are a bit dull. Defending champion Eagles team was struggling on offense, so coach Doug – Petersen took out his old tactics of this, through the intercom to convey a bold decision “special for the Philadelphia Philadelphia for special!!”

“Philadelphia for special” refers to a file fraudulent tactics, they have used this tactic to let the Patriots in the Super Bowl Broken Dreams. But in fact, in the Super Bowl, the Patriots pioneered the use of this fraudulent tactic, but not labeled, so-called “special for the Philadelphia” but with very similar tactics Patriot nothing. Into the offseason, the devil’s tactics Doug – Petersen obviously does not meet the needs of their tactics, then put his hand into the bag Patriots tactics, tactics of fraud in the set of the original mold of the Super Bowl is not labeled as such school over, still called “special for Philadelphia.”

Opener, when Peterson finished convey tactics, saw teammate Falls pretending to attack the password, and then suddenly the center kick-off to running back, running back and then thrown wide receiver Nelson anti – Ago lol, after who’s Fowles completed pass found space 15 yards forward. This tactic from start to finish, with the New England Patriots fraud exactly the same tactics that in the Super Bowl. After the Eagles boosted the morale of the home fans emotions have been stirred up, Oetz Falls and help the team all the way forward, running back Jay – A Jiayi rushing touchdowns go-ahead score.

After the game, Doug – Ryan Peterson and offensive line players – Johnson confirmed that they are copying the tactics of the Patriots, it is worth noting that these two tactics of fraud occurred in the team faced at 3 files 5 yards situation. A day later, Brady interview, he did not express what the tactics of the special views, but his mind clear, if the team give yourself a chance like this, he will be able to be labeled.

“Good ability to execute to win the game,” Brady said: “I think this is what we end up doing, and when you have to play this file attack, or labeled, or do not play.” Brady said yes, this tactic Patriots set to execute and then from rationality are very perfect, if Brady can receive that pass, the situation will be completely different. Yet it is this connection Qiushi sell, so the team’s three-block conversion failed, but the Hawks has played a very similar “special for the Philadelphia” In the next attack, by Nick – the ball Falls to expand the score touchdowns. So do not blame this tactic, this tactic Blame the executor of it.

Patriot different, the Hawks in the opener of this set of tactics to complete the ball Falls, and later made the score go-ahead touchdown by this wave of attack, and ultimately help the Hawks get first win of the season. “This is the Patriots exactly the same tactics, is Tom then lost that, we called him to Philadelphia for 2.0 special.” Ryan – Johnson said after the game.

Brady Johnson is clearly a provocation, but to hear the case, and do not want Brady Johnson Dazui gun, this is nothing strange, because Brady never wants to reveal some valuable words at the press conference, and do not like others carried out a war of words. As for his concern, the team the entire season: “This year I do not want to engage in a mess of things, just focus on what I have done, I want to be a good football player of the team in the locker room . play to their leadership, to become a competent leader, this is the focus of my attention, “Brady said:” I know people like to pick up some other things to do the article, but I just want to focus on the game, focus on contribute more to the team. “

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