Eagles take over the age of 40 outside their injury backup quarterback McQuarrie actually going to the ball cameo

December 11 News (text / ESPN Tim McManus compile / white) veteran quarterback Josh – McQuarrie (Josh McCown) this season has several roles, he was the first Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback, followed him in North Carolina, the local high school where his son as an assistant.

Monday night game, McQuarrie has found a third job – wide receiver.

Monday night game the Eagles 23-17 victory over the New York Giants game, the Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver stretched this to a series of injury leave, the last only a healthy wide receivers, so coach Doug – Peterson (Doug Pederson) waved his hand, 40-year-old McQuarrie is preparing for the team to fill the vacancy.

“Why not let him try it? His eager, ready to wear clothes.”

Peterson said in an interview on Tuesday: “He played wide receiver in the previous game, although career also seems to have played such a thing 10 years ago, but he is always professional football at the highest level. He took over the game played outside. “

Because Nelson – Ago lol (Nelson Agholor) can not play because of a knee injury, the Hawks Monday night game in only three wide receivers can be used, namely Al Shen – Jeffrey (Alshon Jeffery), JJ- 阿塞加怀特Cedric (JJ Arcega-Whiteside) and Greg – Ward (Greg Ward).

When Jeffrey due to a foot injury after the end, they left with two wide receiver in the second quarter. Later 阿塞加怀特塞 Germany also fate, then left with Ward. Peterson said Tuesday that Jeffrey’s foot injury is very serious, if nothing else, this season will be reimbursed season.

Alshon Jeffery

Alshon Jeffery

McQuarrie in the game specially prepared a non-quarterback helmet to prevent a sudden the coach called his number.

“We are ready,” McQuarrie said in an interview after the game: “The team’s situation is more worse, but I’m ready to fight the appearance Obviously, as a quarterback, I know how to play the offensive. I think this is probably 12 years ago, I have to do things in Foxborough. “

McQuarrie said was his last when he was asked to serve as wide receivers, that in 2006 the Detroit Lions game against the Patriots.

Ten years ago, that is, from the effectiveness of the current number of forward McQuarrie seventh team, he completed two ball forward 15 yards, He also has a far-reaching distance of the ball 31 yards sentenced offensive foul ball interference (since he still think this ball penalty is controversial).

With the increase of injuries, McQuarrie said he was ready, if Peterson in the next game if necessary. Perhaps his legs no longer as flexible as it was before, but that does not stop him gallop on the field.

. “Obviously I do not like JJ or wide receiver Greg, but we still have in common is” McQuarrie said: “The most important thing is that we are now able to have a contingency plan, no doubt I’m ready. “

But the Hawks never enabled contingency plans against the Giants game, but when necessary to tight end Zach – Erts adjust to the outside of the wide receiver position, and use the tight end and has a book about wide receiver dual attributes Asia – Perkins array Kai ball line.

If wide receiver this season, the Hawks continued to suffer injuries, maybe sometime in the future we will see McQuarrie complete the ball, there are three games in the field, have the opportunity.


Author: georgesroom