[European preliminaries] Slovak vs Russia Slovakia is poisonous Russia wants to win

Original title: [European preliminaries] Slovak vs Russia Slovakia is poisonous Russia wants to win

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European preliminaries Slovak vs Russiashivamogga news today

Time: 2021.03.31 02:45


The Slovak National Team currently ranks 34th place in FIFA.

Slovakia in the World Preliminary Competition, the main scene of the horse, the team was unfavorable for 20 minutes, and the opponent was hit into two goals. The second half team quickly adjusted state, Streletz and Shcrenar made a team respectively Back two goals, then the two sides will never build a tree, and finally 2: 2 handshake.

Slovakia lineup: 12-Kushake, 16-Hankke, 14-Schelinar, 4-Waton, 22-Corinik, 13 Henroski, 20-Robert Mark, 6 – Greju, 19-Kuttka, 17-Susslov, 21-Durish.

Slovak is still very advantageous on the tripura news bangla scene, 66% of the total ball, 553 passes, 86% of the transfer rate of the pass, 14 feet out of the door 5 in the door frame, win 2 goals, successfully steal 19 Second, 12 times.

Slovak is currently a group of 2 points in 2 points. Slovakia started the United States in the United States last year, and all the way is relatively low, and many events are only a win. After entering the World Preliminy, the team is once again detachable, knows that the Cyprus world ranks 100, the other is less than 50W, the world’s population is not 50W, the world ranked 176 fishing team, facing these two teams Regardless of the main vast Slovakia, there is no more advantage, the scene is indeed excellent, but it always can’t catch the opportunity to get the goal or victory, the team opportunity grasps and the door is worrying, this ball is The team met the two-game winning Russia, I am afraid it is a little more than a small.


The Russian national team is currently ranked 39th in FIFA.

In the game of Russia, in the game, the main scene met Slovenia, the two teams played back, the Russian striker was brought into two balls, the opponent Yilici went back to a city, then there was no longer Building a tree, finally Russia at home 2: 1 defeat the opponent and take a win.

Russian lineup: 1-Shui, 2-Mario-Fernanders, 5-Xie Miaov, 14-Richia, 13-Kudria Shaof, 17-Golwen (50 ’15-Alexei – Milankuk), 7-Ozdoev, 23-Kuze Yayev, 11-Hot Malenov (85 ’21-Musin), 22-Jutb (85’10-Zhaobo Lotne, 18-Gerkkov (67’4-Karavayev).

Russia performance is still more excellent, 44% of the full-speed ball rate, 422 passes, pass success rate of 79%, the 9-footed gate 4 middle door frame, acquired 2 gravals, Chen Gong 12 times, 13 blocks.

The Russian national team is flat in Europe last year, and multi-wheel events have no one. However, the team is in the bjp it cell fake news world, the target clear tactics, in the face of weak brigades, the performance is very good and the situation is also the same, and the two-winning group of weak travels will be 6 points to hand. The team faces Slovakia in front of themselves, and it is also a test, but the team’s recent appearance is still stable, and the inner squad is also a two-ball. The history of the team is also only 1 goal, and the team’s inside morale is also high, and the two-legged Slovakia is not too much.

Comprehensive analysis

Slovakia and Russia are still unlikely in the world rankings, but the two teams have recently performed a lot of age. Slovakia and the weak team have two karnataka latest newsconsensus, and the overall performance cannot be accepted by the fans. Russia has two consecutive wins from the weak brigade, and the morale is naturally stronger than the opponent. The data is given to Russia, which we believe that Russia is better in Russia to defeat the opponent and take a wins.

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