Five consecutive games 30 +, stop parroting said he was weakened version

Hawks and Pacers, the Pacers Duarte became the career of classic World War I, the last moment Terre – Yang mistakes, the 后杜阿尔特 layup lore missed opportunity.

Slow motion replays showed Duarte was foul earlier, but the referee apparently did not see the show on the 13th his first opportunity lore so blown away. Trey – Yang two free throws to seal the victory, although the final fatal mistake, but not affect blown Yang also played a very good game.

Full match Terre – Yang played 37 minutes, 27 shot 13, wherein the pointers 10 from 3, 4 penalty from 4, 33 points and 8 rebounds and 10 assists 2 steals.

During the game, Trey – Young also sent his 2000th career assists, this is his fourth season began, Bite Lei history – Yang quickly get only five assists in 2000, they were the big O , Kevin – Johnson, Paul – Tim Hardaway, Mark – Jackson.

Compared to 2000 assists more importantly, the game is already Terre – Yang fifth straight games to get 30 + points. Hawks in five games four wins and one loss, Trey – Yang also successfully elected as the Player of the Week last week.

Perhaps the sun is too bright streak this time, the Eagles actually in the last nine games in only lost one game, which allow them to recover from the downturn at the beginning of the season, came to the Eastern Conference team ranks.

Hawks record to pick up at the same time, Trey – Yang also back the fiery state last season, six games of the regular season at the beginning of the season in his only free throw shots a game more than 5 times, there are 4 shooting games rate does not exceed 37.5%.

The first six games Terre – Yang can only 42.9% shooting and 29.0% three-point shooting, averaging 22.3 points. Many people have begun to say Terre – Young and Harden as
has been weakened version, Harden did suffer some impact, but Trey – Young downturn is only temporary.

He averaged 5.6 free throws really is the lowest since his rookie season, but so far he averaged 26.3 points last season than even higher, averaging 9.1 assists last season and is almost the same.

In the continuing high number sent assists, while Trey – Yang will own turnovers dropped to 3.8, the lowest of his career. His 46.6 percent shooting and 38.8 percent three-point shooting is a career high.

Trey – Young weakened yet? Obviously no. Free throw is not reality, but Trey – Young sophisticated themselves in other ways. Official data yesterday, Trey – 57.1% of the vote Yang hit rate is the second highest league, second only to Adelaide.

Admit it, many people Terre – Yang is biased, that he only cast https://www.maillotbasket6.coma blind three-pointers and rear foul, but Trey – Yang has already proved just how good.

After being eliminated the Bucks last season, Trey – Young said: “This year we have made such a big success, we all know that’s a start.”

Author: georgesroom