Football full mighty!This brave + strong movement, Chinese people have a helpless

For the 14th National Games Shandong Media Interview GroupThree basketball courts, but away from the rugby competition in Xi’an City.From the media village to the Xi’an Sports Institute, you need more than an hour, but the reporters are not tired.

Because this exercise belongs to the absolute cold doors in China, this is an endless charm, which is the movement of the unruly brave and strong.Moreover, on this project, Shandong occupies the status of absolute domain.

On the evening of September 18, the Shandong Men’s Rugver Team took 26:7 to the Beijing team in the final, and realized the three consecutive championships of the Rugby project of the National Games.The previous women’s team finals, five Shandong girls won the champion with the Olympic joint team; because the main team members represent the Olympic joint team, the Shandong team that has affected the affected women’s football bronze medal.

Seven people rugby in my country is a relatively famous competition. It is the official competition of the 14th National Games. It has a total of 18 minutes. It is divided into two, 9 minutes in the first half, 9 minutes in the second half, two games It is resting between 2 minutes. This kind of competition is characterized by a single game, and the speed is fast, and it is highly confirmed.

At the 12th National Games, the seven-person rugby began to formally set up. The next thirteenth transport and this year’s full port, Shandong won the championship on the men and women projects.

Why is the leader of Shandong a national football? Lu Xiaohui’s reason: “China Agricultural University is the first school in China. At that time, the enrollment mainly came from the northern region. Among them, Shandong players, I am one of them. Then we represent the Chinese national team to participate in Asia and the world. “

The Rio Olympic Games cycle, seven people rugby becomes an Olympic project, gradually paying attention to the country, and more people participate in it, Shandong Province’s football team established. Lu Xiaohui and his teammates entered the Shandong Provincial Team and the city of Shandong Province to popularize the development of rugby, establishing a team, establishing a provincial government, and promoting the development of Shandong football. In the words of Lu Xiaohui, after the team was completed, everyone spread to all parts of the country like seeds, and went to popularize the football project.

In addition to the team of the seven-person football final stage of the National Games, in addition to the team members of the Shandong team, other teams also have a lot of Shandong athletes and coaches. “I am Shandong, the last National Games represent the inner Mongolia men’s team, and they became the main coach of Inner Mongolia. Now that nearly half of our teams are introduced from Shandong, and they are important in the team. The role. “Introduction to the head of the Inner Mongolia Women’s Rugby Team, said.

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As a football player from Shandong, Li Dachao was very envious of Shandong football development environment. “Shandong rugby started early, and the rugby in all over the city has developed very well. Sports comprehensive strength, the selection team is wider, this is the other province. “

Lu Xiaohui, a total coach of Shandong Province, said that Shandong football is about to upgrade to 2.0 era, “If this before Shandong football is still 1.0 stage, then from the fifteenth day period, Shandong Rugby will upgrade to 2.0 era, the primary goal of 2.0 era is While maintaining the strength of the women’s team, let the men quickly rush out of Asia and go to the world. “

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What is embarrassing, compared with Europe and the United States, my country’s rugby movement is in absolutely weak position, especially men, and strength is not at a grade. The Chinese men’s football team is the same as Chinese football. It is impossible to rush out of Asia, although it is what the world is like, but there is no experience. The Chinese women’s football team won the seventh in the Tokyo Olympics, which is that they participate in the Olympics for the first time, and they can achieve latest election news in india this achievement.

According to industry insiders, there is almost no gap between Chinese players and American players, but in terms of growth environment. The American child starts insepass exercise from a birthplace and can be trained earlier, and China’s athletes are often in this movement after fifteen six years old. Chen Keyi, a 26-year-old Chinese women’s football team, said that he was 15 years old to start practicing rugby.

Rugby only allows the defenders to “puff” and hold people “push, block”, so the body confrontation is the characteristics of rugby, and football is frequent, often referred to as “violent aesthetics” in sports.

The US “Super Bowl” related data shows that the participating athletes are 1.90 meters high, with an average weight of 136 kg. Compared with them, my country’s rugby players are very small in “tonnage”. As Yuan Feng said: “Rugby’s requirements for physical fitness are very high, compared to foreign players, my country’s players have to improve, in front of the absolute power, talking technology is no meaning.”

Moreover, football movements are relatively poor in our “soil”. “The peak rate of rugby in the United States and the United States can reach 90%, less than 1% in my country.” Beijing football team general coach said.

Football has originated in the United Kingdom in 1823, which is very popular in the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia. Especially in the United States, it is very popular, developed into “American football”, which is what we often say “American Football” is called the first big movement in the United States. Up to December 1990, China’s first football team was established in China Agricultural University. Subsequently, rugby movement gradually developed in some large and medium-sized cities in our country.

In 2013, the seven people rugby project entered the National Games, and many provinces began to actively form their teams in such a context. At present, my country has 22 professional level football teams.

“With the changes in sports cognition, the development of rugby in China is getting better, but there is still no truly better. Now mainly from all over the country, due to the heat of the track and field, Ball, good seedlings are mostly selected by other sports teams, most of the players who practice football are from track and field, football, handball and other teams ‘excavation’, basic skills and tactical literacy are not very good, can be said to be ‘half the way home’. Lu Xiaohui said.

In Lu Xiaohui, the door of the campus “open”, letting the rugby move into the campus, let more children know, touch the football, Chinese football can be better, develop faster.

Beijing rugby female team coach Ma Jiale said that China’s football is weak, and it is hoped that the state has supported support, so that more excellent people can be discovered and persisted. The blend of body education is a powerful initiative to cultivate talents, so that excellent players can play with both balls, and learn, if they can be solid, it will be beneficial to the development of rugby in my country.

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