For the livelihood of rushing altar tramp: Seventeen-year-effectiveness 14 teams into all stars still traded

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He has seen the majestic spirit of Manhattan’s free goddess, and I have seen the magnificentness of the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge; he has seen Hollywood starlight, and I have seen the drunken blizzast in Las Vegas. He is a backpack, a person to travel, a person witnessed the scenery along the way, holding the camera, takes the scenery along the way, record the mood along the way, this is what he wants.

Edwin Jackson

Edwin Jackson

But he is a professional baseball hand?

He thirteen years of career transfer 15 effective 14 teams to create a big union record

A week ago, Toronto Bluebird had a number of unknown cash in the Auckland sportsman in a pitcher Edwin Jackson. Before being traded to the blue bird, Jackson has been playing on behalf of the sportsist’s small parliament team, so after the transaction, I immediately got the final opportunity of the big alliance, Jackson said: “This is a surprise!”

He called the former teammate Franki-Montastas: “Hey, brothers, I may be traded. In the face of this, I must learn to be calm.”

After the completion of the transaction, Jackson was in the game of the San Francisco giant on behalf of the Blue Bird, and there was no victory. The 35-year-old veteran will complete the sessions of the Blue Birds, and the MLB career 14th The party show of the support team, the title of “the altar traveler”. 17 major alliance season transferred 15 times, for 14 teams, set up a lot of new records for the big alliance effective team.

On May 21, Beijing, he will once again represent the team in the game against the red socks, interesting, maybe there is no picture material, although he has already appeared in the MLB official website, but he is in the MLB official website, There is no photo of the game in the new east, and the two teams will send a pitcher area, giving Jackson temporary “P” a blue bird team labeled and his own one-inch synthetic propaganda picture.

In the official website, the introduction area of ??both sides of the official website, with Jackson document + team standard P, a publicity map

In the official website, the introduction area of ??both sides of the official website, with Jackson document + team standard P, a publicity map

In fact, Jackson’s career is not always wandering. In 2013, the worsaw team has given Jackson a four-year contract, but in just two years later, the bear will put Jackson in the transition list. Perhaps Jackson has become accustomed to constantly transfer, more accustomed to disappointment.

Jackson and Wife Alika are children who are born in military people. They are used to tramps and travel, which can be used in the successful experience of sports at home. They have always wanted to continue to stay in Auckland. The blue bird once proposed to Jackson Against a higher contract, but Jackson is still staying in Auckland.

From 2003 to 19 years, Jackson has 5 seasons to have functions in 2 teams.

From 2003 to 19 years, Jackson has 5 seasons to have functions in 2 teams.

Wandering career! He has never been used as a cornerstone

In the 1980s, Jackson’s father old Edwin served the US military in Newuhim in Germany, ushered in the son small Edwin, eight years ago, Jackson past and forth with Germany and Louisiana, the father succeeded Moved to Georgia, where Jackson became the best owner of the intersection, and won the 4A Sanzhou Champion in 2001.

In 2001, the Six-round sign will be selected, and then the Taguchi will be transformed from the owner from the owner of the country, and in 2003, Jackson was summoned to the big alliance in 19 years old. Jackson had a “God.” The left hand “Langdi Johnson, Jackson uses a six-game lottery” to grab the first victory from future celebrities players. Even how the outside world is optimistic about Jackson’s prospect, you can first send a lot of dodgers, Jem Tresi, no more opportunities, 2006, Dodge, in order to get the truncation of Dennis – Bayz, will be chip Send to Tampa Bay, this is the first transfer of his career.

For three years of the devil fish and rays, Jackson won the total coach “Silver Fox” Joe-Madden, gradually became a stable first round value, especially in 2008 with James Hillz, won 14 wins together, set The ray is high in Sorts Square. In the winter of 2008, the Tiger Team has been exchanged from the radioper, and Jackson has achieved an outbreak in the subsequent 2009 season. The results of the anti-defense rate 2.49, the first time (the only one) was selected for all star games, when Jackson had just played some worth, thinking that Detroit will be his future home, then the tiger is for Max-Shelze to translate him to the snake, then It is white socks and rickets.

Jackson’s birthday seems to be a curse, just have a good performance to dig away by other teams, or be used as a trading chip, in fact, there is no team to treat him as a cornerstone.

In 2011, the red tones in order to hit the playoffs, I hope that Jackson will add the first round value, and he will not be expected to be expected. The three premises of the National Federation finally won the victory, and the fourth battle of the World Contest, this is the only world contest for Jackson career, and the first game is Josh-Hamilton hits long. In the sixth party, the sixth bureau continuously pushed, and the teammates lost a full of all the guns to swallow.

After the red spot wins, Jackson came to the seventh stop of the seventh stop of the seventh stop of Washington, although the defense rate was 4.03 high, the WHIP value 1.128 and San Zhenbei were the best in his career, which made him start with the bear in 2013. The four-year 52 million contracts, however Jackson has never solved the problem of unstable ball, in the first two seasons, the scratfro 33 lost, the defense rate is also up to 5.58, the 2013 season small bear always coach Rick- Londea can only put it in the cowshed, and then I can’t bear it, Jackson’s Jackson, who entered the year, spent the peak period, complete “cool”.

Subsequent Jackson Turning the Warriors, Marlin Fish is a long trunk or failure in the cowshed, and only the big coarse priest and an emergency turn-free national willingness to give Jackson’s first chance, 2018 to 2018 four seasons In, Jackson changed the seven East, how did you express? The defense rate is larger than 5.0 or more, but it can be stable at many moments.

Treaded 18 jersey numbers

Jackson passed through three numbers in Dodge, plus 15 numbers of the 13 east, Jackson passed through 18 numbers.

– In 2004, I used to pass on the 22nd, and a left of the four years later, he is Kretton-Krham.

– From Jackson passed through, Jackson passed by Jackson.

– Jackson worn in the 22nd roll of Rush, this jersey was accompanied by the 6th All-Star, the two silver bat prize winners Wil Clark, the 2006 World Contest MVP David – Exxitan and The famous “iron complement”, the future in the seven years of the seven-year Mike Mike in the future.

– Career two-degree effective national period, Jackson passed through No. 33 and 40, and 33 was a famous bearer, Walker, and 40 people will not be unfamiliar, “Bao Island’s light” Wang Jianmin once The national passed through 40.

– Jackson passed by Jackson, in 2016, was a teammate-Hilz, who was a famous Hall of Mike, Piazza and rays.

Jackson said: “In fact, in the process of this 14th team, some teams will let you want to quit, I want to go home, I want to cry. And for me, this feels more difficult, I will try myself, prove yourself Can stand out in the big alliance. “

Take the 13 teams, with Jackson’s Dominica, who took the World Competition, the World Competition, the domicate, Oakternavia, Dortler, complained before a few years ago: “I just continued to rent apartment rent, can pick After the transfer of the transfer, I have to inform my wife to pack my bags. “

Although Jackson with 14 teams set a major league record, but in fact the effectiveness of Major League players to break double-digit lot of people, and in all levels of four minor league baseball player to make a living are even more numerous, they are to baseball dreams, For the sake of livelihood,
rushing tourism, like travelers, but there is no choice but to understand. They can never touch the tip of the MLB pyramid, which is because these “screws” players build tower bases, and the MLB pyramid can be very stable, pay tribute to “travelers”!

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