Former League Pitcher Butler to participate in Korean Warm Emotional Crash Kick Gloves

MLB pitcher Eddie Badler is a rookie in the Coloradoky farm system. As the first round of 2012, Badler has paid an amazing data at Dres University, and the Rocky team has been listed as the top ten new stars in the small alliance.

In the small alliance, Badler showed people’s talents. The spheres were diverse and the four stitch speed balls also reached 94 miles / hr. Go to the player. In the small alliance, he also developed a shift ball, and the general pitcher was different, and Badler’s variable speed ball was very fast, and the speed was close to 90 miles / hour. For less than two years, Badler completed the third-level hopping and landing of the small alliance.

But Badler’s days in the big league is not as much as the small alliance, and experienced a series of bleak boarding, Luoji team finally reluctantly gave up Badler. Eddie Butler has a total of Jochi’s effectiveness for three seasons. The self-blame rate is as high as 6.50, and the 6 wins and painted 16 defeat, such data has also been traded to Chicago Bear in February 2017.

After coming to Chicago, Badler seems to be like open, the 2017 season 4 wins and 3 defeated all year round, the self-shacks of 11 games drops below 4 or less. In the second year, the multiplayer trading of Kor-Hamels, Badler was traded to Texas to visit the Texas, and he came to the new team, his performance, his performance, representing the tour, the cavalry was 22 times, the venue was close The self-blame of 6.47 is directly allowed to make the tourist soldier stopped with his cooperation.

As a result, NC dinosaur with
the Korean Professional Baseball League KBO has signed a one-year annual contract with the NC dinosaur of the Korean Professional Baseball League KBO after the end of the 2018 season. So far, Badler did not show his strengths, and the 3 wins and 6 loss of Badler in the Korean duty robes were 4.27.

Today, Badler is red on the Internet, because he kicked gloves in the game of Korean duty rod last night, and video was mad on the Internet. Butler was “crushed” by netizens. It is expected to be a good performance here and then high-profile returning to MLB, but it is too nervous that he is too critical to himself.

At that time, Badler saved a player in the case of a full number, perhaps because there was no position that the curling was caught, Butler was kicked in the stadium and kicked his own baseball gloves, the referee I also looked at the eyes, and the NC dinosaur quickly called the game to comfort the emotions.

The most strange thing is that Badler is very good at that time. At the fifth game, it is only 1 point, far excellent in the other first performance this season.

The total coach of the NC dinosaur did not change him because of Badler’s temper, and finally Badler’s first seven game was knocked out 4 points and his responsibility, NC dinosaur finally scored 0-6 scores The three-star lion is lost.

There is media analysis, maybe Badler is not adapted to the Korean rod want to return to the United States or in his first hair, the team lacks offensive fire support, but no matter what reason, the former union pitcher Eddie-Butler’s career is walking Downhill.

Author: georgesroom