From the small alliance contract to all-star first 36 years old, the second spring, the second spring is adjusted

Written / Zhang Zihan

Hunt Pens has always been a “wonderful” of the baseball world.He didn’t have a beautiful pitch. He didn’t have a strong striker, and even a little strange.But in the past ten years, you will always find that he is the main
force in the MLB playoffs level team.Whether it is an owner or a specified blow, Pens is always the underestimated role.

At the end of the last season, a fan thought that Pens would be retired.Before the battle of the last home, he delivered a tear from the fans of the San Francisco Giant team, which was delayed in the free player market.

But the 36-year-old Pens once again found a place in the big alliance. After signing the small alliance contract with the Texas Route, he showed a good spirit of the spiritual face and squeezed into 25 people. The new season is a second spring of the career. And as a fireer assignment of the United States.

Although it was finally the ruins of the inguinal straits, they did not be in Cleveland, but Pens said: “It is very good to prove that you can prove that yourself in the new team!”

The giant era falls in the curtain star owner’s hand is a substitute

At the end of the 2018 season, Pens prior to the five-year value of $ 90 million in contract expired. There is almost no team including a giant, and Bais will continue to heat in MLB.

Out of the respect for the Covenant, the giant held a commemorative ceremony for Pens on the last day of the regular season in 2018, celebrating his years in San Francisco, but this also announced that the team closed with Pens 2019 reunion. door.

Penz’s last time in all star games returned to 2014, and since then, the fell in the year-year competitive state is also affected by injuries.

The WRC + of Penz, 2015 is an amazing 124, but a variety of injuries let him only play 52 games. His long-winning ability fell to 13 complete homes in the new career, and his hit three surrounded by 2017, the length of the hitting is until. 260 / .316 / .385, the length of the final rate fell below 40%.

Last season, the contribution to Pens in the court could not be a qualified substitute, the 2,3.8% of his career. Less than 60% of OPS makes him a substitute, the fall of offensive firepower and even wavefront, and the body of the sliding world has gradually disappeared.

If Pens is forced to retire after the end of the season, it will not be surprised. The baseball concept has changed the player, and many teams focus on reconstruction, and the old players don’t have much survival. But after I found a new home in Texas, Pens showed that he still belongs to the leader of the alliance.

Also want to continue the contest winter adjustment action

“I want to continue the game,” Pens said after the last game on behalf of the giant. “Everything is uncertain. I hope that I can finally find the https://www.maillotspascherfr.comopportunity, I will do my best, because I want to prove that I am a medium-sized column of a season.”

In the last season with the giants, Pens was almost used a whole year, and Pengs, who was fighting for a whole year, decided to completely change his waving movement, and travel to Dominican Winter League to test your own waves during the winter. Adjustment.

During the Spring Exercise, Pend was talking about his fighting philosophy: “Not necessarily what we said, I will try to use the ball to sweep through the whole good shield as much as possible to make the ball in a good shot, then use the body Strength transfer, back and legs coordinate my waving action. This data is too simple, the longer the ball is in a good shield, the greater the possibility of hitting the baseball. “

Pens’s waving action determines that he is a flying hopper, but he played more flying balls this season. The flat flipball only needs to eat the ball, and the Pengz new blow strategy is a little higher than the hit angle, and each strike tries to hit the middle and lower edges of the ball. The growth rate of Sales in 2019 increased by 6%, while the ball is also reduced in the same ratio.

Shake one change into a center beater Pensil pressure JD into all-star first

Pengz from the small alliance contract came to the tournament and played a convincing number. From the giant replacement to become a huncher in the center of the tour.

After the season, Pends only came to 55 games but he regained the past offensive firepower. He has improved the problem in the past few seasons, and the strength seems to be gradually returned, and excellent 608 long hits are ranked 11th in MLB. Texas Ranger Stadium is conducive to players to play, but Pens 46.3% of the hitting rate is sitting in the real recovery rather than relying on the main field advantage.

What’s more, Pengs occasionally skewers have also been successful. At the end of May, the sign-on sliding confiscation has been confiscated to baked people Putue, and it is a few days to complete a record in the game. “Willi Metz Edition “The back of the moon killed the five good balls on the day.

Pens’s 15th Barrier is his new high since 2014. His offense index. 962 is the highest in his career. Finally, Pressure Boston’s red socks without dead corner, JD-Martinens, became all-star first DH, and Pens is true.

Adjusting the waves and moves into a key Pens by the original master

Most of Pens is attributed to him to re-adjust the waving actions. Penz’s waving actions are placed in any level of baseball coach may all be returned, but Pens has been a good data from the strange movement, and the coach has never thought about him.

Now Pens’s blowing movements are still a little strange than ordinary baseball players, he still has MLB’s most watching. The only difference between Pens adjusted his hand holding a battles than that, just this point brought substantial changes to Pens.

Pens’ hand is not a low-end of the ball, but leaves a part of the space. He keeps the ball before hitting the ball to be parallel to the ground. When the stick, Pengs is more erect than before, which is the reason why Pens is hitting progress.

“I think the great athlete can do this,” The Giant Coach Bruce – Boqi said before the rise of Pengs, the past disciple. “ Good players will definitely find ways to adapt to competitions. The so-called youthful spring does not exist, but can change their peaks by changing themselves, and the change of Pens is really impressive.”

Over the years, a large number of MLB players retrieve their careers by changing the waves. Whether it is a Tangki Tricks Jaster-Turner’s Flying Ball Theory or Pens is rebalancing his hurt focus. This is nothing relationship with age, the most important thing is to overthrow the movement of the action to reshape muscle memory, this is the key to the rise of these veterans.

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