Gerard Green with Shenjing training! The Rocket Lausa is supervised by Salas and laughs.

The rocket coach Sierrac gave Jay-Green’s injury news. He said that Green is temporarily will not return, he will accept a review after a week and see if it can come. In the previous game with the bull, Jay Green was injured in the last minute of the last minute of the last minute, and he did not participate in this game. Then in the next Rocket team and the Hornets, the only new show can only have a center Alperen – Shen Jing.

We know that the Rockets have the most stable rookie players in this season. Jay-Green although there is a 3-point outstanding performance, most games, Jay Green’s performance is not strong enough, although there is a single 20+ score account from time to time, but obviously compares stability and efficiency, King’s slightly wins. Christopher and Garba are playing the union snake team. The snake team has now won the opening of 7 consecutive victories, which is not open to Garbaba and TOEFL.

But ShenIn is obviously one of the rocket coach Sierras, one of the last tits, and the second center of the Rockets, and the next and Hornets, facing Gao Da Shengmei Mason Pramley, Obviously Wood, the Rockets of Shenting is the most important internal tower. In response to this game with the Hornets, Shenjing also conducted single training.

From the video, we can see that ShenIn not only practiced a large number of bottom three-pointers, but also trained with the New Year – Gerald Green. Green accompanied Shenjing to return in the Rocket Site, which is to train this big manual capacity. After all, now in NBA, the center is too slow, it can’t be mixed here. Only the speed, height, can fight against all the offensive and defense capabilities, can you eat in the alliance.

Shen Jing belongs to a very comprehensive center, low single-play, high-level medium-sized and exterior three-pointers, and even the three-pointer in the season has exceeded 40%. However, the speed of Shen Jing is not particularly fast. Therefore, Gerard Green also accompanied the training and returning to Shenjing in the training. In order to make Shenjing into a fast and flexible all-around center.

Interestingly, the Rockets’ assistance John Lucas also supervised by the Rockets of Gerard Green. The Rockets head coach Steven Sierras is looking at the performance of 3 people and laughs after the training is over. It is seen that after the Rockets ends 15 games, the mood of Sierras is a lot.

At least he has not yet the danger of get out of class, after defeating the Bull Team, the Rockets finally found some chemical reactions and winning a good party. I believe in the next two home competitions, the Rockets will continue today.

Author: georgesroom