Give the ball without affecting the mood Dodge Pitcher Liu Xianzhen please ask the teammates to eat Korean barbecue

On June 26, Beijing time, Dodge Korean pitcher Liu Xianzhen took the couple of couples in the individual social media asked the teammates to eat Korean barbecue photos. Although Dodge lost the ball in the game of the strong enemy snake in the same area yesterday, everything did not cast a good mood to eat barbecue.

Liu Xianzhen eats Korean barbecue with his teammates after Yesterday. When you eat meat, you still haven’t forgotten to share it with the fans. The photo appeared in the photo, Liu Xianzheng, Walker, Biller, Star Triassor, Justin, Turner, Old Captive Russel O Martin, and first pitcher Rossh-Steritberin also has Liu Xianzhen’s investment Partner Austin Barnes and other players.

Liu Xianzhen’s catcher Bathz also commented in the commentary: eat more barbecue, and play more.

After the end of the 24th, Dodge came to Arizona to prepare a new co-district civil war. In order to usually want to eat Korean barbecue Dodge friends, Liu Xianzhen reserves dinner at the local Korean restaurant. It is reported that dinner is from Liu Xian Zhen.

Dodge Liu Xianzhen is a well-known “eat goods”. After coming to MLB, I often upload photos with my teammates in the Korean restaurant. Since the 2016 season of serious shoulder injury, he tanned with a photo of a teammate in the small union in Korea barbecue restaurant “supplement nutrition”.

This season, Liu Xian Zhen vote, the most brilliant year of his career, 1.27’s self-blame, locked a full star. He originally planned to start the main investment in the 28th, but now because of the Tony Kun Solin of the 3A Level 3A League, Liu Xianzhen’s first session is postponed for a day, will be on the 29th and Rocky Depeying in the battle.

The National Association of the United States has recently been exhausted, there is a game for 18 consecutive days, and there is a message to show that in order to make the first round value to rest and adjust the 3A-level pitcher.

Author: georgesroom