He tried to open the heavy 门: Pioneers from Jiaziyuan to MLB

池 星

池 星

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Known by Baseball is “20 years of rare gichi” Nikkar, from the US MLB “Triumph” returned – March 21st, in Tokyo Dome, he used the Seattle Sailor Team to make a pitcher’s identity. Completed his first show at the Great Stage (MLB).

“I have been preparing to welcome this day. I hope to open a good color for a new career with good results.

In the past two months, January 3, the first day, the first Japanese duty, the West Wuli team, Hua Dan, in the focus of countless magnesium light, successfully signed the Seattle Sailor Team, finally boarded the dream of the Great Position (MLB) big alliance Stage.

Juchi Xiongicle and Legendary Player Suzuki

Juchi Xiongicle and Legendary Player Suzuki

27 years old, no longer a professional baseball hand, the most golden age – on the mlb stage, Juchi Xiong stars or later generations, quite some “universal evening”; but the matter, he is as a day The “predecessors” of Xiangping, the star, is a pioneer who has tried to push the “high school graduation to enter the MLB” that heavy door, the pioneer of the Japanese baseball world.

In the autumn of 2009, the Japanese baseball industry “Super New Star” Juchi Xiongicle, bitter to obstructed the Japanese baseball world, between the daily position and the agency, and the grievances have chosen to leave. At the famous conference, the 18-year-old Chrysanthemati smashed the tears of the Japanese baseball industry, and the Japanese baseball was shaped, and the Japanese baseball came to “freedom development” “independent choices”.

From Japan’s “Jiaziyuan” to the US MLB Grand League, Jichi Xionkong has passed a struggle and meaningful way.

12 years, the big boy in the tears, the big boy ended MLB stage

Time dials back to two months ago, Seattle, USA. On January 4, 2019, at the Seattle Sailor, he was held for him, and Xiku Xiong was smiled brightly.

“For these three years, I am more and more intense to MLB. I recall, I am aiming at MLB has been 12 years. Now my real feelings are, MLB, I am finally here!” The darling of Japanese counsel borders almost All asked in English.

In 12 years, one thing to persistence – Jumei’s persistence of dreams, can be seen from his fluent English.

However, the process is tortuous before the end of the arrival.

In the autumn of 2009, the “Jiaziyuan” super new star Juchi Xiong star is directly challenge MLB after graduating from high school, or temporarily rooted NPB, which triggered the competition and burst of the Japan.

As a “Wizard”, the United States, the United States, the daily-duty rod alliance, the team wants to visit him. After entering high school, challenge the big alliance is his biggest dream, and it is also necessary to start psychological preparation from the small alliance.

In 2009, Jichi Xiong stars tears

In 2009, Jichi Xiong stars tears

However, at the 2009 professional baseball draft election, at the Shanxi Wuli Team, the Sanqi Tiger team, the Sailing Giant team, the Northeast Lotte Jinxi, the Sino-Japanese Dragon Team and the Hokkaido Japan Ham Fighter competed for him. In the end, Jichi Xiong Star chose to develop in Japanese baseball biliary, joined the West Wuli team.

On September 25, 2009, Jichi Huixing held a press conference and announced that in Japanese Professional Baseball (NPB) – 18-year-old “Super New Star” tears release conference, soothe the tears. So far, many Japanese baseball reporters remember this classic scene.

From the era of Huali, MLB scouting, he didn’t leave, no matter the peak trough.

At the third grade of high school, Xiki Xiongshi fought Achizi Garden in spring and summer, detonating the competition of Japanese and American baseball scouting. The fastest ball is 154 kilometers per hour. When throwing a slide, the ball suddenly draws a large radian-Juchi Xiong star in front of his hand, often controls the opponent’s hitting hands with an overwhelming advantage. Such a “Super New Star”, which attracted more than 20 teams in Japan and more than 20 teams to the lobby to join.

Japanese team, there is a good PPT, and there is also an empty hand to come directly. The Great Works of the United States (MLB) also sent a active player, personally came to the high school of the flowers of the Japanese Hand Prefecture, and even brought the photo of Shichuan Liao, you can also like Shichuan, the highest level in the world. Show your hero on the stage. At that time, it was effective to Nolan, Lai’an, which was also talking to the knee.

池 雄

池 雄

Many years later, Chry Chrychi revealed that in fact, his heart has been “tilted” in the direction of MLB. However, the dream is achieved, but it has encountered unexpected anti-wind.

To put it, Juki Xiong Star is directed to the MLB heart, derived from the existence of MLB scouting. Moreover, strengthening his dreams is the warm heart of the scout: no matter the peak or frustrated, it will always be around, and never give up.

When the first year of Jane Chiko, he participated in the Summer Baseball Conference of the Summer Summer, and became a hopes of the hopes of the Summer Summer, the high school, and in the Summer Middle School. However, after this, returning to the flower rolls, or because it is too powerful, it is caught in a deep trough.

Young Chrykech

Young Chrykech

That winter, in the Lonely Hand County Flower City, a former MLB Dodge player came, the same as the Japanese Island Guowei City. The island is a scout as a mlb to examine the Xiongtan. Since then, the small island will come to watch Juchi’s race of Juchi every https://www.mlbboutique2.com month, which has become a large heart pillar in the adversity.

It is from that time, Juxi has begun to put “high school graduation directly”, listed as its own career goal.

Dodge was once the dream team of Juchi

Dodge was once the dream team of Juchi

There is a tradition of the Shundong High School Baseball: After the new members join the baseball, they must fulfill a ceremony, which is to fill in a “target formulation” and 81 total.

In the positive in the form, Jaughter wrote:

“The coach also suggested that I said that I will log in to MLB in high school, it is a good thing. So, this is my goal. The key is to set the target, it is good for yourself.”

Holding this strong sense of magnificent, Chrysanthemone in the summer of the third year of the high school, after completing the war of Jiaziyuan, it is impossible to go to MLB – I want to go https://www.maillotsenligne.com to the baseball, is his true voice.

The teacher’s heart has left the remorse: I killed a child’s dream.

Who can think of, against the wind, but in an unexpected way, can’t get rid of the land.

After disclosing your dreams in the outside, unexpected rumors, starting the storm, hitting the sun, hitting the people around him, including the entire flower rolls East: The school received a paper-like protest fax. A baseball reporter of a full-time interview with high school baseball remained that Jichi received an unrestricted email, hinted that MLB was introduced into Ju Chikin from Japan.

High school graduates will enter MLB, who will be such a dream public, as if anyone is the “rebellion” in the Japanese baseball world, is “reverse child” – this is 2009, Juchi High School graduated, shrouded in him. Atmosphere.

So, https://www.trikotskaufenn.com at the conference in 2009, Jiuchi left a large tears – from the high school first year to the third grade, he has been a dream, but in the end, he chose to be unlocking It is closed in the heart of the heart.

Want Chry Chry Chryschi Xiong Star at the tears, “At that moment, I felt a child’s dream, I was cruelly killed.” Ju Chi Chu’s Xiong Star, the Saso Muo Coach in the East High School.

池 雄 and his compatriots big valley

池 雄 and his compatriots big valley

“Now, I am very happy to achieve the dream of going to the big alliance, I hope he will cheer. Honestly, he is not easy.” Recalling a scene of 2010, Sasaki is also emotion.

In 2013, in 2013, the Da Valley of the Shundong High School graduates came to the career, and Japan’s high school graduates began to enter the United States. “When I arrived at the big valley, I became more easy. Because some https://www.b2bshopp.com people do the forerunner, try to push the door, that is the male star.”

However, in the year of graduation in the high school, the wind direction of the times is very different. A high school student, dreams directly enter the perfect position after graduation, and the outside world is blown. Despite this, Sasaki is willing to stop the windshield of Ju Chiko, helping him take all against and attack.

Sasaki encouraged Chry Chrykech, “Choose your favorite front road, I support you!” “Take your own way, let him comment.” The key is that Sasaki believes in the Japanese baseball world, “high school graduated to enter the big alliance This day is not far away! “

“Since I have to go, I will be like a new trainer, as a pioneer on both sides of the Pacific. However, the final result is trembled. Although I didn’t force him to give up the dream, but in that conference On the tears, I am also reflect on: Is it me, use a way to turn back, let him give up the dream? It is us, cruelly killed a child’s dream. “

In fact, during the press conference, the parents of Chrykech were rare to the son’s future form. “We still want you to go to the United States.” “Because in the United States, you can play freely. And in Japan, You must play a score in the first year, otherwise, the destroy is between a gap. “

Self-pockets, training, training, training, secret: unremitting self-investment

Parents’ concerns are not worried about worry. After joining the professional baseball border, in Japan, Jiuchi Xiongshe has experienced all kinds of hardships.

His coaches are all enlarged, which in turn triggers. He suffered too much pressure, so that his spherical speed fell to 135 kilometers per hour. It is a hard work that he is crawling from the low valley.

A good pitcher, outside the exception of exceptional physical conditions and technical specialties, need to be confident and calm, and even have a leader. Juchi starts to accept psychological coaches from the second season of careers. In addition, there have been a variety of training, so far he has signed a personal agreement with a number of trainers, including physical coaches and competitive state guardians. He also accepts various data detection to restore fatigue in time. In order to achieve the transfer of the US MLB Grand League, he also uses the spare time to report English classes and persevere.

All of this, all are Ju Chikin himself himself. In order to improve yourself, he has always been invested for himself – it is not exaggerated, it is all this, support Jiuxi Xiong Star from NPB to MLB 12 years.

Not simply consumption, but obsessed with self-investment-Juchi Xiong stype’s secrets, but also affects the guidance of children’s guidelines for children.

“Xiong Star starts from the high school era, for money and time, only invests, does not consume. From the parents there, you can buy food and books to enhance the body’s development, and there is also a DVD that is high. Said that he has been self-investing in the future from the high school period. “

Compared with 10 years ago, the current Juchi Xiong Star is more stable.

Compared with 10 years ago, the current Juchi Xiong Star is more stable.

After walking on the professional baseball road, Juxi Yang still insists on self-investment, the source is constantly drawing, then goes to the rough memory, “Just like the carving, a little bit, grinding everything is un needed, otherwise, there is no today Chrysanthemum star. “

On March 21, 2019, when Jichi Xiong stars played in the “Tokyo Dome”, I believe in the scene of the “Tokyo Jar”, I believe that the scene of the past 12 years is like a horse, in his own side. Brush in your mind. Before this unveiled battle, he has been listed in the US media as one of the new stars TOP5, the 2019 season, the United States, and the Fubes magazine.

The 27-year-old Juchi is finally pushed open the door door of the Great League.

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