How many crazy fans in Wang Yuan? The joint hat instantly was grabbed by the kickman tens of thousands

A large number of fans waiting to purchase Wang Yuanlian hood

A large number of fans waiting to purchase Wang Yuanlian hood

Wang Yuan boarded the MLB on-site, not only created the history of the Chinese mainland, but also let the outside world feel the extent of personal fans. I still remember that the official Xuan Weibo turned tens of thousands of joint caps, is it a matter of being grabful? It can only be said that there is a fan of Wang Yuan, and there is a fan of fans.

Wang Yuan was born in 2000 and is a post-family star. If he is calculated according to its November 8th, he is only 18 years old by November 8, 2018. That is to say, today’s Wang Yuan is only 17 years old, it is really fired.

Official Weibo

Official Weibo

Does Wang Yuan have multiple fire? There was a media report that there was a fan following it regardless of it. Once there was a time, there was a fan drove to chase Wang Yuan’s vehicle, and even private rice used dangerous driving behavior of overtaking, don’t have cars, and even on the way to go home on the way “blocked” him.

This is enough to prove that Wang Yuan is fire. On the evening of June 11 this year, Wang Yuan took a selfie on its INS. In the photo, he was a big show muscle line, eight chocolate abdominal muscles clearly visible.

Wang Yuan attaches great importance to keep your body

Wang Yuan attaches great importance to keep your body

The media said: the standard “dress is thin and stripped with meat”, the teenager really grows big! There is no doubt that in the face of Wang Yuan’s photo, the fans are almost crazy, and the screams of the screen are all. “Shuai Shuai Shuai!” “Too just!” “Table white Wang Yuan!”

Although INS is not like Weibo, proliferating newslets, etc., there is no microblog, but Wang Yuan’s photo, still triggered a sensation. Of course, there are also opponents to believe that Wang Yuan “There is no adult, should not fall” “To consider the level of acceptance of young fans, self-sufficiency”, etc.!

Wang Yuan powder powder is not just aimed at ordinary people, and even countless star big coffee has also been deeply convinced.

It is really great that Wang Yuan’s performance is really great. Whether it is Mo Penna, or a witch, or Sinba, it is simply, and Wang Yuan, who has undergoes the show. It is said that his just’s image is destroyed, mother-in-law wants to say that you are lovely in our heart, but it is just!

In fact, in addition to our like Wang Yuan, Han Xue’s impression of Wang Yuan is also very good. Even later expressing a fascia, I saw her seeing Wang Yuan’s laugh at the same time, she didn’t forget to applaud. It is really like an idol suddenly appears to us.

PS: The latest news is that Han Xue has taken a TV series with Wang Yuan’s cooperation in Chongqing. The inner in the play has become the mother of Wang Yuan.

Wang Yuan can have today’s popularity and influence, in addition to its own excellent, Wang Yuan’s fans’ fans are also very prominent. During the movie “Dot” release, Wang Yuan fi except for domestic foreign spontaneous package, online contact media company, the contracting cinema 5000 screens, and laid a good foundation for the “Dot”. Tens of dozens of discussion first, sitting on the title of the movie topic champion nail household.

From 2016, Wang Yuan’s fan economic effect continued to ferment. Wang Yuan and “Dot” crew Fan Bingbing, Chen Weizhen, Chen Xue Dongzhang, “Fashion Cosmo”, online pre-sale link, under the premise of limited, Wang Yuan single poster is online 48 seconds to sell 71319 volumes, sales More than 1.6 million, created a new record of the industry. TfBOYS’s endorsement, Wang Yuan single model has become a combination of 10,000 members in 47 hours, with sales of 1.1 million.

Only in the 16-year-old birthday of Wang Yuan, fans organized several public welfare responses. From the large-scale public welfare series of Bird’s Nest Giants, “Sky”, to AIM autism, children’s breeding room, multinational public welfare room, and then to join hands with the IFAW (the world’s largest animal welfare organization) Animal Fund named by Wang Yuan, THE ROY WANG Fund, there is a nursing home, UNICEF, Hanmen students to seek school … It can be said that Wang Yuan and his fans have always been in front of public welfare.

In July this year, Wang Yuan released a new personal English single song “The Wrong Things”. “The Wrong Things” as the tenth person of Wang Yuan, changed the day style, tune long, lyrics delicate, Wang Yuan sang this song with unique youth. The fans said that this song has been circulated all day, it is really good.

In the values ??of fans, it is necessary to make the connection of idol consumption, the connection between the internet is more closely integrated. “Love him will spend money for him” becoming a common value orientation in fan heart. Seeing the age of 12 years old, this kind of emotional relying on the self-container, the sense of identity and emotional dependence is from different ages, different levels, and the fans of different kilone, the fans of different generations have more powerful cohesiveness, and they are got each other Different pleasure.

The last sentence of the most like songs – I am really good! We believe this is also a lot of fans who want to say to Wang Yuan! grateful to have you! Thank you for meeting you!

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