Huazi talks and JB conflicts: their usual tricks to the rookie are fake, I don’t eat this set.

Beijing time on November 25th? A NBA regular season ended today, the forest wolf was 113 more than 101, after the game, the forest wolf player Anthony-Edwa was interviewed by the media, talked to the hot player Jimmy-Badler conflict.

Edwards said: “I really hate others to take the ball from my hands after the whistle, the ball is eventually to make the referee, you have no significance from my hands, this will not Accelerate your team’s serve. After he grabbed the ball, I wanted him to calm down, others I also want them to calm and tell them that the ball is given to the referee. “

“He is absolutely will not find anyone’s fight, that is, I will go to the demonstration, the usual trick to the rookie, no one wants to fight. I don’t eat this, all of them.”

This is 43 minutes, and Edward is 43 minutes, 27 shots 13, three points of the ball 15 6, cut 33 points 14 rebound 6 assists 3 steals.

Badler is 38 minutes, 9 shots 5, get 16 points 8 rebounds 5 assists

Badler, Edwards pushed each other to push the insurance referee, and the two parties were blowingRelated Links:

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