I can’t hold it! Simmons is exposed soon! NBA first wonderful

According to the Philadelphia reporter HoWard Eskin,

Due to the huge imposition of the team, the lagicle gold and lent consumption habits Simmons are about to bankrupt, he may be forced to return to the team.

The reporter said that Simmons consumption habits are very out, what exactly is there? The famous American media gave a list: Simmons purchased a luxury car worth about 500,000 gold.

Simmons purchased many luxury homes in Philadelphia, but they didn’t sell them. The luxury houses have to pay huge taxes per month.

Although Simmons signed 200 million contracts (including incentive clauses), the truly salary of $ 55 million (the rookie contract 26.6 million + last season is 29.25 million), this income has to deduct personal income tax.

NBA’s salary is issued on a month, but because Simons refuses to play, the team has applied to freeze his salary to the alliance.

And every time a game is deducted by the team, Simons has not got a salary for a long time.

Probably this is the legendary Philadelphia earned money in Philadelphia, and I want to take home.

This is no wonder that the team reporters will say that Simmons is currently on the verge of bankruptcy.

Simmons on the verge of bankruptcy is desperate, very desperate.

From the perspective of his appearance, the return of the return to Philadelphia can basically be born to death.

In my opinion, the main reason is his own.

This year’s break, Simmons is stiff in order to leave the team, and the relationship between management is stiff.

At this point, we can understand that, after all, Philadelphia has long https://www.nbatrikots4.com been moving to the thoughts of the Emperor, and then the main coach Rivers have also publicly open connotation, Simons does not want to take care of them.

But the key to the problem is that Simmons not only will manage cold treatment, but even the comrades who have killed the enemy together, they are also ignored by him.

According to Nabord said: I have repeatedly contact Simmons many times in the course, and even when he wants to leave, the teammates want to give him a candidate.

But Simons?

Not only don’t take care of him, even in the training after returning to Philadelphia, it still puts a stinky face and does not say hello, and refuses to communicate with others.

NBA helps basketball’s bridge, all of which are bloody sideways, watch Simons, decisive,

There are even many main disclosure claims: I will https://www.maillotbasket6.com do things well, rather than give others as a nanny. So awkward scene, in the final analysis, or Simons himself.

I can understand the idea at Simons: Anyway, I have to go, this is not touchless, and there is no contact opportunity in the future. What didn’t think of him, the team is so tough, would rather waste a starting point guard, and I don’t want to send him at a low price.

Now this scene is a bit awkward.

If you take the initiative to return to the team, even the main coach Rivers and the players don’t ridicule him, but they can only be a face brother, Simmons estimates that they should be in their hearts.

But if you don’t take the initiative to return to the team, the bank is tuned to find the door, it is not really an economic crisis.

Individual thinks, is it or a little?

After all, the https://www.maillotsbasketnbafr.com step is not only the sea, but also 4 years worth 14 billion salary …

Author: georgesroom