If the returned Roger, Rogers, if you return to Yijing, you will be blown

Alon Rogers is a historical level four-point guard, which is unquestionable. Last week, the package was in the game of the Chicago Bear team, Rogers sprained his own knees, but the four-point guard did not easily give up. He staged the “return of the king”, like a precise hunter to kill Chicago bear, bring The team won. This is a victory of Rogers, when this quarter-seized car leaves the court, when the four-point guards Shaun – Kaizie is hit by the bear, how many fans are full of despair. Alon Rogers is like a male protagonist in the Hollywood movie, returning from desperation, then saving the world. Today, the package of the streets is still popular with Rogers’s gods, but I don’t know, Alon Rogers took the battle to fight the battle of the elite four-point guard, just like Dragon Going to Wukong has become a stronger super-seizure each after the resurrection of death. Since Alon Rogers became the first quarter of the package, every time Rogers were injured, he always broke out the most powerful strength like Wukong.

In 2008, it was the first season of Alon Rogers as the first season of the first season of packaging. On September 28th, he was injured in the right shoulder of the Tamashi Bay pirate, while the package worker will face Atlantan Falcon. Rogers is only 7 days to restore health, until the morning, Rogers were approved to start. At that time, the coach of the packageman Mac-McCarti was specially emphasized to protect Rogers. As a result, Rogers did not take the coach arrangement. He brought the game into his rhythm, just like never injured. That game, Rogers came out of 313 yards, 3 of the 313 yards, the passing of the ball, the short pass, the long biography belongs to the hand. Although the packaged workers lost 3 points, Rogers got personal victory, and opened the elite four-point road.

On December 21, 2014, the package workers needed a victory to lock the season, and the first position of the seasons were needed to lock the season. In that game, Rogers were pulled out after passing a reachable, and the calf was forced to leave. At this time, 2 minutes left in the end of the half. The packaging work has to be sent to the four-point Swan Matt – Fuku, but Matt-Fuku’s performance directly allows the packaged staff to 14-0 leading advantage into bubbles. On the occasion of life and death, Rogers took injured back, and in 13 pass 11 in the remaining competition, 129 yards were up to 1 time, and even the injured leg was completed. Finally, help the package work 30-20 to win, lock the seasonal race empty, and the National North champion, and then the national affiliate partition battle, Rogers still dragged the injured legs, a total of 316 yards, 3 Dallast, with team intrusion The National Union Championship, however this is not a myth of Rogers to be injured.

In 2016, on November 28th, Rogers was injured again in the battle of the Female Eagle, and the packaging worker only took 4 wins and 6 losses, almost lost the hopes, but Rogers brought together A great performance. On December 4th, in a big snow, the packaging workers ushered in Houstown. The severe weather made Rogers’s left legs hurt, but his personal abilities overcome everything. The whole game, Rogers laked on the left leg continued to run, and there was 2 times in the mobile, once again led the team with the pain, led the team. However, God has continuously tested Rogers. After 7 days of Dragon Dragon, the right leg of Rogers was injured in the game of the Seattle Hawks on December 11. The left and right legs were injured. If you exchange other players, I can’t move, but Rogers turned “Super Saiyan” again, after leaving the sea eagle, he continued to hurt the battle to win the Chicago Bear. Since November 28, the left leg is beginning to end until the end of the regular season. Rogers led the package to obtain 6 consecutive victories, win the partition champion, all the way to the National Federation championship, injury to the strongest form of Rogers, and this is the world The road to “Run The Table”.

Since Rogers became the first quarter of the package, only three injuries have been injured (2013, the 2017 season clavicle fracture, the 2010 season brain shock) After Rogers returned to the brain, Rogers slammed the thousands of military and killed the super bowl and led the leadership championship.

Due to the first week’s knee injury, Rogers may absence all the training of the package for the week, but the four-defense has been prepared to take a wounded appearance, which is not just the package of the package and Viking. The reason, because of the last season of Rogers against the Viking people, they were reimbursed by the Anthony-Balfold season, leading to the strategic fracture season, and the packaging workers also lost the playoffs. If you say that the injuries can inspire Rogers’s fighting blood; then for Viking, the anger of Baltie is more completely inspired by his potential, in this double buff superimposed, the flame of the revenge will burn the entire stadium. If you want to know Rogers’s “Super Saiyan” form, please prepare, he can’t wait to hit the Mingnesota Weijing.


Author: georgesroom