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For a long time, the Physical Education Class in Wisconsin is NFL’s green bay packaging workers. The most popular star is also naturally known as “the man” active score the highest quarter-point Wei Alon Rogers.

However, the two major union teams in Wisconsin recently emerged. MLB’s Milwaukee winemaker took the Chicago bear of the championship last year, all the way to the national contest, but unfortunately grabbed the Qilu Los Angeles Daoqi. NBA’s Milwaukee Strokes do not have to show weakness, killing into the Eastern Finals, and some extent is “chasing” the performance of winemaking last season.

In the sixth game of the Bucks and Toronto Raptors, the last home family of the Bucks, the two brothers naturally have to come. The packaging workers are Alon Rogers and offensive cut off David – Barcati, winemaker coming is the Last Years of China MVP, Sino-Division Cristian – Jely. Interestingly, Barctiari did not sit with Rogers, but accompanied by Jeregia. Perhaps he wants to talk to Yelic, after all, I have been working with Rogers when I go to work, I always have to find a chance to breathe fresh air, I have to do something.

Sure enough, in the process of the game, in order to give the Bucks, Baxi is inspired the scene atmosphere. He is in the face of the audience two glasses, and then slammed up, his finger, Rogers, the other end of the stadium, ask him The head “means”.

In the sound, Rogers had to respond, he was prepared to do it, but it seems that Rogers is not good, frowning is broken, and I can’t drink a half cup. He shook his head and put it down. Barctiary is very unsatisfactory, and it is a cup that is bored, Rogers is very reluctant to slowly swallow the wine.

Jeregia live bucket

Jeregia live bucket

Jeregi sitting next to Baxiya can’t see it, this Ming put Rogers is a high power area, bullying small employees. Jeregge got up a cup of beer, turned to tell the audience, he also joined the battle, and burst more enthusiastic cheers in the audience. Although Jellic is the most sophisticated in the three people, but the sight of the “winemaker” is completely non-lively Bacati, he
is clean and lifted to the cup of the cup, and the arms are welcoming.

This round of Rogers is embarrassing, Jeregi is the same as MVP, the two points are equivalent, Rogers can sway the boss rack to Baxiya, which is not available to Yaleqi. Just just drinking a cup of Rogers has no power to fight again, and he is still a gesture. It is disappearing from Jeregi “not drinking”, but he has no practical action.

Say that Rogers can be a good hand, he once sent a guest’s winemaker to participate in the exercise, waving and powerful, able to take the ball out of the wall, can see his sports talents. He relys at the foreigner, and it is always possible to bring the packaging work of the configured unique in the future, especially in the 2011 Super Bowl, and therefore, many people think that it is true active football goat. .

However, the NFL season threatened to run the table in the playoffs, and finally, all kinds of defeat, and they have lost to the New Branch MVP Jerice. This season, Yelic’s play, with 19 strokes and collars, plus this banned wine, Rogers’s Wisconsin’s number one, afraid that it is not guaranteed.

Author: georgesroom