Lao Zhan is not deliberately hit Stewart? The parties responded: After reading the video, I don’t think it is an accident.

On November 27, Beijing time, Los Angeles will meet the challenges of the piston at the main court after two days, and this will also be in Stewart and James. Just just, the piston 96-107 did not affected the fast boat, and the striker after the game was interviewed, talked about his conflict with James! Is James deliberate?

Stewart said: “This will be my last time this thing, I have seen the video, I don’t think that is an accident!”

However, the Pistach coach Cases said: “Stewart and you have seen it in the video, if you put 9 people in that, they will probably make similar moves, no matter whether it is wrong It is also said that neutral, may not be fiercely as Stewart, but this is very unhappy.

I don’t think James is a dirty player. They can only say that they are unhappy, and I feel regretted for this Stewart! “

In fact, after Beijing time on November 25th, the Lakers defeated the pedestrians, that is, James has been officially returned, James responded to this matter, James said that she did not deliberately, then try to get rid of Stewart, Helling him is absolutely casual! And James reiterated that he was not a dirty type of player, it was also reasonable, but it was not necessary.

Previously, NBA Namler also commented on this round in the TV show. Miller believes that James is not intentional, he just wants to get rid of Stewart.

So, our old things, you think James is inadvertently hitting Stewart causing the blood dyeing, or said James is deliberate? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

Author: georgesroom