Life and death battle! Washington will not exclude the fire lines

January 1 (Wen / ESPN John Keim Compilation / Love Bao) Washington Football Team has not played any night game this season, but the first night game is the most critical – on the 17th week Life and death! Winning can be went out, and the situation of losing the iron is deployed, and the team is also clear who is the man who can lead them to victory, but his injury needs further recuperation.

Old will still have doubts about the current game of Alex – Smith, and he is still not able to participate in Wednesday, but he said it is planned. Smith said that the team has developed a plan to help him recover as soon as possible, so you can catch and participate in the key to the eagle this week.

“I am doing my best to prepare.” Smith said. He didn’t even have to stretch with your teammates before training, but a simple pass exercise alone. “I feel very good, this is a positive signal, I am doing a positive psychological construction as much as possible, I can’t play the ball in the past few weeks.”

Obviously, Smith’s absent allows the team to win the ball, he missed the past two games because the calf was injured, and these two games were lost. In the case of Smith, the team’s record is 4 wins and 1 loss. When he is absent, the team’s record is 2 wins and 8 losses; if Smith can’t play, another four-point Wei Tayele-Haini will serve as the first. In the training on Wednesday, he participated in the team training as the first quarter-off.

“We will be careful.” Washington coach Riri Rivi said when Smith’s recovery situation, “He will get some opportunity, we want to see his recovery, if not, we will ensure Haynik As much exercise opportunity. “At the same time, Rivila added, in view of the extensive experience of Smith and the degree of familiarity of the team attack, he can play directly in the event of not training.

Haynik lost to the Black Panther 13-20 to the Black Leopard, the top of the top of the Top Sudien – Haskins, and the team directly cut off Haskins after Monday, the sea Nick either hair or is the second quarter after Smith. The teenager was waiting for two years in Viking, and he was in the Black Leopard, and his first time I was in the Black Leopard when I was playing in NFL. The coach is also Rivira; not only this, Washington The offensive coordinator Scott-Turner has also cooperated, so Hayni is very understanding for this offensive system.

In fact, Shangmith was almost debuted, Rivira thought that he had performed well in the training, but the next day Smith painful, and the game has no improvement, the team is not forced to let Haskins start. So this week, the team’s attitude towards its training is more cautious, and it is afraid that the training has caused Smith to be unable to debut. Moreover, the team another good news is the main exterior. McLolin is expected to debut. If he can support, no matter which four-point guard, it will be huge.

Author: georgesroom