Little aunt’s 03-day football event recommended: Blackba owner is unbeaten

  British: Blackburn VS Fulham


  Time: 2021-11-03 Wednesday 01:45

  Although Blackben just the news lost its number one shooter Armstrong, but the team’s record did not drop, the current ranked ninth location still had the opportunity to impact higher ranking. At home, I won 4 wins and 2 flat and 1 negative records, and they got the ball 16-8. The ball was reached 2.3 balls, and the home attack power was very attacked. Chilean Foot Brilton has already entered 12 goals, goes to Mei Kai Diyi helping the team to win news18 india live today Derbies, and his partner Galagal also contributed 5 goals, and the ability is very good.

  Fulham is the image of the shift. This season is naturally one of the upgraded popular teams, and the current 32 points are ranked second. There are many players who have followed the team with the team, including the former descendant MTLovic, Middle Field Cabano, Sili, Reide, etc. Rich. The game team is 3-0 victory in a strong dialog, see news but the middle and defending Adlabi Olydon eats the red card. This is another main force. The field is rushing.

  Two teams are in the state of Blackburn, Fulim Si Connect, the strength of the advantage is stronger, so the hemisphere is given to the team’s strength or very high. At present, the water level is pressed to the medium-water position, and it seems that strict control of the victory, combined with today t the confrontation, the recent arrogant Fulham is also retreat, this guest will not pay attention.

  However, Blackbolic season’s home is fierce, and the team will defense after the team, plus the three lines of the three lines this season, only two zero seals, the overall defense is unstable, the main team offensive is fierce, and there is no longer to be able to respond. Let the ball obviously hard to add water aaj tak national news in english levels, lowering the winning wins, the team is not in line with the basic logic of the two teams, this game proposal is unbeaten, SMG let the ball win, Blake +0.5.

Author: georgesroom