Liverpool’s new goal, will he become the core of a trident?

After the four big empty Liverpool last season, I only bought a middle-defender until now, I only bought a middle and defend, and there is no new action in other locations. I have bought Sang Joh. Manchester City is likely to pack Kane and Glarus, and Cher Western is unclear with Hallant, and the time when Liverpool does not act, and they want to get more honors next season. It is necessary to make a reinforcing plan.

In fact, from the existing Liverpool lineup, they don’t need to be reinforced in multiple locations. First, the trident in front of the truth is still relatively stable, although it is more than ever, but the chemical reaction they produce can still crown. Premier League, as for the midfield, although they lost Venaldham, Fati khabar hindi Nio and Tiago’s combination were good in attack and defensive, but the hindu e newspaper pdf today download the latter defense line as long as a few meditating returns, still the best A back line.

So what is their location is the most urgent need to improve? That is the center of the center. Today, Fieldno, which is the team center, is a great player, and he often retrans into the ball in series attack, but he is a bad performance last season, and often injured, the Red Army will be entirely If the heavy burden of the season is handed over to him, it is obviously unrealistic. After all, they have to fight for three lines next season, so Liverpool has already stared on their new goals, that is, it is being for Aston Vila. The center Waterkins, the 25-year-old Watekins who has entered the ball in the last season, and it can be said that it is very good.

Watekins is a typical stroke, a news or the news people are high, strong, he and Fielder are all today flash news live striker of different attributes, completely form a benign relationship with boxing kit flipkart Philmo, and Watekins The price is probably only 40 million euros, and it is not difficult to buy him.

Author: georgesroom