Lu Med Media: Football is not only defensive game Taishan front line must also be tight

  On November 2nd, the first round of the Football Association Cup, Shandong Taishan 1: 0 Xiaosheng Henan Lushan gantry, in the two rounds, the first machine. Delgado stems in the second half, and once again become the team to win the government. With the promotion of the Football Association, the test of Taishan team usan is getting bigger. Delgado goals can be happy, but this is never meant that the team can be unfair.

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  Taishan does not dare

  After promoting the semi-final, no team does not want to continue to fight forward. Therefore, the overall strength of Shandong Taishan did not dare to pay attention. In the face of Karanga, Dorado took the town of Henan Lushan Longmen, Taishan team almost sent an existing strongest starting lineup.

  Even if Delgamo attacked a while in the second half, the Taishan team coach Hao Wei still did not relax. Even when the game is coming, he is still in front of the command team, in order to a more insurance score. After all, this is a more than 180 minutes, and all the advantages may also be overthrown.

  Hao Wei is cautious, and it is reflected in the game for reviews on Delgado. “Delgado is getting more and more, from the overall evaluation, he should actually enter more balls, he has more opportunities but not to grasp.”

  In the case inhindi where the team’s lineup is not entirely, Delgado, which has been going in two consecutive games, is increasingly becoming the relying on Taishan team. Hao Wei’s expectation to Delgado is actually the expectation of the overall score of the team.

  Henan coach is dissatisfied

  After the game, the two team coach had complained in the game. Hao Wei said that the site conditions have had a certain impact on Taishan team, especially in terms of transmission. Henan Lushan Agency coach Antonio will direct the stakeholder to the referee, why did the referee not allow the team to change people?

  ”Our players are injured, but they need to change people many times, but they don’t understand why they are not allowed to change people immediately.” Antonio said that the team’s handicapped procedures, but the referee did not allow you to today ki hindi understand. At the same time, Shuai believes that it is a player’s injury and has not completed it, so that the team can only fight 10 people and lead to the conversation.

  Before this game, Shuai has already showing his optimism to the fans. Although there is a throat of the referee, Antonio is full of confidence in the next game. “The game has not ended yet, we will do our best to enter the finals.”

  From the contest process, Henan Lushan gantry tactics implementation is very good. The team discharged four-guard lineup, which made them play a few high-quality counterattacks while being able to cope with the Taishan team. But at the same time, the two teams have a lot of fouls in this game. While showing “Young” and “passion”, this is also a need for two teams to take together.

  The front line must also be tight

  The breaking news now india “plot” of this game seems to have met. The two sides of the first half have no construction trees, and the second half Delgado breaks the same: as the previous game.

  This game is also like the epitome of the entire Cup journey of the Taishan team. In the 5th Foot Cup Competition, the Taishan team has 4 games to 0: 0 in the first half. Only when faceting the Chinese Bio Team Qingdao Yingchun Island, Zheng Hao opened the situation in the first half, but it was a plate of free. In other words, there is no sports fight in the first half of the Taishan team.

  This is not close to the Taishan’s sharp line personnel, and the bias is not related. As the Tamsama coach Hao Wei has previously speaking, the team’s score efficiency is still improved. The entire game, the Taishan team has 12 feet, but only 1 shot is positive, and the offensive efficiency is still not high.

  In the face of the Chinese, China Bikou team, the Taishan team can easily win with lineup advantages. However, after the opponent replaced with a medium-sized team, the team front line felt some of them. But it’s good to be hard enough at the waist and rear defense of the Taishan team, which makes the team can resolve each other’s threat attack.

  However, football is more than just a defensive game, only 1 ball leading Taishan team, and there is no capital to use the next round of “death” to win the final victory. By receiving recent games, the Taishan team has drifted all the possibilities of the offensive end as much as possible. Before the finals of the finals, the Taishan team must adjust the state of the existing human horse to the best and meet the final competition.

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